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Chapter 1643: Chapter 1643 borrowing money


She took out her phone and leaned closer to the side. Then, she pressed the phone to her ear and covered her lower part with her hand. Then, she asked in a low voice, “what’s the matter? ”

“Do you want the kidney or not? ” A mechanical voice sounded. “If you don’t want it, the other one wants to buy it. Besides, the person who sells the kidney is also waiting for the money, right? ”

“I. . . ” She bit her lips and finally made up her mind. “I want it! ”

“When do you want to pay? ” The other party’s voice was still cold and formulaic. It was purely a transaction. Of course, it was also a transaction in the first place.

She closed her eyes and gritted her teeth. After a long while, she finally said two words with difficulty, “tomorrow. ”

After hanging up the phone, she looked back. The Horn of the bus station had already sounded. It was reminding the passengers that they had arrived at a certain station. It was telling them to follow the rules and get off first, then get on.

She only glanced at the car television when she squeezed her way out of the door. The screen was no longer Qiu Yitang and Du Caiwei, but another man whom she had just met last night. At this moment.. An elegant and noble woman was hanging on his arm.

She stood in the hall of the long-distance Bus Station in a daze. She looked at the strange crowd that came and went around her. Everyone had their own direction and goal, but she seemed to have lost her goal.

No, she did not lose it. She had never lost it. It was just that her goal was too big and her ability was too small, so she could not achieve that goal at all.

Five hundred thousand was not a small amount. She had used the idea that Luo Qili gave her last night to try her luck at the Royal Jun Jue’s door. The facts proved that her luck was not ordinary.

She finally gritted her teeth and finally gave Qiu Yitang a call. This was the first time she had called Qiu Yitang since she was questioned by him in Fang Yichen’s office. It could be considered as a slap in the face.

Actually, on the day that Fang Xiao’s mother was cremated, Qiu Yitang had still come to the funeral parlor. At that time, he had even pretended to ask if she needed help, saying that he could help her on account that she was his fiancee for four years He had secretly provided her with a little help.

At that time, she, who was in a fit of anger, had once answered with a face full of anger and backbone, “Qiu Yitang, even if I were to starve to death, I would not extend my hand in the direction of the Qiu family! ”

At that time, she was so backbone because she did not predict that her father would get a terminal disease like uremia. She only thought that even if the Fang family had no money, she could earn back the living expenses of herself and her brother, Fang Chen, by going to work.

However, the reality was too cruel, the reality was too cruel. Her father’s uremia had spent all the little savings in her hands, and now she had to pay for her father’s surgery fees.

She really overestimated herself when she said those words in front of Qiu Yitang that day.

The phone rang for a few seconds before it was picked up. Qiu Yitang’s cold and formulaic voice was heard. “Qiu Yitang, who are you? ”

Fang Xiao could not care less that Qiu Yitang did not remember her cell phone number. Taking advantage of the courage that she had just mustered, she hurriedly said, “Qiu Yitang, I am Fang Xiao. Can you lend me some money? ”

“Lend ME MONEY? ” Qiu Yitang’s voice was obviously a little surprised on the other side. Then, he let out a low laugh and said sarcastically, “how much do you want to borrow? ”

“Five hundred thousand. ” She could no longer care about the sarcasm and ridicule in his tone. She clenched her hands into fists, closed her eyes slightly, gritted her teeth and finally said, “I only want five hundred thousand. ”