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Chapter 1644: Chapter 1644: How are you going to pay it back


A sneering voice came from the phone, “500,000 yuan, Fang Xiao, you really think too highly of yourself. How are you going to pay it back? By Yourself? ”

She immediately kept quiet. Her ability was limited. If she went to find a job, she would only get 3,000 to 4,000 yuan a month. Even if she and Fang Chen did not eat or drink, it would take them more than ten years to get 500,000 yuan back.

Moreover, how could she and Fang Chen not eat or drink If they did not eat or drink, they would starve to death. How could they work to earn money?

Fang Chen, her brother who was originally retarded, now only had her as a relative. If she died, what would her brother do?

Therefore, she had to live, even if she did not have dignity.

“Then come over. I will return to the West Mountain Villa later. You know that place. ” Qiu Yitang saw that she did not answer for a long time, and his extremely cold voice came from the phone again, as if there was never a marriage contract between them.

The West Mountain Villa?

Her heart hurt fiercely. It was a wedding gift from her father to her and Qiu Yitang. Originally, he planned to let her and Qiu Yitang live there after they got married.

Later on, the Fang family went bankrupt and all their properties were auctioned, including the West Mountain Villa!

However, she never dreamed that it was Qiu Yitang who bought the West Mountain Villa. Moreover, he was still living in the West Mountain Villa.

The West Mountain Villa was in the suburbs. There was no direct bus to the West Mountain villa in the city. It had to be transferred three times. Moreover, it was the rush hour. It would take two hours to transfer three times.

It was so late. What if Qiu Yitang left the West Mountain Villa again?

In order to be in a hurry, she finally chose to take a taxi. Although the taxi was very expensive, she was willing to risk it all in order to borrow 500,000 yuan.

When she arrived at West Mountain Villa, Qiu Yitang had already arrived, because his noble Lamborghini was parked in the courtyard of the villa.

The maid had probably received Qiu Yitang’s instructions long ago. When she said she was Fang Xiao, she immediately led her to the hall and said that Mr. Qiu was waiting for her.

She stepped into the hall and happened to see Qiu Yitang Holding du Caiwei downstairs. When she saw that she was wearing cheap clothes, her brows were obviously furrowed and her face was full of disgust.

“Aiyo, Xiao Xiao is here. ” Du Caiwei was particularly enthusiastic. She immediately came up to her and pulled her hand as if they were sisters. “Hurry up and sit down. ”

Her body instinctively moved backward and avoided du Caiwei’s hand. She said in an indifferent and distant tone, “I’m here to find Qiu Yitang, not you. ”

Her heart had been broken into pieces by them a month and a half ago. Now that she saw them again, she was much calmer. However, she still insisted on her bottom line and dignity.

Fang Xiao looked strong and fragile like this. She had a different flavor. Qiu Yitang stared at her with a little surprise and forgot to look away for a moment.

“Yitang, ” Du Caiwei went over and shook Qiu Yitang’s arm. She said in a delicate voice, “didn’t you say you wanted to talk to Xiao Xiao about something? Then hurry up and talk to her. I’m hungry. ”

As Du Caiwei spoke, she had already pulled Qiu Yitang’s hand toward her abdomen, intentionally or unintentionally reminding him that she was not the only one who was hungry.

Qiu Yitang nodded, then looked at Fang Xiao expressionlessly Then he said indifferently, “originally, it wasn’t impossible to lend you 500,000 yuan. Putting aside the fact that we were once engaged, at least the Qiu family and the Fang family still have some relations these few years. However, how are you going to return this 500,000 yuan to me How long will it take to return it to me?”