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Chapter 1639: Chapter 1639 I’m not selling anymore


Fang Xiao kept praying, but no man was willing to stop for her. Perhaps her haggard appearance did not attract any men’s attention.

Beside her, there was a girl who was also wearing revealing clothes but was dressed gorgeously. She was the only one who was not even willing to look at her.

Other women were as delicate as a budding flower, but she was as Pale and haggard as yesterday’s yellow flower!

It was already midnight, and she had yet to find a buyer. She had yet to raise a single cent.

A low-key luxurious limousine stopped at the door. She immediately rushed over without caring about her image She bowed and begged the man who had just opened the car door, “sir, please give me your money. It’s only 500,000. Really, it’s only 500,000. ”

There was no reply. The silence above her was suffocating. A slightly familiar smell faintly came from the tip of her nose. Fang Xiao was slightly stunned, then she took a step back and raised her head.

In front of her stood a young man in a hand-made navy-blue Armani suit. His deep facial features were as if they had been carved by a sculptor.

He had a handsome face, straight eyebrows, a high nose bridge, and Sexy Thin Lips!

Even after five years, even if time had washed away her face and erased her long-lost memories, she still only needed 0. 1 Second to call out his name —

Xi Lingheng!

Xi Lingheng!

Xi Lingheng!

The man who rode the old bicycle with her!

The man who dragged a chair for her and could fight in a group!

The man who held her waist and stood on the table and announced loudly, “from now on, Fang Xiao, she is my girl! “!

The man who begged her over and over again in the snow, “Xiao Xiao, don’t leave me. Xiao Xiao, please don’t leave me! “!

And now, she and he were standing face to face at the entrance of the Royal Jun Jue’s nightclub. She was a prostitute, but he was the supreme financier!

If God did not make a big joke out of her, then this should be a myth!

Fang Xiao was dragged into the car by Xi Lingheng. The main reason was that she turned around to escape, but Xi Lingheng was an expert. He reached out and grabbed her arm.

“SINCE YOU’RE here to sell your body, why are you running away if someone wants to buy you? ” Xi Lingheng forced her into the car. “Isn’t it just 500,000? I’LL BUY IT! ”

“I’M NOT SELLING ANYMORE! ” Fang Xiao Shrank back into the corner with her head lowered, but she did not even have the courage to look up at him.

“NOT SELLING? Is it too late to say it now? ” Yun Heng’s face was cold and dark, and his dark eyes were dancing with the flames of anger that he was suppressing.

Five years ago, wasn’t she going to marry a rich woman Five years ago, didn’t she not want a poor boy like him?

He had begged her before, but her heart was as hard as stone, trampling on his dignity. Now that she had finally fallen into his hands, how could he let her go?

“I won’t sell it to you! ” Fang Xiao made a final struggle.

“Do you think that someone will buy you tonight? ” Yun Heng’s lips curled into an imperceptible sneer. “Or do you think that you are a verdant virgin in the entertainment industry, and that there are a lot of rich people fighting to throw money at you? ”

Fang Xiao immediately fell silent. She was not. She was nothing. She was already 24 years old and had long passed the most beautiful period of a woman’s life.