Fate Online: Shadow - Chapter 57: Escape!

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Michael hastily rolled to the side as he dodged another arrow coming for his head, and the arrow zoomed past his body!

Michael immediately stood up and leapt backwards as another arrow struck the place where he had just rolled from earlier.

"The heck is this bastard\'s attack speed?" Michael snorted as he glared the Kobold Hunter, his focus mostly directed at the monster\'s bow to anticipate the trajectory of the arrow that monster is firing towards him.

Moments later. Michael is hiding behind a boulder as arrows after arrows is striking the opposite direction of the boulder, his health only half full left while the Hidden Boss only lost over 15% of its health.

"I should try to escape, this boss is tough for me right now" Michael made a decisive decision to retreat as he had already fought the hidden boss for almost an hour, and even then, he only managed to reduced over 15% of its health.

"Why the heck is there even a Hidden Boss here? I haven\'t even made it halfway through from where I previously logged off!" Michael said with an annoyance as every time he pokes his head out, an arrow would immediately come charging straight towards him.

"Every thirty seconds, there would be a respite of five seconds after that. I\'ll take my chances to escape from here within those few seconds" Michael murmured to himself as he started counting the seconds.




"Now!" Michael yelled as he immediately dashed out of his hiding place and made a run towards the tunnel that heads towards the entrance of the mine!

Michael looked and saw the Hidden Boss is chasing behind him, as it already nocking an arrow in its bowstrings.

Michael hastily activated Shadow Blur, immediately increasing their distance between them for another 15 meters, and then he immediately sprung towards another tunnel and activated Stealth, as he stuck his back on the wall.

"Damn this game" Michael cursed the game company, as the sound of footsteps coming from the hidden boss is already near.


The hidden boss turned to the tunnel he went to but just passed by him, as it continued deeper.

Michael immediately sighed in relief when he saw the boss didn\'t notice him but just continued following the tunnel to its end.

"I need to go, this tunnel is a dead end" Michael said, deactivated from his Stealth and made a run for it towards the other tunnel that leads towards the exit of the mine.


"Finally..out, Damn gaming company. Why the heck would they put a hidden boss inside a beginner dungeon?" Michael cursed as he ran out of the mine.


Michael suddenly heard a monster\'s roar coming from inside the mine.

"It surely is angry" Michael clicked his tongue in annoyance.

"Now, I can\'t level up here with this asshole here. How do- Ohh~ does it only appear when there not NPC miners inside the Dungeon? After, all the Hidden Boss is only three levels higher than me while the NPCs are around Level 30" Michael snapped his fingers as the realization finally dawned upon him.

He only realized it now because this was the first time he came inside Augur Mine during the night, and that\'s the reason why he didn\'t know that the dungeon actually had hidden boss that appears at night when the NPCs are gone.

"I should go back to the village for the night as I won\'t be able to level up with the monsters around here" Michael sighed, and started making his way back towards Timor VIllage.

Michael\'s eyes narrowed as he a group of five people heading towards him, he immediately put on his hood as the information above his head turned into question marks.

Him and the five group passed by each other, both groups measuring each other up.

"Is he a player? I can\'t see his information at all" one of the women said, when she spotted the multiple question marks floating above MIchael\'s head.

"Maybe, or that person could be an NPC too"

"Or it could just be a player and that cloak he/she is wearing has function that hides ones information from the others"

"Or maybe, we could talk about other things like how are we gonna take down that hidden boss in Augur Mine instead of minding the business of others" a Priest suddenly commented, which immediately put an end to the topic about Michael and shifted their focus on how to take down the hidden boss.

Of course, Michael heard all about what they said when they both passed by each other, at first he was surprised, but then understood that a lot of players are already surpassing Level 10.

Especially now, that there would be more players around as there is only a little over ten minutes left before the barrier in the beginner zone disappears.

"I wonder what it feels to be in a party?" Michael suddenly contemplated of what\'s it\'s like to be in a party, but the thing is, he doesn\'t know anyone from the game except Dylan, excluding people like Falling Moon and Storm Breaker who only wants to invite him to their side, so they can\'t really be called friends, but more like business partners or something along the line.

Michael then continued to trek back towards the nearby village, and this time, he plans to visit the only pub inside the village and ask around if where or how he could get a map for the entire kingdom.

While walking through the dark pathway, where the only source of light is the moon.

Michael suddenly mumbled to himself as he looked around and said, "Wait..this game wouldn\'t have ghosts, right? After all, there\'s even a Priest class"

"Ahh~ that would surely be interesting" Michael smiled, as he was reminded that Amanda easily gets scared by a ghost, remembering the memories about the two of them together hiding inside a haunted house during their first year in the run from the people pursuing them.

"Ahh...I miss her"

"I think I should try to get to know her better before making anymore moves towards her. After all, I never really knew much about her before as she never really told me a lot about her before"

Michael mumbled to himself, finally realizing that she didn\'t really know much about Amanda when both of them were still together, probably because they never really wanted to look back at what happened before all shit went down on them.