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Chapter 1629: Chapter 1629 I carry you


“Damn it, can’t you just let people worry? ” He could not help but curse. Then, he threw the shoes to her. “Hurry up and put them on. I’ll take you to the clinic in the front to find a doctor to examine you. ”

“I won’t ride your bike anymore. I’ll walk on my own, ” she muttered as she put on her shoes. “It’s too cold to ride your bike. The cold wind is all in my mouth. I wasn’t beaten to death by those people. I’m probably going to die from the cold from your bike. ”

He had just pushed his bike over and was about to help her get on the bike again. Hearing her say this, his face immediately sank. Damn it, she actually dared to dislike his bike?

However, looking at her thin clothes and the weather that was blowing with the cold snow wind, he did not say another word. Instead, he pushed his bike and turned around to walk under a tree next to him.

Fang Xiao saw him pushing his bike and thought that he had abandoned her after using her mercilessly like the first time. He cursed himself for meddling in other people’s business and struggled to get up from the snow She was going to find a tree branch by the roadside to support her as she slowly walked to the bus stop in front of her to wait for the bus.

However, she had only taken a few steps when he had already rushed to her side. He squatted down in front of her and then ordered in a low voice, “get on, I’ll carry you. ”

Fang Xiao was stunned instinctively. She did not understand what he meant. Didn’t he call her stupid Didn’t he think that she had ruined his good deed Didn’t he turn away and ignore this fool?

Fang Xiao stood there for a long time without moving. Xi Lingheng was so angry that he almost vomited blood. He stretched out his long arm and grabbed her hand to pull her onto his shoulder. With a little force, he pulled her onto his back.

“Why aren’t you lying on my shoulder? ” He finally carried her on his back He growled at the woman who was struggling on his back. “Do you think you’re very light? Or do you want to wait for death in the snow? There are no buses on this road. Can’t you see that this road is so small? Do you think that buses and taxis can get in? ”

Fang Xiao was slightly stunned and immediately fell silent. It was true. This road was actually not a street, it was only an alley. Xi Lingheng, this lunatic, had just taken her on a bicycle, and it seemed like all the alleys were like this.

Actually, Fang Xiao did not know that those people were chasing after Xi Lingheng, and those people were all driving cars. If Xi Lingheng had taken the main road, he would have been captured by those people long ago.

His back was so warm. She felt the warmth coming from his abdomen, and finally, she could not resist the temptation of the warmth. In the end, she obediently lay on his back and let him carry her forward.

Fang Xiao thought that Xi Lingheng was carrying her to the clinic to look at her twisted ankle, so she kept her face on Xi Lingheng’s back and did not observe the road. She just greedily enjoyed the warmth on his back and the smell of Pine Wood.

When Xi Lingheng stopped walking, she felt that one of the hands that had been holding her legs loosened. She felt that something was not right and lifted her head from his back. Then, she realized that he was using the key to open the door.

“Hey, where is this? ” Fang Xiao saw him carry her into the door and could not help but scream in panic, “Xi Lingheng, didn’t you want to take me to the clinic? ”

“So you know my name? ” He put her down and pointed at a Shabby single-seater Sofa chair. “sit down. I’ll turn on the heater first and then find some medicine for you to massage your ankle. ”