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Chapter 1640: Chapter 1640 continued


After a month of stressful life, the 24-year-old she actually looked older than a 30-year-old woman.

The maybach quietly drove on the streets in the middle of the night. Twenty minutes later, the car drove into the residential area of the Lakeside Villa and stopped under a villa.

The noble man opened the door and got out of the car. He looked at the woman who was hiding in the corner and said coldly, “If you want to sell your body, you can get out. If you don’t want to sell your body, I’ll have to trouble you to get out. However, I’m not responsible for sending you back to the entrance of that nightclub. ”

She got out of the car obediently and followed behind him with her head lowered. The maybach also drove away quietly.

The lights were very dim. He did not turn on the headlights when he entered the door. He only turned on the wall lights. She followed behind him fearfully. She crossed her arms around her body and tried her best to hide the fear in her heart and the impulse to turn around and run away.

She thought that if it were any other man, even if it was an old man in his sixties or seventies, she would be much calmer than she was now.

“since you’ve already sold yourself out, why are you still so reluctant to let go? ” Yun Heng Sat down on the Sofa in the living room on the second floor of the Bedroom, and the mockery on the corner of his mouth became more and more obvious. “Don’t tremble like that. Those who don’t know will think that I’m forcing you to become a prostitute. ”

Fang Xiao also wanted to control her trembling, but the control was not there. She knew that this was not the reason why she could not let go, but because the man in front of her was the man she never wanted to see again in her life.

“COME HERE! ” Yun Heng Lay on the spacious consort’s couch and pointed at his belt buckle. “UNTIE IT! ”

Fang Xiao walked over carefully and squatted down. She hardened her heart and gritted her teeth. Finally, she stretched out her slightly thin and Pale hand and touched his belt buckle with trembling hands.

The sound of the belt buckle being untied was heard. With a slight pull, he finally untied his belt.

“continue? ” The man’s voice sounded coldly. “since you’re in this line of work, don’t you know what to do next? Have you never served a man before? ”

She bit her lips lightly and controlled her trembling body. Her hand pinched the zipper buckle of his zipper. With a slight force, the Zipper was pulled down. At this moment, something that had long been in full bloom was jumping under a thin layer of pure cotton cloth.

She closed her eyes slightly and her trembling hand grabbed his trousers, trying to help him take them off. However, she was powerless. Her hand seemed to have no strength at all at this time.

A thin business card flew into her hand like a dart. The Sharp Horn had already scratched the back of her hand a little bit, and there was a faint trace of blood flowing out. ..

She could not help but let go of her trousers in pain and immediately used her other hand to rub the back of her hand. Meanwhile, he had already stood up and was holding the pants that had just been unzipped by her belt with incomparable elegance.

“That’s my secretary’s business card. Her number is on it. Contact her tomorrow and she will tell you where to get the money. ” After he said that, he turned around and walked downstairs.

She picked up the business card in a hurry. It was very simple. There was only a name and a phone number. The name was very common and vulgar. It was called Lin Shanshan.

She bit her lip lightly and hesitated for a moment before putting the business card away. When she walked downstairs, Xi Lingheng was no longer in the room. There was a BMW parked at the door.

“Miss Fang, sir asked me to send you back, ” a man in his thirties politely opened the car door for her and invited her into the car.