Fate Online: Shadow - Chapter 355 - Piece of Crap

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Chapter 355 - Piece of Crap

The next day, Michael and Amanda left for their flight to Bora City.

As the former left a huge mess last night for the city to clean up!

And the country exploded the next day!

"I knew it! I had a hunch that someone was out to get them! Someone probably paid to get them killed! Now, it\'s proven that I was right! My god, this is insane!"

"Crazy! Just who is this modern-day Robin Hood!?"

"Justice prevails!"

Spring Dragons Building.

"Tsk, this kid...couldn\'t he have made their deaths look like it was some kind of an accident? Doing this in such a high profile fashion, just what is he hoping to achieve by angering those families?" Nes clicked her tongue while watching the news being broadcasted on all news stations around the country on her droid tablet.

"What do you think about him and his actions?" Then Nes turned towards Daphne who was standing beside her desk.

Daphne was also looking at the news on her phone, and when she heard her boss\'s question, she looked up at her and said, "Crude, but he\'s one dangerous individual"

Nes raised an eyebrow at Daphne\'s evaluation. After all, there are only a few people who can truly threaten this woman, and even though she lost the bout against Michael a couple of days ago.

Nes has no doubt that she\'d at least be able to kill Michael if they truly fight to the death, but for Daphne to actually label Michael as a dangerous individual startled her.

"Dangerous, how so?" asked Nes.

"He has too much Justice inside him, which makes him dangerous because people like him tend to be nosy"

Daphne nodded with her eyes closed, satisfied at the conclusion she came to.


Then Nes has this look on her face like something inside her brain short-circuited.

In the mansion in Central City.

"Whoa, this kid is really causing a ruckus over there," said Randy while lying back on the sofa as he scrolled through his phone, reading the hottest news in Pearl nation.

"Well, no one in that country can threaten his safety unless an army of soldiers besieges him or those bastards from Yakuza Guild or Triad Sect has their eyes on him," said Robin while drinking his coffee and reading the newspaper in his hands.

Randy looked at Robin, then at the newspaper, and couldn\'t help but comment, "Who the heck even reads newspapers these days?"

Robin took a sip of his coffee, his eyes still focused on what he is reading before he calmly replied, "Me.."


"He\'s attending the university next month, this kid should chill out in causing trouble, especially in foreign countries"

Genesis, who had just finished barbecuing their lunch came in and couldn\'t help but comment on their conversation from the kitchen.

"You guys haven\'t heard?"

Miya, who is busy cleaning the second floor, leaned on the railing and joined the conversation.

Randy looked up at her and said, "About what?"

"Michael decided not to continue his studies anymore"

"Why would he do that? That\'s just a waste, he\'s still young" said Randy, a little bit confused..

Robin turned on the next page, "It\'s nothing surprising really, for someone who\'s already earning tens of thousands in the game, and making millions on the side. Why would anyone even think of going to school? It\'s just a waste of time"


Then Robin looked up and arrogantly leaned on his hand and said to Randy, "Who would even want that piece of crap called diploma if you\'re making millions, hmm?"

"Studying and graduating from school and getting that diploma is just one of the ways for someone to integrate into society, but it doesn\'t give you the guarantee that you\'ll land the job that you had studied so hard in school, because just like an item, school is already a saturated product. It keeps spewing out graduates, but there\'s not enough jobs"

"This is the reason why graduates doesn\'t always end up with the job they studied for"

"This is the reason why most dropouts are more successful than graduates, because they had traversed a path not a lot people had taken, compared to a path that millions of people had chosen"

"Of course, I\'m not saying that having a diploma is useless. My point is, if you\'re already so rich, you are your own boss with no one to order you around. Why would you even need to go school?"

Randy\'s eyes glanced from side to side then looked back at Robin and said, "And you\'re one of those dropouts?"

Robin chuckled and went back to reading his newspaper, and said, "Of course, I\'m a great example of someone whose riches is comparable to those large corporations, and just like us, the path we had taken is not something anyone would willingly choose"

"After all, we killed people for a living"

"Wow, I think you just used up your entire year worth of words because that\'s the longest you had talked so far" laughed Genesis from the kitchen while slicing some barbecued meat.

"And Randy, come over here and help me with lunch before your girls arrive here"

Randy stood up and went towards the kitchen but not before turning to Robin as he passed by and said, "I didn\'t know that you were that wise old man, but I still think Michael needs to attend school, and socialize"

"Hmm...and I didn\'t realize you had become his dad" replied Robin in a cool manner.


Randy glared at Robin with a cross popping vein on his face before hastily walking away from there.


Genesis and Miya who happened to hear what Robin said from upstairs started laughing.


"What do you mean you\'re not attending uni anymore?" Amanda, who was seated beside Michael in the plane, couldn\'t help but looked at him in shock!

Michael scratched the back of his head and said, "Well… I\'m already rich, right? So I thought, why would I even need it"

"Do your parents even know about it?" asked Amanda.

"Nope, I\'ll tell them about it when we get back" Michael just laughed it off.

Amanda just shook her head as she really can\'t change his mind even if she tries to.

He\'s that stubborn!