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Chapter 1645: Chapter 1645: Take Care of Cai Wei


Fang Xiao was stunned for a moment, then she thought for a moment and said, “I will find a job after some time. Other than three meals a day and the simplest daily necessities, the rest of my salary will be saved. I won’t be unable to earn even 500,000 yuan in this lifetime, right? ”

“In this lifetime? ” Qiu Yitang scoffed at Fang Xiao’s words and said with a cold snort, “Fang Xiao, how old are you? Your words are still so childish. If I borrow 500,000 yuan, will I have to wait for a lifetime to recover my capital? Do you think there is any meaning in lending this money out? ”

Fang Xiao immediately fell silent. There was no meaning. She also knew that there was no meaning. Moreover, Qiu Yitang was a businessman. Businessmen had always been based on profit. They would not do things that did not benefit them.

“I have a suggestion. ” Qiu Yitang put his arm around Du Caiwei as he spoke and sat down Then, he used his hand to stroke du Caiwei’s stomach and said, “Caiwei is pregnant and she just so happens to need someone to take care of her. You can come and take care of CAIWEI. 500,000 yuan will be your five-year salary. Is that enough? ”

“Yitang, how can you let Xiao Xiao Take Care of me? ” Du Caiwei exclaimed Then, she could not help but plead on Fang Xiao’s behalf, “Yitang, Xiao Xiao is the Fang family’s young miss, and I’m just a servant of the Fang family. Logically, I should be the one taking care of Xiao Xiao. ”

Qiu Yitang snorted coldly from his nostrils, “young miss? That was only in the past. The current her is already a ruined woman, okay? ”

Ruined woman What a sharp and ear-piercing idiom. A month and a half ago, when he held the newspaper in his hand and spat out this idiom, she was so heartbroken that she cried blood. However, at this moment, she was so numb that she did not feel a trace of it.

Fang Xiao gently bit her lips. After pondering for a moment, she finally nodded and said, “alright, but you have to pay me 500,000 yuan in one go. I guarantee that I will work for five years. ”

“Pay you in one go? ” The corner of Qiu Yitang’s mouth curled up into a mocking smile He coldly looked at Fang Xiao and said, “Fang Xiao, even if you have never worked before, you should have heard about what work and salary are like. Have you ever seen a boss pay his employees several years’ salary in one go? ”

“I’m waiting to use money. ” Fang Xiao also knew that her request was very excessive. However, she still restrained her sharpness and dignity and said in a low and humble voice, “Qiu Yitang, I urgently need 500,000 yuan. I can give you a guarantee… ”

“I don’t need your promise. Besides, your promise isn’t worth a penny. ” Qiu Yitang stood up coldly and looked at Fang Xiao who was standing there He snorted and said, “on account of our previous engagement, I’ll be extra lenient and agree to your request. Tomorrow morning, I’ll get the secretary to send the check to the hospital for you. ”

Qiu Yitang paused at this point, then looked at the dining table that was already set up and said, “now, you can go to work. From today onwards, take care of CAIWEI. ”

Fang Xiao secretly heaved a sigh of relief. Five hundred thousand was finally settled. Even though being a servant for Du Caiwei was very lowly, it was still a hundred times better than selling it to Xi Lingheng.

Workmanship and selling one’s body were two completely different concepts!

Thus, she nodded and suppressed all her dignity and pride. With a smile on her face, she came to Du Caiwei’s side and said humbly, “Miss Du, it’s time to eat. Please sit down at the dining table and let me serve you. ”

Du Caiwei’s face was filled with embarrassment She quickly gave in humbly, “Xiaoxiao, we are good friends and sisters. We will still be good friends and sisters in the future. Even if you live here, I won’t let you serve me. Just let the servants here serve us. You are only here to accompany me. ”