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Chapter 1650: Chapter 1650 where you can make money


Binhai was an international metropolis that was a river away from Hong Kong. In fact, the nightlife was very colorful. Of course, other than nightclubs like the Royal Lord, there were also some hidden, more mysterious and upscale red-light districts.

Fang Xiao grew up in Huicheng for many years and was not familiar with Binhai. However, when she was in school in City Z, her roommate once said that her boyfriend actually went to a mysterious sex scene in Binhai and spent 50,000 to 60,000 yuan a night.

But at that time, she did not care about what her roommate said, so she could not remember the name she mentioned. Therefore, she hesitated for a moment and finally walked into the Internet cafe across from the bakery. She began to look for du Niang to inquire about the mysterious sex scene in Bincheng.

It was really true that Du Niang’s powerful search function was indeed not a small matter. It actually quickly jumped out several websites and forums for her.

Finally, she saw a reply under a forum post. It seemed to say that the most mysterious and expensive sex scene in Bincheng was the women’s pavilion.

Unlike other places, the women’s pavilion was not built in a luxurious place. There were neon lights outside that shone with all kinds of dazzling lights, but there was also some kind of ambiguous light, which made people know what kind of place it was at a glance.

The women’s pavilion was hidden in a teahouse. The entire building’s external walls and facade were decorated more like a fresh and elegant teahouse. When people walked in, they felt like they were in an elegant environment, and the air was filled with the faint fragrance of flower tea.

The lobby on the first floor was filled with all kinds of tea leaves, and there was even a teahouse miss who made tea for you to taste. If it was not someone familiar with it, they would never have thought that this building was the most mysterious and expensive place in Bincheng.

Fang Xiao learned from the Internet that the daughters of the daughter’s pavilion demanded a very high price. It was said that men would spend hundreds of thousands of yuan on a night to play here, at least tens of thousands of yuan. There was no price lower than 10,000 yuan.

Therefore, she thought that her body was originally given by her parents, and now that her father was sick and needed money to exchange for a kidney, she used her body to earn money to treat her father’s illness and help her father exchange for a healthy body. In fact.. It wasn’t really a loss.

With this thought in mind, she unexpectedly found the daughter’s pavilion. She quietly explained her purpose of coming to the daughter’s pavilion to Miss Cha Yi. Miss Cha Yi glanced at her and quietly brought her upstairs to the lady boss’s office.

The lady boss of the daughter’s pavilion looked like she was in her forties. It was said that she was a prostitute when she was in her teens. She interacted with all kinds of rich men every day. It was rumored that her eyes were very powerful She could tell who was really rich based on a person’s expression within a few minutes.

Therefore, when Fang Xiao walked into her office, it was only three seconds. Before Fang Xiao could speak, she had already seen through Fang Xiao’s purpose of looking for her.

“Miss, you are very beautiful, and not just a pretty vase. ” The lady boss of the daughter’s pavilion stood up and walked around Fang Xiao Then, she nodded and said, “yes, the three measurements are also very good. Although you are a little thin, you are definitely not the kind of person who only has skin and bones. Moreover, the protruding parts are protruding, and the concave parts are also concave… ”

The lady boss paused for a moment when she said this. Her elite gaze landed on Fang Xiao’s face, and then she softly said, “If… ”

“If what? ” Fang Xiao was so nervous that her palms were full of sweat. She used a trembling voice to ask.