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Chapter 1648: Chapter 1648: Aunt Lin’s suggestion


After she transferred to the bus three times and returned to the long-distance bus station, she couldn’t help but secretly sigh in relief when she caught the last long-distance bus back to Huicheng. Otherwise, she would have stayed at the long-distance bus station for an entire night.

By the time she returned to Binhai Third Hospital, it was already past 11 p.m. . Her father hadn’t had dinner yet, so she bought a thin and weak porridge outside the hospital and sent it to him.

“Xiaoxiao, is our family broke? ” Fang Anbang finally felt that something was wrong, because he realized that his daughter almost never ate anything in his ward.

“where? We still have a few hundred thousand, ” Fang Xiao forced a smile and said to her father. “Dad, the Fang family’s assets were indeed auctioned off, but mom and I’s jewelry were still worth money back then, right These were sold off for around six to seven hundred thousand. Don’t worry, we still have money to treat your illness.”

Fang Anbang listened to his daughter’s words and believed her. Before the Fang family was in trouble, his daughter’s jewelry was not much, but his wife did have a lot. Not to mention that it was worth a million, he still had at least a few hundred thousand.

After Fang Xiao settled her father down, she quietly walked out of the ward. She had been busy for the whole afternoon, and even now, she could still make a living. Now, she had no choice but to go to the bakery outside the hospital to buy some bread.

In the past, she did not know that in fact, the bakery could not sell all the bread on the same day. Usually, they sold it at a discount at night. After nine o’clock at night, they would buy one and get one free. After 10:30 at night, they would buy one and get two free.

For the past month, she had waited until 10:30 at night to go to the bakery to buy bread. At this time, the bakery was almost closed, so it was especially cheap. Sometimes, if she bought one, people would give two or three more to her.

Of course, she couldn’t finish the bread, but she always brought it back to the ward and used it to make breakfast the next morning. In this way, she could finish dinner and breakfast with two or three yuan.

When she sat on the dining chair outside the bakery and ate the bread, she hesitated for a while. In the end, she took out her phone and called Aunt Lin, the owner of Huicheng shampoo shop. gritting her teeth, she asked in a low voice, “aunt Lin, can you really help me find someone? ”

Aunt Lin wasn’t Fang Xiao’s aunt. It was just that Mrs. Fang used to go to the shampoo shop’s owner. The owner said that the girls in her shampoo shop might look serious in uniform, but if a customer liked them, they could also take them out to earn extra money Moreover, the price would not be lower than the price of the so-called eighteen square meters in the international metropolis Binhai. Moreover, the men who came to her shampoo shop were all financial backers.

Aunt Lin used to have a good relationship with Mrs. Fang. Fang Xiao had also gone to this one of the best shampoo shops in Huicheng with her mother. So a month ago, when she was desperate, she had gone to look for aunt Lin once. Of course, she wanted to borrow money.

Aunt Lin usually called her mother Mrs. Fang “sister” very affectionately. Now that the Fang family was really in trouble, she went to the door to borrow money, but aunt Lin had a different look on her face.

Aunt Lin said, “Xiaoxiao, I know you’re in trouble, but I really don’t have any money. Don’t look at how big this shop is, but it’s actually run on a loan. Why don’t I introduce you to someone? That way, won’t you be rich? “?

A month ago, she scoffed at Aunt Lin’s suggestion. No matter how down and out she was, she had never thought of selling her body. ‘wealth can’t be promiscuous, poverty can’t be moved. ‘ She had learned this maxim since she was young.