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Chapter 1647: Chapter 1647 humiliates herself


Only then did Fang Xiao understand that the fishy smell she smelled was because the shrimp had gone cold. No wonder she felt nauseous, so she nodded and immediately put down the half-peeled shrimp in her hand. Then, she quickly picked up another one She sped up her actions.

This time, she peeled very quickly. In no time, she removed the main shell of the shrimp and put it into Du Caiwei. It was still warm at night. Du Caiwei did not say anything else and ate it with satisfaction.

However, when she ate the third shrimp, Du Caiwei stopped and kept coughing. Then, she looked at Fang Xiao and pointed at the shrimp that she had just peeled, meaning that the shell was not completely peeled.

The shell was indeed not completely peeled because it had to be done quickly. Moreover, because she smelled the fishy smell and felt uncomfortable, she could not help but turn her face to the side, so she did not see whether the shell was completely peeled or not.

At this moment, Du Caiwei choked up. Fang Xiao did not have the time to argue with her and quickly sent warm water for her to drink, hoping to wash the shell that was stuck in her throat down.

However, Du Caiwei could not wash it down. After drinking the water, she coughed and then kept coughing at the ground, looking extremely uncomfortable. She coughed and said that she wanted to eat a banana, saying that bananas were soft and slippery She wanted to see if she could help the shrimp shell slide down her throat.

Fang Xiao hurriedly went to the coffee table in the living room to get a banana. Because she ran too fast, her knee hit the corner of the coffee table. The pain made her tears spin in her eyes, but she did not let the tears roll down.

She quickly peeled the banana and handed it to Du Caiwei. Du Caiwei immediately took a bite, and a few seconds later, she finally stopped coughing. It seemed that she should have swallowed the shrimp shell.

Fang Xiao let out a long sigh of relief. Du Caiwei stood up and was about to wash her hands, but just as she took two steps, her whole body suddenly slipped forward, and her body fell straight back.

“CAIWEI! ” Qiu Yitang, who was sitting at the side and watching the show, cried out in surprise. He quickly ran over, but he was still one step too late. Du Caiwei just fell straight on the floor.

“CAIWEI! ” Qiu Yitang was so nervous that he screamed. He immediately bent down to Hug du Caiwei, but because he was too fast, he almost slipped. He looked down and found a banana peel.

“You really are a vicious woman! ” Qiu Yitang raised his hand and gave Fang Xiao, who was standing at the side and was about to hand him a towel, a hard slap. Then he pointed at the door of the hall and growled, “Get out now! ”

Fang Xiao did not remember how she got out of the West Mountain Villa. She only remembered that Qiu Yitang carried du Caiwei in a panic and ran out of the door, while Du Caiwei’s face was Pale and she kept screaming that her stomach hurt.

Fang Xiao looked at Qiu Yitang and du Caiwei running out of the door. She used her hand to cover her face that had been burned by Qiu Yitang, but she gritted her teeth and held back her tears.

What was self-humiliation This was self-humiliation. She had come to Qiu Yitang and du Caiwei to be humiliated. She could not blame Qiu Yitang and Du Caiwei.

There were very few buses outside the West Mountain Villa area. It was rainy today and it was night. The weather was particularly cold. She stood by the roadside and shivered as she waited for the bus.

There were several times when a taxi came to her side and asked her if she wanted to leave. She shook her head, shivering. She could not waste any more. She had wasted a few tens of dollars today, but she had not borrowed a single cent.