Fate Online: Shadow - Chapter 348 - Five Down, More to go.

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Chapter 348 - Five Down, More to go.

At a certain night club in one corner of the city.

"Heyyo Jhin! Still coming out and having fun at the club? Aren\'t you afraid if those reporters learn this about you?"

A young man around late 20s is currently having fun in a round booth seating with two girls leaning against him, with his hands wrapped around their bodies as he would grope their chest from time to time which would make the girls squeal in laughter.

"So? Money and power are what matters in this world, did you really think those ants could do sh*t to me? Even if I get thrown in jail, I\'ll still be able to go in and out of prison like it was just another hotel"

"And Laws? F*ck Laws, they are just there to restrict those lowly ants, it doesn\'t do sh*t to us because we\'re the ones making the law!"

This man is Jhin Acob, currently Michael\'s first target tonight.

When those girls heard what he said, they had a change of expression on their faces but it was quickly replaced by a fawning look as they knew what Jhin had said was somewhat correct.

While his friends, who also came from influential families, started laughing with him.

Because laws can\'t do anything to a person who is truly powerful, a good example of it are those politicians who were sent to jail for their crimes but they are still living a lavish life inside the prison like nothing had happened.

While those ordinary people who didn\'t have powerful backgrounds are suffering from their crimes and living a hellish life inside prisons, especially for those innocent people who were sent to jail for crimes they haven\'t committed and were just framed or became a scapegoat.

"You\'re really super awesome, Jhin!" said one of the other girls with a fawning look on her face.

"Of course I am!" Jhin started laughing in self satisfaction and started groping the b.r.e.a.s.t of the two women in his arms.

"Kyaa! You\'re so naughty!"

"It seems someone wants to have some more fun tonight!"


A man in a long black trench coat arrived inside the nightclub.

The person scanned his surroundings before he spotted someone familiar on the second floor of the club.

"There you are" Michael mumbled to himself as he started making his way towards the second floor. His walk was so imposing that the people on his path couldn\'t help but look at him and make way.

While girls who came here to have fun and probably also came here to look for a sugar daddy had their eyes lit up, thinking that a person with that kind of swag must be someone really rich.

And they\'re not wrong at that as he\'s super f*cking rich!

\'Need to finish this fast, so I can go back to playing the game\' thought Michael as he slowly walked up the stairs.

"Jhin Acob?"

Jhin who was laughing and chatting with his friends arrogantly looked up at the person standing before them.

"Yeah, and who the f*ck are you?" said Jhin, clearly annoyed from getting interrupted in the middle of his story, and because there was barely any light in the club, he and the others had a hard time recognizing the person standing before them.

Michael coldly grinned under his fedora, then slowly pulled out his handgun from his inside his coat and pointed it at him, "The Grim Reaper"



Jhin slumped down on the ground with a hole in his head, as the girls and his friends looked at the scene, stunned!



"Police! Call the police! Someone killed Jhin!"

After doing his deed, Michael turned around and coolly made his way down towards the exit, with the sound of screams and scenes of panic behind him.

"One down, ten more to go"

Michael grinned coldly as he walked through a couple of deserted alleyways that have barely any street lights on as he made his way towards another street block before hailing a taxi towards his second target for tonight.

On the tenth floor of a certain condominium, there is a man panicking while talking through the phone, and on the bed behind him is a woman fast asleep, n.a.k.e.d.

"What!? Someone killed Jhin!? How the heck did that happen!?"

But what he failed to notice is that there\'s a man watching him from an opposite building that\'s under construction.


The sound of muffled gunshot sounded, and like a slow motion, the bullet was ejected from the barrel and flew towards its target while piercing through the glass window along the way.



And the sound of something heavy falling on the floor sounded soon after, as blood started seeping through the carpet while the woman on the bed was still fast asleep and not having a single clue that someone just died near her.

"Second target, eliminated" said Michael slowly before lifting his sniper rifle up and packing it away inside his guitar case.

"It\'s quite cold tonight"

Michael mumbled to himself while breathing some warm air to his hands, before picking up the case and made his way down the bare stairs of the construction site.

For the next five hours, Michael eliminated three more targets for the night before making his way back to the hotel around three in the morning.

And from arriving at the brothel around nine in the evening to three in the morning, only six hours had passed before five people fell under his hands.

His work was so smooth that he was like a janitor who was just cleaning up some dirt on the shiny floor like it was nothing.

Michael entered their hotel room and took his coat off, and the first thing he noticed was Amanda sound asleep on the bed with a face that looked like she was dreaming of something good.

"How cute"

Michael smiled as he walked over beside the bed and bent down and kissed her on the forehead, before placing the guitar case under the bed and making.his way towards the bathroom as he took a warm shower.

Michael came out of the bathroom a few minutes later, then he went over to the desk below the TV and checked his phone if anyone had texted or called him while he was bathing.

Then he put some clothes on and got his game helmet and laid down on the bed.

[Game sequence initiating…]

[Welcome back, Player Shadow]