Fate Online: Shadow - Chapter 338 - Rogue Monk

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Chapter 338 - Rogue Monk

"Huff! Huff! Shit!"

Cooper cursed under his breath as he staggered towards the streets with a bloodied shoulder, and those people around him quickly moved away from him in fear, while some even called the authorities.

\'Those bastards from Continental! How are they even managing to pinpoint my location!? It\'s like there\'s an invisible GPS above my head that\'s telling them where my location is!\'

\'I shouldn\'t have accepted this stupid job! F.u.c.k!\'

"If I manage to leave this city tonight. Then I will kill that bastard Song in the future!"

Cooper arrived inside an alleyway as he angrily slapped his fist on the wall while hunched over.

"Oh ho! I didn\'t expect I\'d actually find a rat from Blood Lions here tonight"

Suddenly, a voice sounded from behind him, and Cooper quickly jumped and rolled forward as he quickly spun around and faced the person who had just appeared from out of nowhere.

\'What the hell!? I didn\'t even notice him and he was already standing behind me!\'

\'Shit! I just had to cross paths with someone dangerous tonight! What luck!\'

"Who are you?"

Cooper angrily shouted while his pair of eyes are already looking around him for a way to escape.

And he can\'t see what the man before him looks like because the light of the streetlamps is shining behind the man, which covered the person\'s face in darkness like a black hole, and at the same time, he was also standing on the darker part of the alley.

Because the two are already deep inside the alleyway, the people that would pass by the main street wouldn\'t be able to notice anything happening on this side of the street.

"Shouldn\'t I be the one asking you that question?"


The man stepped forward, revealing his face, and when Cooper saw who the man was and recognized who he is, he choked on his saliva and couldn\'t help but take a couple of steps backward in horror.

"You...you\'re the Rogue Monk!"

Cooper quickly started backing away from Monk, but the latter didn\'t do anything and just smiled quietly as he watched the young man bumped onto the large rectangular trash bin, which forced Cooper to stop in his tracks and vigilantly look at Monk, his nerves were taut as he didn\'t expect to meet this monster in this city.

"Oh ho, I didn\'t think there would still be someone who remembers me"

"Mercy! Don\'t kill me, I\'ll leave the city and will never set foot in here again!"

Monk suddenly grinned like a demon and scared the shit out of Cooper, thinking that he\'s gonna die now because he realized that there\'s really no way out of this situation!

But then Monk\'s eyes flashed when he heard something, so he quickly turned around and left the scene.

And Cooper who closed his eyes waiting for a gruesome death slowly opened his eyes when the pain he was expecting didn\'t come.

"Huff! Huff! Huff! I\'m still alive, he didn\'t kill me!"

Cooper was breathing hard but not because of fear, but relief.

Relieved at the fact that Monk left and he\'s still alive.

"Louis, He\'s over there!"

Two familiar silhouettes were about to walk past the alleyway that Cooper was at, but it just so happened that Gunter turned his head towards the alley and noticed the person kneeling by the trash bin, and it just happened that it was the man they had been chasing around the busy streets of the city tonight!

"Dammit! Just how are they finding me!?" Cooper cursed as he couldn\'t help but stumble as he got up from the ground because his legs still hadn\'t properly recovered from the fright of meeting the so-called Rogue Monk of the underground world.

Louis and Gunter quickly ran after him, and there were also others who were like them who noticed the slight commotion and quickly figured out what was happening and quickly ran after the three of them and entered the alley.

"What are you doing!?"

"Trying to stop him!"

Gunter who had just taken his handgun out from the strapped around his shoulders, and covered by his jacket was quickly scolded when his brother saw what he was doing.


Gunter was about to say something when suddenly a bullet whizzed past between the two of them and the bullet struck the ground on the left of the escaping Cooper.

"Shit, it\'s the others"

Both of them look back calmly, they weren\'t\' even fazed that a bullet just flew past their faces, and anyone in their right minds would have ducked down on the ground by now and shivering in fear like a pus*y.

"Go first, make sure to not lose him, and if you don\'t have a choice, you know what to do"

"Alright, don\'t die now"

Gunter nodded his head and quickly increased his speed while Louis quickly took cover behind a couple of trash bins and quickly started exchanging fire with the others who were following behind them.

There wasn\'t the loud sound of a gunshot that would have echoed throughout the nearby surroundings by now, and instead, there was only the muffled sound of a bullet getting ejected from a gun\'s barrel, and the sound of metal striking against each other.

"Is that you, Louis!?" yelled a person from the other side.

Louis didn\'t bother to reply as he just leaned against the trash bin with his pair of handguns ready to go all out.

"Let us pass, Louis! How about we distribute the contribution between us in capturing that guy!? It\'s not good to be greedy, there are more than us, but only one of you!"

"Bullets don\'t have eyes! I will open fire to anyone who tries to get past me! That bastard is our prey, and no one is taking dibs on him other than us!"

Louis yelled back, and after that, there was only silence.

But Louis made a serious mistake, he didn\'t factor in the fact that the group he\'s facing aren\'t the only people after Cooper, because there are literally tens of them based in Central City!

And now, his brother Gunter is currently having a face-off against another group from Continental who wants to snatch the person under his feet.

"Hand him over to us lad, we don\'t want to kill you"

Gunter just sneered at them in disdain as if he\'d believe their bullsh*t.