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Chapter 1649: Chapter 1649: What’s wrong with your brain


Now, in the face of the cruel reality, in a desperate situation, she had no choice but to throw away the proverbs that she had learned since she was young, because money was the first condition to save her father’s life.

On the phone, aunt Lin was stunned when she heard her call. It was obvious that she did not remember her until she said again, “Aunt Lin, I’m Fang Xiao. ”

“Oh, Fang Xiao? ” Aunt Lin finally reacted, and then quickly asked with concern, “how are you now? Oh right, has your father been discharged from the hospital? Is he feeling better? ”

“My father needs money for his surgery. ” Fang Xiao took a deep breath and calmed herself down. “Aunt Lin, about that, you once said that you could help me find someone, right? ”

“Oh, about that? ” Aunt Lin replied with slight contempt “Sure, do you want it tonight? I just happen to have a financial backer. Don’t look at him as 60 years old. He’s in good health and is generous. You’re so beautiful. I’ll ask you for a high price. 8,000 yuan per night, okay? ”

“Aunt Lin, I want 500,000 yuan. ” Fang Xiao bit her lip and said. Before aunt Lin could reply, she quickly said, “Aunt Lin, I don’t want 500,000 yuan per night. What I mean is, I need 500,000 yuan urgently now. He can cover me… ”

“Fang Xiao, you really have a big appetite, don’t you? ” “500,000 yuan? ” Aunt Lin’s disdainful voice came from the phone. “Fang Xiao, you’ve never been in this business before and you don’t know the market, right “Let me tell you, the original version is now in its prime. The market in Hui city is only 10,000 to 20,000 yuan on the first night. ”

Aunt Lin paused for a moment Then she continued, “Fang Xiao, you and Qiu Yitang have been engaged for four years. Are you still a virgin “If you’re really a virgin, then what about the pornographic photos in the newspapers “Moreover, even if you’re really a virgin, I’ll put in a good word for you. At most, it’ll be half as expensive as others. 20,000 yuan is the most I can do. ”

“As for you asking others to give you a mistress “This old man doesn’t give you a mistress. He’s especially afraid of his wife. If I want someone to give you a mistress, I have a financial backer. This young man is only in his forties. He told me last time that he wants to find a regular mistress. 200,000 yuan per year or something like that. What do you think? ”

200,000 yuan a year Fang Xiao calculated in her heart. Her father’s kidney transplant surgery needed 500,000 yuan to be enough. Wouldn’t she have to be with that man for three years?

“Fang Xiao, 200,000 yuan a year isn’t a small amount, ” aunt Lin advised Fang Xiao on the phone. “Besides, you’re not a b-list celebrity. This man said that he once contracted a young model. It only costs 150,000 yuan a year. That young model was still a virgin when he was… ”

“Can he pay for three years at one time? ” Fang Xiao interrupted aunt Lin’s rambling on the phone. Now, besides talking about money, she couldn’t listen to any other nonsense.

“Pay for three years in one go? ” Auntie Lin finally shouted in surprise She couldn’t help but ask carefully, “Fang Xiao, did something hit your brain? ” People paid 200,000 yuan twice a year. When they first went, they paid 100,000 yuan. When they paid 100,000 yuan a year, they were worried that they would get tired of keeping you for half a year or less “There are so many pretty girls waiting for rich men to do it. “…”

Fang Xiao hung up the phone before Auntie Lin could finish her lecture. She needed 500,000 yuan. If she could only pay 100,000 yuan in one go, it would be the same as not paying at all, because the money to buy a kidney was not enough.