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Chapter 1633: Chapter 1633: Misty Memories


He lit a cigarette and took a deep puff. Then, he looked upstairs. He knew that at this moment, his fianc��e Fang Xiao was living in a room on the top floor.

He had a dream just now. He dreamed that Fang Xiao was being tortured by three men. The three homeless men who had been starving for too long were actually playing three games with her. P, in front of her, behind her, and in her mouth.

It was too terrifying. He was directly awakened by this devil. Then, his heart felt like it was being scratched by a cat. He fiercely threw the cigarette butt in his hand, turned around, and quickly walked into the room.

“Yitang, why are you wearing clothes in the middle of the night? ” Du Caiwei got down from the bed naked and looked at the man who was frantically putting on his clothes. She asked in confusion.

“I. . . Want to go upstairs to take a look. ” Qiu Yitang hesitated for a moment, but he did not stop putting on his clothes.

“Yitang. ” Du Caiwei walked over and wrapped her arms around his waist from behind. Her soft body was tightly pressed against his back. Her voice sounded resentful and sad. “Yitang, are you worried about her? ”

“I am. ” Qiu Yitang turned around and looked at the woman with a sorrowful and sorrowful face. He suddenly returned to the night four years ago, the night when she was willing to be humiliated for him.

“Yitang, do you feel sorry for her? ” Du Caiwei looked at the man who was still hesitating. She took the initiative to take off the shirt that he had just put on before he could button it.

“No. ” He finally found a trace of reason. How long had he planned for this day? How could he… … Be worried about her ? ?

What right did such a vicious woman, such a woman who would stop at nothing to achieve her goals, have to worry about her?

Du Caiwei took off his shirt and her body slowly slid down. Her soft and boneless hands slowly slid down from his hard body. Finally… …

On the top floor of Windsor Hotel, in the VIP room..

Fang Xiao had been dreaming. In her dreams, Xi Lingheng’s shadow was everywhere. The smiling him, the angry him, the running him, the shameless him who came to kiss her, and the running him on his broken bicycle.

Xi Lingheng Xi Lingheng Xi Lingheng!

“later / I finally learned how to love / But you’ve long gone / disappeared in the Sea of people / Later / I finally understand in tears / some people never come back / once they’ve missed it. ”

On the phone, Liu Ruoying sang her song “later” over and over again. Fang Xiao was still woken up no matter how deep she slept.

She opened her eyes. The strong light from outside the window shone in through the French windows, and she was neatly dressed as she lay on the bed. The hotel room was filled with a strange atmosphere.

Even after sleeping for the whole night, her brain still felt a little bloated and her head was still a little dizzy. This was all the after-effects of a hangover. She rubbed her temples with her hands, trying hard to remember everything that happened last night.

However, she was still in a daze. She only remembered some fragments. Du Caiwei and her drinking situation was extremely clear. Then, she and Du Caiwei went upstairs into the room, and then, Du Caiwei left.

Then, it seemed like three vagrants came in. The three vagrants wanted to rape her, but she resisted desperately and shouted for help. Then, a handsome man fell from the sky, and that handsome man actually looked like the Xi Lingheng in the depths of her memory. …

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