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Chapter 1636: Chapter 1636, such a fianc��


However, she soon understood that it was not for her to stay in the Fang family, but for her to get engaged to a young man named Qiu Yitang. Her parents said that he was the eldest son of the Qiu family in Huicheng, and the future heir of the Qiu family. The marriage between the Fang and Qiu families had become in-laws The Fang family would not just stand by and watch.

The first time she met Qiu Yitang was in the restaurant of the only five-star hotel in Huicheng. At that time, Qiu Yitang was wearing a white Armani suit, which made him look like a prince who had walked out of the Middle Ages.

Handsome men and beautiful women were the intention of both parents. Although it was the first time they met, the two of them were still generous. In order to save the Fang family, he wanted to smoothly enter the Qiu family, so no one had any objection to this engagement.

She used the fastest speed to return to the United States. In fact, she went back to handle the transfer procedures because her parents were worried about her studying alone in the United States. They said that they wanted her to study at a university close to Huicheng so that the family could be reunited at any time.

Of course, when she applied for a transfer in the United States, she also casually ended the romantic relationship that was already drifting in the wind and rain.

Her other good friend, Luo Qili, said that when love and bread were placed in front of you, if you were a person who did not have to worry about food and clothing, you would definitely choose love because it would make your life better.

On the other hand, if you were a person who was so hungry that you did not even have the strength to walk, no matter how Beautiful Love was, you would not hesitate to choose bread because life was the root of human beings!

What incisive words, to the point, the illusion of love and the cruel reality of the analysis into the wood!

It was no wonder that Luo Qili never fell in love. It was a waste of time to talk about it, in case she could not be with her beloved person in the end!

After she applied for a transfer certificate in New Jersey and returned to the United States, she was engaged to Qiu Yitang in less than half a month. Until the day of the engagement, she had seen Qiu Yitang less than five times.

After the engagement, she went to university in city G, which was not far from Huicheng, while Qiu Yitang went to Cambridge, England, to study for a postgraduate, and this trip lasted for four years.

A month ago, Qiu Yitang came back. Qiu Boyuan asked Qiu Yitang to marry her because Qiu Yitang was going to be a vice president of the Qiu Corporation. The premise of the Qiu Corporation was that only a married man was stable enough.

Fang Xiao had no objection to this marriage that had been decided four years ago. Moreover, her father liked Qiu Yitang so much. Even though she and Qiu Yitang were strangers, everyone in Hui city knew that she was the future young Madam of the Qiu Corporation.

Qiu Yitang came back from England. He was still handsome and had added a bit of mature charm. When he descended from the sky at the Qiu Corporation’s anniversary celebration, the young men in the venue instantly became dull.

When everyone was praising Qiu Yitang, Fang Xiao felt that his gaze was especially complicated when he looked at her. At that time, she was still wondering if it was because the two of them were not too familiar with each other?

The wedding was scheduled to be one month after Qiu Yitang returned to China. In this month, the two of them met more often because they had to take wedding photos, discuss marriage issues, and buy furniture for the new house that they were going to live in in the future.

In this month, Qiu Yitang acted very gentlemanly in front of her. Whenever he was going somewhere, he would drive over to pick her up. When he got in and out of the car, he would open the car door for her. When he discussed things with her, his face would always have a modest and gentle expression He was an elegant man who completely respected his wife.