Fate Online: Shadow - Chapter 54: Meet Up

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"So why did you invite me in a cafe?" Jenny asked as she took a sip at her coffee.

Currently right now, Michael is currently sitting opposite of Jenny inside a coffee shop, three blocks away from his apartment, and two tables away from are three guards dressed in suits watching his every movement.

Micheal put down his cup of coffee on the table, then looked directly at Jenny\'s eyes and then he said, "Is Amanda playing Fate Online?"

Jenny raised an eyebrow at his out of the blue question and so she replied, "Why? Why are you asking about her? Do you two know each other?"

"Look here, I\'m thankful that you saved me and Amanda before, but why do I feel like you\'re trying too hard to know her? Are you her previous lover or something? Because that would be truly weird as the years that Amanda and I had been friends, she had never mentioned anyone that goes by your name at all"

Michael was suddenly stumped by her barrage of questions, feeling like he\'s actually being interrogated or something.

\'But...am I really trying too hard to connect myself with Amanda again?\' Michael suddenly thought, after hearing the words that Jenny said.

\'So...should I just left it to fate?\'

\'No! The only reason that we we\'re together before was because of the death of Jin! So if I leave it up to fate, then nothing would happen between us! I need to take the initiative or that the chance that was given to me would be useless if I just leave all of it to fate, expecting something between us to happen!\'

\'Because this time...My fate is in my own hands! I need to take advantage of my knowledge in this timeline!\'

Michael gripped his fists under the table and that he didn\'t even notice Jenny shouting at him, trying to get his attention back to her.

"Hey, did you hear what I said!? Why aren\'t you saying something!?"

"Oi!" Jenny finally got enough of it, and under the table, she kicked Michael\'s shin, which immediately brought him back to reality!

"What did you do that for!?" Michael was suddenly startled from being kicked that he started rubbing his leg, as he glared angrily at Jenny.

"You were ignoring me, you asshole!" Jenny glared back at him, and then her bodyguards stood up from their table and stood behind Jenny as they glared at Michael.

But Michael wasn\'t even fazed, as his eyes immediately turned sharp and glared back at Jenny\'s bodyguards, and for some unknown reasons, they suddenly shivered as they took a step back.

They were so surprised that they looked at each other confused of what just happened to them, why their bodies subconsciously acted like they were scared or something.

Then Michael\'s eyes returned to normal, as he took a deep breath to calm himself down.

\'I really haven\'t changed, I always lose my cool everytime its related to Amanda\' Michael smiled bitterly inside.

"Sorry, sorry, I was just thinking about something earlier" Michael said with an apologetic smile.

"Hmmp!" Jenny snorted, then said, "You\'re asking about the game, does that mean you play it too?"

"Yes" Michael nodded and took a sip of his coffee, while Jenny\'s bodyguards immediately back off as they warily looked at Michael, they had the feeling that Michael, this young lad is not ordinary at all!

After all, they had been in the business for a long time now, and they also had their fair share of blood on their hands, so they knew that Michael is the same as them...people who had killed before, and making them back off from just a glare from him is a clear testament to that.

That\'s the reason why their vigilance towards him have just gone up the notched!

\'He\'s so young, but he\'s already someone who has blood on his hands\'

\'Just who the heck is this kid? His eyes were scary for a second\'

\'We must quickly make sure that the Miss is immediately evacuated from here if this guy does something\'

Those are the thoughts swirling their minds, but Michael would probably laugh at them for being paranoid, and at the same time, watching him is totally useless because even if he\'s not in his peak, he could still take them down easily.

And that\'s not him just talking, because he had already calculated in his mind on how to handle them the moment they bumped into each other here earlier.

"Really? So what\'s your name in the game?" Jenny wasn\'t even surprised, as she already knew that the game is booming in popularity throughout the entire globe.

"Secret" Michael just smiled at her, after all, he knows that a lot of people are certainly looking for him in the real world, either to rope him in or to watch his movements.

And being watched by someone doesn\'t go well with his taste.

"You\'re asking me If Amanda is playing the game, but you don\'t even dare to reveal your name in the game. Hmmp! Must be because you\'re just a low level player, that\'s why you\'re embarrassed to say it" Jenny snorted, clearly annoyed at Michael and at the same time, she\'s feeling a bit frustrated about him as he doesn\'t seem even affected by the beauty sitting just opposite of him!

Michael just smirked at her.

Jenny just sighed to herself and then said, "Look here, if you\'re interested in Amanda then why don\'t you just ask her yourself?"

"I could but I don\'t even know when or where I could see her, so how do you expect me to ask her?" Michael didn\'t even bother trying to hide it from her that he\'s truly interested at Amanda, because he knows lying about it is stupid, as women are very sensitive about this kind of things!

Jenny just shrugged off her shoulders and then she stood up and looked at Michael and said, "Why don\'t you think about it then?"

She smiled before she walked out of the cafe, with her bodyguards following behind her.

"Aish, this girl!" Michael was annoyed at her just leaving like that and not even planning to lend him a little bit of help.

But then suddenly, Michael smiled as he gazed at her disappearing back as she boarded her car, and he murmured in a low voice.

"You still haven\'t changed at all, Jen"

"You\'re still the same as ever"