Fate Online: Shadow - Chapter 60: Teaming Up

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[System Announcement: The barriers around the Beginner Zones have now disappeared, all players from all levels are now free to roam the continent!]

[System Announcement: The barriers around the Beginner Zones have now disappeared, all players from all levels are now free to roam the continent!]

[System Announcement: The barriers around the Beginner Zones have now disappeared, all players from all levels are now free…]

Michael immediately heard the system announcement as it rang out from the skies the moment he walked out of Midnight after almost two hours of drinking with the NPCs, where he successfully secured two more quests from two different NPCs but with the same requirements of mining Twenty Mithril Ores and giving it to them.

Michael then left the village and went to a map where the monsters are around his level and started grinding there. He was all alone killing the monsters that spawned because there is still three more hours before the sun rises, and Michael wanted to take advantage of that thirty percent increase in Experience Points while monster grinding at night.

Around three hours later.

[You have leveled up!]

A message window appeared in front of Michael after he killed a Bear monster.

"Finally! Level 14!" Michael sighed with relief, because he felt thoroughly bored doing the same and hunting the same monster over and over again for over three hours straight!

Michael immediately added his remaining attribute points at Strength and Agility, each distributed with five points.

Then Michael assigned all four of his skill points into his Shadow Blur skill.

[Level 5 - Shadow Blur]

Description: A skill similar to a Wizard\'s Teleportation, a unique skill created by an Assassin named Shadow.

Properties: Instantly appears in any location 19 meters from the user\'s original location.

Mana usage: 50 Mana

Cooldown: 30 seconds

Restrictions: Usable only to Shadow.

"The distance increased by four meters, mana by 20 and cooldown by 10 seconds" Michael murmured, while rubbing his chin as he read the changes of his skill through the message window in front of him.

Michael then closed the window, and started picking up the items scattered on the ground.

After doing all that, he then started making his way back to the village, where he sold all of the items that aren\'t worth much to the NPCs and the uncommon items that he managed to get, he put all of them up for auction in the item trading section of the game.

And for the first time, Shadow actually joined a team, and they are headed towards Augur Mine as they also have quests similar to him...mining ores.

But the biggest reason being is, is that he\'s bored playing alone with almost no one to talk to, and so, he at least wanted a change of pace even for just a little while.

"Wahh~! I didn\'t expect that we would actually go into a dungeon with him" A Huntress whispered to the female priest of their party, as the Huntress called Minerva would glance at Michael from time to time with starstruck eyes.

"Me too, who would have thought that in all of places, he would actually be here and even teamed up with us?" the Priestess called Miya said with a voice of wonder and amazement, who would curiously look over towards Michael\'s direction.

Michael is still wearing his cloak, but because he joined a team, his other teammates could now see his real in game name from their team profile.

This is one of the defects of an item, as it is useless and wouldn\'t hide someone\'s name from his teammates. After all, trust is very important in a team and being an unknown player would instead raised everyone\'s wariness and suspicion to people like Michael who hides their names and information through the use of items such as his cloak.

Michael then just sighed to himself as he didn\'t expect this outcome at all, and in the end, he just accepted it, as he knew that complaining about it is useless, at least the system is considerate enough to only let them see his name and not his level, or they would probably receive a huge shock seeing it.

And the only good thing, is that except for his teammates, the other players would still not see his name and level as long as he\'s wearing his cloak at all times.

"Uhmm...have you been in Augur Mine before?"

Suddenly, the team leader called Maverick, a Barbarian, cautiously asked Michael.

"Yes, I did. Multiple times already and as you guys already know, all of us are going there with the same purpose...mining some ores" Michael cooly replied to him.

"That\'s really great, but I heard that there are really strong monsters inside though?" Minerva suddenly walked beside him and asked with a flirty voice.

Seeing her actions, their Wizard called Alarint looked somewhat displeased and glared at Michael, but the latter just ignored him, as he doesn\'t want to stoop to his level and at the same time, Michael doesn\'t want to interact with people like him, who treats women like she was his own already from what Michael had observed so far, even though Minerva clearly does not like him at all as she would always moved another direction everytime the guy tries to get close to her.

And because he also got reminded by someone who thinks that every woman would throw herself towards him.

"Hmmp!" Alarint just snorted as he walked ahead from the others, while Maverick has bitter smile on his face, as he personally knew what type of guy Alarint is, and even though he hates his guts, he didn\'t have a choice but to bring him with them as he\'s also somewhat capable as a Wizard even though he is somewhat arrogant and sometimes bossy around them, or else he would have already kicked him out from their group if he was incompetent.

"Please don\'t mind him, he\'s always like that" Maverick said to Michael with an apologetic smile on his face.

"No worries" replied Michael, as he really wasn\'t bothered about the guy at all, and if he causes him trouble later, then he would just kill him to teach him a lesson.

"Arrogant prick" Minerva clicked her tongue.

"He\'s always like that, thinking that it\'s our job to please him" Miya snorted, clearly dissatisfied at Alarint\'s attitude to Michael, it was also because she knew that their time inside the dungeon would go a bit more easier with someone leading them who already knew the inside of the dungeon they\'re headed to.