Fate Online: Shadow - Chapter 91 - Tremble!

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Ring! Ring! Ring!

The bell behind the door rang, as Michael and his group entered the shop.

Clank! Clank! Clank!

"Sans, give them the catalog!" said a voice coming from the back room of the shop, while they could hear the clanging of metal against each other.

"Yes sir!" a young man around Michael\'s age answered behind the counter, and took out eight iPads on the drawer by his legs.

Then the young man named Sans distributed the iPads to Michael and his group, which made the people who came here for the first time raised an eyebrow as they didn\'t expect that the owner of this place wouldn\'t even greet them, and personally ask what items they are looking for, unlike in their former organization where there would be people attending to their needs.

"Come on, there\'s everything in there and already categorized" Michael said as he waved his hand towards Sans, rejecting the iPad that\'s being handed to him.

The others didn\'t say anything, some of the others started browsing through the catalog listed on the iPad, while the others started moving around the shop that has the size of two living rooms combined together, as they started looking through the items displayed in the shop.

"Everything here is of good quality, but they\'re not up to our standards" Genesis commented while looking at the hanging sword in front of him.

Michae came over to his side and chuckled, "They are just displays, please don\'t compare this place to that "place" mister"

Michael was referring to the shop inside every branch of "The Continental" where their best items are always displayed around. After all, this place is an underground market unlike the continental where its security is top notch, as there are still people who have a few screws in their heads and would try their luck to steal some of the products in this place.

Genesis glanced at him from the corner of his eyes, and said, "You\'re just new to the organization but it seems you\'re already very familiar with it"

"Of course, I made sure to know every ins and out of the place before I left"

Both of them look like buddies who are just talking normally with each other, but both of their eyes would flash a cold glint from time to time, but not because they are hostile with each other.

They might have agreed to come with Michael because it interested them, and on the other hand, Michael knows that they are very reliable people who had their own principles, so he wasn\'t worried about them running amok, the exception would probably be earlier.

But that\'s not the point, the point is that they have already noticed the crowd of people gathering in front of the shop where they are now, and they knew that trouble have come to them.

But they just continued looking around, they weren\'t even the least bit worried about them. Especially Michael, as he knows that the guards of this market can\'t just casually barged inside a shop without the shop owner\'s permission, and Sans who is probably the clerk of this place just ignored the incoming call coming from their shop\'s phone as he just continued to bury his attention onto his phone.

Well, Michael knows that Sans is actually the inheritor of this place and the only son of the shop owner, another young man who knows how to freaking defend himself.


"Sir, they are not answering our calls" a minion said to the person leading their group.

"Bastards! I really hate this father and son! They always ignore us!" the long haired man with a scar on his face gritted his teeth in anger, that face that someone would have when he really want to bash someone right now

"But we can\'t do anything to them sir"

"Hmmp! Then we\'ll wait! Let\'s see how long they can turtle inside the shop!"

So the group decided to wait outside under the gazes of patrons and shop owners alike, and at the same time, they aren\'t worried the people inside wouldn\'t come out, so they just waited for a show to come!

After all, someone causing trouble in this place only happens once in a blue moon!

Because no one is stupid enough to break the rules of this place, unless they are crazy!

Two hours later, Michael and his group nonchalantly walked outside of the shop with briefcases in their hands except for Michael as he\'s really poort right now and can\'t afford to buy even the cheapest product inside.

"Why you-"

The leader of the guards was suddenly about to angrily yell at them, when he suddenly stopped and shivered as he took a couple of steps back.

Including him, those others who are waiting for a good show to happen all gulped down in horror as they all took a couple of steps back!

A lot of these people have experienced many life and death situations, with many people dying in their hands, but this is the first time they had felt this crippling fear that assails their very being!

It was because Michael and his group is radiating with a very sinister aura around them!

Of course, they can\'t see the so called "aura", but they\'re bodies are responding to the danger around them, and that\'s the reason why their bodies are responding in fear!

It\'s like when a man meets a bear face to face, and the former would pee or poop in his pants due to fear.

And that\'s currently what they are experiencing, especially those so called rich businessmen who had never killed someone before, almost all of them fell on their butts, trembling in fear!

Michael and his group just continued on their way, and ignored the crowd around them, and anyone that blocked their way immediately made a path for them, as they breathed a sigh of relief when Michael and his group gets passed them.

"What the heck? Are those monsters in human skin? The air around them is so oppressive that it was so hard to even breathe"

"I only felt that kind of feeling one time before, and it was someone who had been into war multiple times, and had brushed of death multiple times"

"Yeah, even those so called guards of this place didn\'t dare to stop them even though they caused some trouble earlier by beating someone up"

"That happened? Earlier?"

"Yeah, just a few meters away from the entrance"

"Wow, this people are brave"

"Heh, only people like them would do something like that, people like us doesn\'t even have the courage to do it for fear of getting killed here"

"Boss, uh will we still teach them a lesson?" an ignorant guy asked sheepishly.

"Shut up!" their leader angrily yelled at them before walking away.

No one ridiculed him, after all, a person sometimes need to gauge his or her ability if they could actually come out victorious against their more dangerous opponents, and not stupidly charged towards them and try to pick a fight they will never win.

But Michael\'s problems aren\'t over yet, because the people from Blackskull whom he had taught a lesson before found out about them, where they immediately waited for them in front of the entrance of the underground market.

And this time, there are at least a hundred of them, some are armed with brass knuckles but those more confident in themselves preferred using their bare fist instead.

After all, even though the influence of the police here is miniscule, no one would dare to kill someone unless they were ordered by the higher ups of their organization, meaning someone would clean their butts for them.

"Boss! They\'re here!" a guy came running out of the door.

It was someone who was sent as a lookout inside, and someone who\'s been waiting for Michael and his group just below the stairs of the entrance, and even though Michael and the rest were wearing a mask, the people from Blackskull still managed to find out that it was the same person who had beaten them up before, that\'s why they gathered as much of their members here for revenge.

Even though they are only low level goons in the group, their number would probably instill fear to normal people, but Michael and his new colleagues?

That\'s just wishful thinking!