Fate Online: Shadow - Chapter 88 - Meeting

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A few hours later, the plane where Michael and the crew finally touched down at the airport in Central City at around nine in the morning.

"Ahh, the air is still as disgusting as ever" someone commented.

"Goodness, I\'m back at this sh*thole again" Viper commented the moment they left the airport.

"Now that I think about it, isn\'t Central your hometown?" a middle aged man in his late thirties said to Viper. He\'s dressed in stylish clothes like a rockstar would, and in the underground world, he\'s known as Genesis, and a former rockstar from a famous rock band during his youth.

He was working as a rock star and an assassin at the same time, he used his fame to assassinate his targets by inviting them to his concerts, but he only did that once in a blue moon as it would surely be weird and suspicious if there are every deaths of important and famous people at their every concert.

"Shut up"

"Come on, let\'s go"

"Ha! The young pup is taking the lead role!"

Then the people laughed after that comment, but they weren\'t making fun of Michael. They really don\'t mind him, it\'s just funny for them that they actually got "scammed" into following this little guy all the way here just for a game!

And everyone respects his ability, after all, they\'re no idiots, the kid is really skilled even when he\'s so young, and they weren\'t even as skilled as him before.

Then another mini bus picked them up from the airport as they headed towards the place that Michael rented for them, which is owned by his parents, and where they allowed him to rent the building.

And Michael also purchased a total of seven gaming capsule for them, which made his bank account suffer a drought, leaving him with a measly $5,000 left from his savings from selling items in the game in the past few days.

Which made Michael cry, as he started missing his hundreds of millions of money before.

The only good thing is that he will be able to earn another if he comes across other items worth a lot of money.

Half an hour later.

They finally arrived in front of a three story house in a suburban area. Well, more like a mansion though as the place is really huge, it has a great front lawn, and behind it is a huge swimming pool.

When the first time Michael saw this place, he was actually shocked that the old couple actually owns a place like this, but they are living inside an apartment instead of this mansion.

"You guys will be living here from now on"

Michael said to them as they gazed at the huge house in front of them.

"So you\'re rich, huh?"

"Nope, I think my parents are, but I know you guys are richer"

Michael laughed as he knew this seven people are really rich, even though they lived a simple life back in the village of Bulgaria.

"Come on, let\'s go inside. You will have your own rooms with your own gaming cabin to play the game with"

Michael gestured towards them as he led them inside the house, under the gazes of some of their nearby neighbors who are probably curious who\'s gonna be their new neighbors soon.

Suddenly, Alice, Tom and a few others who are wearing uniforms for those people who comes to install gaming cabins came out of the front door, and when that happened, the people walking behind Michael suddenly had a change in their expressions for a second, but Michael didn\'t notice all of it as he was walking in front of them.

All of them gave a quick glance to each other, their eyes had a bit of a shock in them as they didn\'t expect to see this at all, but at the same time they also understood something.

"Did the brat tricked us?" one of them said in a low voice that only them could hear.

"I doubt it, else he would just told us about them and wouldn\'t go the roundabout way of inviting us all the way here just to play a game with him"

"Are you saying he didn\'t know?" Genesis said.

"Could be" Aveline, the other woman said.

"Old man! Mom!"

Michael called out to them, while the rest slowly followed behind him.

"This is my parents, and the people behind me are gonna be my colleagues from now on"

"Hello! Please look after my son" Alice smiled as she shook their hands one by one, followed by her husband.

And while they exchanged handshakes, all of them had that look of knowing and understanding each other.

So when Michael introduced his parents to them, only did their suspicions about him disappeared, as they saw that he really didn\'t know a thing, especially when all of them shook hands with each other earlier.

Of course, his parents were also shocked as they didn\'t expect that Michael\'s new colleagues are these kind of people, and at the same time, they also wondered how Michael met them, but they just dismissed as Michael did tell them that people wanted to make a guild with him before he flew out of the country, even though he literally lied to them.

Michael didn\'t notice any of this as he was busy talking with the workers about the gaming cabins, but the others who had been wary the moment they arrived here noticed multiple people in the distance looking at them, all of them armed, with their weapons pointed towards every single one of them, and any suspicious movements would result in getting shot.

Of course, they didn\'t even care one bit as those people aren\'t enough to kill them, and they aren\'t idiots either, as they aren\'t stupid as to make a move especially when they are already retired.

After the introductions, Michael then let them choose their rooms in the house. The two women decided to take the rooms on the third floor, while the men instead took the rooms on the second floor.

After putting their bags down and resting for a bit, Michael then ordered takeout for all of them for their lunch before Michael decided to head back after that.