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Chapter 1637: Chapter 1637: Ruined Reputation


When he bought the ring, he meant to buy a diamond ring, but she said that the diamonds on the ring were just decorations and that life was ordinary, so he suggested buying a plain ring. She liked a plain life.

He still acted very gentlemanly and respected her choice. In the end, he bought a pair of platinum plain rings to make a wedding ring.

At that time, the owner of jiufu jewelry said to Qiu Yitang, “President Qiu, when we get married, do you want to buy other gifts for your wife, such as brooches, necklaces, and bracelets? ”

Qiu Yitang looked at her meaningfully and then said indifferently, “there’s no need. I brought a gift back from abroad. On the day of our wedding, I will definitely give her a big surprise! ”

However, she never thought that the surprise he gave would be like this. It would ruin her reputation and destroy her family!

It would cause her to lose her beloved mother, lose her warm family, lose the trust of her family, and even become the female lead of the erotic photos sect in Hui city. From then on, her reputation in Hui city would be ruined and she would have no face to see others.

Her mother had died, her father had been arrested, and the Fang Corporation had gone bankrupt. Fang Xiao finally could not bear it anymore. In the end, she went to the Qiu Corporation and met the man who had almost become her husband in the Qiu Corporation’s luxurious vice president’s office — Qiu Yitang!

“Why? Qiu Yitang, why did you do this? How did I let you down? How did the Fang Corporation let your Qiu Corporation down? ” Fang Xiao’s face was full of anger. Her cold gaze was like a sharp sword as it landed on Qiu Yitang.

She thought that if gaze could kill, she would have already killed Qiu Yitang!

There was no grudge between them. Although they had been engaged for four years, the number of times they met could be counted on one hand. And every time they met, the two of them were happy. In fact, they did not even bicker.

Even if Fang and Qiu had some grudges, she, Fang Xiao, did not let him down in the slightest. However, this man was actually so vicious that he wanted to ruin her reputation.

“Why? ” Qiu Yitang sneered and replied, “Go back and ask your father, Fang Anbang. Do you still remember the Du Jianhua family that was killed by him? Do you still remember how Du Jianhua and his wife died? Do you still remember that Du Jianhua had an only daughter? ”

“Your father forced Du Jianhua and his wife to die, and he didn’t even let his daughter go. Cai Wei and I love each other very much. We were about to get engaged, but your father called you back from America at this time and forced you to me. He ruined my marriage with Cai Wei. Do you think I will let you go? ”

“The marriage was proposed by your father, ” Fang Xiao argued instinctively. “If you don’t agree to this marriage, you can break off the engagement. I, Fang Xiao, will not shamelessly insist on marrying you. ”

“CANCEL THE MARRIAGE? ” Qiu Yitang could not help but snort coldly. “The Fang family father and daughter have done everything they could, and in the end, they just want to cancel the marriage. Do you think that’s possible “You once plundered it from the DU family. Shouldn’t I help Cai Wei get it back? ”

“If your Fang family didn’t do it so ruthlessly, if you didn’t do it so ruthlessly, how could I have made such a desperate counterattack “The Fang family has fallen to such a state today. Fang Xiao, you have brought this upon yourself. You can’t blame anyone else. ”

Hearing Qiu Yitang’s confident words, Fang Xiao could not help but doubt if this was true. Thus, she, who originally came to criticize Qiu Yitang, was instead criticized by Qiu Yitang.