Fate Online: Shadow - Chapter 325 - Werebears

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Chapter 325 - Werebears


A soft roar sounded like a group of three creatures standing around two meters tall that looks like werewolves, but instead they have bear heads and are currently walking along a beaten path inside the forest as they talked to each other in soft roars that a group of people hiding on top of the large tree branches couldn\'t understand.

The branches were so thick that it is enough for at least two to three people to stand on it shoulder to shoulder.

All of them controlled their breathing as they can\'t afford getting discovered by this group of Werebears because they had just killed one of them, and this group of werebears is now currently hunting them down.

And of course, doing that is also useless as Werebears have a very sensitive nose that can smell their prey\'s scent upwind and from a distance of ten miles away, so what they did was that they covered their bodies with the juices of the leaves around them and rubbed them on their bodies.

Cereal Killer even covered his mouth out of nervousness especially when Shadow is glaring at him, gesturing at him to keep his mouth shut for the time being.

Solitary Tempest, Storm Moonlight, and the others nodded at each other as they slowly took out their weapons.


Shadow sent a message through the team channel, and all of the close combatants quickly jumped down from the trees and towards the monsters, with their weapons gleaming with dangerous lights!


Solitary Tempest let her arrow go and it quickly flew past the Shadow and the rest and struck the head of one of unsuspecting Werebears, while Cereal Killer conjured three fireballs and threw them towards the group of monsters.


The werebear that was stuck in the head roared in anger, and the other two quickly looked up and saw the humans descending upon them!


Their claws were suddenly covered in baleful red light and slashed towards Shadow and the rest, but their attacks were rendered useless as the bodies of the humans suddenly became a blur and they suddenly appeared behind them and stab their backs with their daggers or shortswords, and the attack wasn\'t over yet as three fireballs struck each of them in their heads.

Boom! Boom! Boom!


The three werebears reeled in shock as they stumbled because they weren\'t expecting that these groups of humans are this troublesome that they actually managed to avoid their attacks that can be considered as swift like the wind.



Arodan, the jade rabbit and standing beside Solitary Tempest\'s Storm Wolf opened its mouth and spat out a bolt of black lighting towards the group of monsters, and the lightning struck one of the monsters before the lightning jumped and struck the nearest monster before stopping on the third one, paralyzing the three of them.

Shadow and the rest quickly took this chance and attacked one of them, only focusing on that one particular monster and bombarded it with their attacks during the duration of the paralysis that lasted for two seconds.

"Get back! Climb up to the trees!"

Shadow yelled, as Storm Moonlight and the others quickly moved as they had planned before and skillfully climbed up the trees with their bare hands, while Cereal Killer and Solitary Tempest continued to attack the werebear with the lowest health, making sure that the monster\'s attention doesn\'t slip away from them and resulting in it fleeing from them.

"Argh! Humans!"

"Humans, kill!"

The other two werebears split up as they rushed towards the trees where Shadow and the rest were and started climbing them.

"Holy crap! Don\'t let them climb up!" Cereal Killer yelled hastily to them as he quickly started chanting, and an arrow made of fire slowly conjured up above him.

"Blazing Arrow!" Cereal Killer struck his staff out towards the Werebear climbing up the tree that they are standing on, as the fire with a shape of an arrow rushed forward and struck the werebear\'s head, causing it to halt in its movements.

But of course, its eyes just burned with more anger and hatred as it glared up towards Cereal Killer, which made the latter flinch.

"Triple Shot!"

Solitary Tempest nocked three arrows on her bow and shot the werebear, but it only dealt the monster with superficial damage like when she had used it earlier.

"It\'s really weak now that my main weapon is not a bow"

"Shadow Bind!" yelled Storm Moonlight as her shadow wriggled before it sn.a.k.e.d down the tree and stuck itself like a leech on the shadow of the Werebear, causing the monster to be immobile.

"Deep Sting!"

Moniker\'s weapon, a Kusarigama, flew in a downward arc, it\'s blade laced with poison, and stabbed itself on the back of the Werebear that is paralyzed on the spot because of Storm Moonlight.

While Shadow, Black Sparrow, and Chakram who were together, went with a different approach in their attacks as they all jumped down from the tree and faced the monster head-on as they kited it around.

The three of them bombarded the Werebear with attacks as they kited it around the tree until its health was slowly depleted.

The fight lasted for a few minutes and every one of them was completely exhausted as their manas are already on the verge of running dry, and thankfully, they managed to kill them all before it happened.

"I almost died, we really should\'ve brought a healer with us" Black Sparrow grumbled as he started downing some health potions to restore his health as almost every one of them are on the verge of dying.

"Stop complaining, the three monsters filled 17% of my experience bar," Shadow said as he took a glance at his previously empty EXP bar.

"We\'ll continue doing this until we are ahead in levels than everyone else in the game, and the best place to do that, is here," Shadow said as he smiled towards them, the others didn\'t complain because even though this map is very hard and dangerous for them, they can at least compensate their lack of levels with their skills that they learned from real life, a skill that truly differentiates between a regular player and an expert.