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Chapter 1642: Chapter 1642 the scandal of her ex-husband


Today was the last seven days, which was a total of forty-nine days.

It was about an hour and a half’s drive from Binhai to Huicheng. Fang Xiao took a long-distance bus back to Huicheng in the afternoon. She went straight to the cemetery and bought a bunch of white chrysanthemums at the bottom of the cemetery.

She always came in the afternoon because flowers were much cheaper in the afternoon. Now, she was so poor that she even had to check which restaurant was cheaper to eat fast food.

Holding the bunch of flowers, she slowly walked up the cold stairs to the mountain. It was already the end of December. Even in the south, the temperature was pitifully low. Moreover, it was raining today, which made her mood as gloomy as the weather.

Walking to her mother’s grave, she was surprised to find a bouquet of white chrysanthemums on the tombstone. The corner of her mouth twitched. This was the first time in the past hundred days since her mother died that someone other than her had come to give her flowers.

Placing the bouquet of white chrysanthemums in front of the tombstone, she used her hand to touch the photo on the tombstone. Her mother’s smiling face appeared very serene, not at all like the ferocious look of her gnashing her teeth when she died.

“Mom, I will take good care of dad and little brother, ” she whispered to the cold tombstone. “Don’t worry, mom. My daughter has grown up and is already able to support this dilapidated family. ”

In fact, there was no home to support because the Fang Corporation had gone bankrupt. All the family assets had been confiscated, the real estate deed, and all the private property of the Fang family had been auctioned off to pay off the debt.

And she had gone from a rich young lady who never touched the sun to a woman who bore the burden of the family overnight. Her mother’s death, her father’s illness, and her retarded little brother, Fang Chen, who lived in a special school.. All of these were placed on her shoulders alone.

The Fang family had completely declined. The tiger had fallen to the level of the sun and was bullied by the dogs. The so-called family and friends had long disappeared at this time.

There was money, wine, and many brothers. When was there ever a single person in danger?

When she was young, she didn’t understand the true meaning of this sentence when she was reciting “Zengguang Xianwen. ” Now that she was there, she finally understood how accurate this sentence was.

She used to drive everywhere, but now she was so poor that she couldn’t even afford a taxi. Walking out of the cemetery, she stood by the roadside in the rain for a long time. Finally, she squeezed onto a bus because she wanted to go to the long-distance bus station and take a bus back to Binhai.

Although Hui city was a third-tier city, the city wasn’t big, and its economy was far inferior to that of the first-tier city, Binhai, the bus service had gotten better in the past two years. It was no longer just a few cold and hard chairs like many years ago. Now, the seats were soft Moreover, there was a mobile television in the car.

There were many people in the car. She carefully stood in a corner. The moment she looked up, she realized that the television was already entertainment news.

The man who had almost become her husband, Qiu Yitang, had brought his beloved woman, Du Caiwei, to a high-profile business banquet to show off their love. Du Caiwei was dressed in a fluffy gown. She held her wrist bag and placed her hand on her lower abdomen. There was a red line on the screen A few big words popped out. It was suspected that she was pregnant.

She lowered her head and no longer looked at the television in the car. Instead, she turned her gaze to the outside of the car window and looked at the various green belts and buildings that flew past.

Qiu Yitang was a long time ago. If she had not seen him on television, she would not have been able to remember him.

The phone rang at this moment. The ringtone was mechanical but very loud. Even in the midst of the clamor, everyone was talking about the gossip between Qiu Yitang and du Caiwei with great interest She could also accurately tell that it was her phone that was ringing.