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Chapter 1634: Chapter 1634, she made the headlines


Thinking of this, she could not help but smile wryly. She must have been drunk and confused. How could it be Xi Lingheng?

He was far away in New Jersey, so how could he have flown to China, the tiny Hui city, across the world, in an instant?

Her phone was still singing, so she quickly got down from the bed. Because she was anxious, her feet wobbled, and the discomfort at the base of her thighs immediately reminded her that those embarrassing scenes last night were not a dream. They were all real.

But who was that man?

Liu Ruoying was still singing on the phone, so she had no choice but to answer the call. Before she could put it to her ear, her mother’s panicked voice sounded, “Fang Xiao, where are you? The Fang family is bankrupt, you’re on the entertainment headlines… ”

Rumble. Fang Xiao felt countless thunderclaps above her head, and she was immediately struck on the spot.

She could not be bothered to remember what had happened last night. She quickly ran out of the door, ran to the elevator, ran out of Windsor Hotel, and quickly hailed a taxi to go home.

The summer sun was scorching and dazzling. The Fang family, which was originally decorated with colorful lights, was now in chaos. All their relatives and friends gathered together and discussed animatedly.

Fang Xiao only found out after running home that the news in Huicheng daily was particularly explosive today. The finance and Economics Section was that the Fang family was suspected of commercial fraud, helping foreign underworld forces to launder money, and their stocks had fallen to the freezing point. Now, they were already in negative assets and were on the verge of bankruptcy!

On the entertainment section, it was Fang Xiao who had topped the list with a nude photo of her half-naked body. Some people even said that her nightlife was decadent. The night before the wedding, she had gotten drunk at the fire bar and had not even come out until early morning.

The Fang family was already in a mess. The relatives and friends who had originally come to attend her wedding didn’t attend her wedding. Instead, they watched as the Fang family made a fool of themselves. Everyone was pointing and pointing at her, saying that she was a prodigal daughter and a mischievous woman.

Fang Xiao held the newspaper in her hand as she looked at her mother, whose eyes were red and swollen from crying, and her father, who was at his wit’s end. Her heart instantly became clear. Last night, she had fallen for Du Caiwei’s trap.

As for the Fang family, it was likely that they had fallen for the Qiu family’s trap.

Although the Fang family wasn’t considered a high-class society in Huicheng, they could still be considered somewhat famous. Fang Anbang had started from scratch fifteen years ago, starting from the smallest renovation team. Now, he had two large renovation companies.

In order to strengthen the strength of the company, Father Fang made a venture capital investment more than four years ago. Almost all of his money was invested in stocks. However, that time, he was in an unprecedented desperate situation. The Fang family was on the verge of bankruptcy.

It was at this time that Qiu Boyuan, the president of the Qiu Real Estate Company, extended an olive branch to him. He lent him money without interest to tide him over. Later, his money was unloaded from the stocks before he returned Qiu Boyuan’s money.

At that time, Qiu Boyuan said that he had a son who was a good-looking person. He also heard that Fang Anbang had a daughter who was studying in the United States, so he asked for a marriage alliance between the two families. He said that this would strengthen the relationship between the two families. Fang Anbang immediately agreed to the marriage without saying anything.

Because Qiu Boyuan’s son, Qiu Yitang, Fang Anbang had seen him before. He could be considered a handsome man. Moreover, he studied finance and management. Among the younger generation in Huicheng, he could be considered one of the best.

The Fang and Qiu families had such a relationship, and Fang Xiao was the most reliable child of Fang Anbang. Therefore, he was relieved to work with the Qiu family. Coincidentally, he was not in good health, so many things were handed over to his future son-in-law, Qiu Yitang, to take care of He had never been guarded.