Fate Online: Shadow - Chapter 29: Second Wild Boss!

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"Make sure to control the DPS, so that you won\'t take agroo from the tank!" Judgement Fall yelled as he sent a fireball towards a huge monster.

His team, along with six more teams are attacking an over two meter tall green skinned monster, with pointy ears and an ugly looking face.

[Hobgoblin] [Wild Boss]

Level: 8

Health: 1973 / 3000

Mana: 767 / 1000

Skills: Savage Blade, Burst Charge

While the seven teams from Black Skull is engaging the wild boss, there is also another three more teams keeping watch at the side, to prevent ambushes and interference from players by kicking them out, but the purpose of what they\'re doing is to prevent the rival guilds like War Angel and War Temple in attacking them and kill stealing the Wild Boss.

But when they thought that they were already kicked out all unassociated players from the site, they didn\'t know that there is a man watching from above with glinting eyes, through the dense leaves of the trees around them.

"Yes, tire the boss out while I get the last kill for it" Michael grinned maliciously as he watched the players from Black Skull fighting the wild boss from the dense foliage of leaves provided by the trees around him.

"Priest! Make sure to keep with the healing, use the mana potions if necessary!" Judgement Fall yelled as he directed the teams at attacking the wild boss.

A few minutes later, just when the boss is just down with 500 Health points left, a sudden change suddenly occurred as numerous teams appeared in the distance, heading towards where the Black Skull members are.

Michael immediately recognized a few familiar faces, like Falling Moon and her party members, and Storm Breaker, along with his own party, and with them are at least over one hundred players while Black Skull only has more or less seventy players with them, and most of them are already spent.

Rumble! Rumble!

"Boss! The War Angel and War Temple are here!" an assassin yelled through the private channel.

"Dammit! Quick! Put all of your attacks into it before they get here!" Judgement Fall cursed as he hurriedly urged his subordinates, while he glared towards the charging enemy players towards them.

"KIll all the Skull bastards!" Storm Breaker roared, as the members behind him yelled along.


"Barbarians to the front! Hunters and Wizards bombard them! Priest, make sure our tanks don\'t die!" Falling Moon yelled as she directed the people under her guild.

Her members immediately executed her orders, while Storm Breaker also did the same.

"Team One, Two and Three! Stop them and buy us more time!" Judgement Fall yelled.

The three teams idling at the side immediately sprung forward as they tried their best to block the enemy guilds, even when they are smaller in numbers.

Melee weapons clashed with each other, as arrows, fireballs, ice cones flew everywhere, while the assassin are having a showdown of their own.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

"Team Four and Five, disengage from the boos and help the others in fending off the ambushers!" Judgement yelled when he saw that the teams he sent can\'t fully stop most of the enemies.

"Good" Michael said, as he discreetly jumped down from the three and landed on a nearby bush, and duck as he slowly moved towards where Judgement Fall is while he also activated his [Stealth].

He was actually the one who told Falling Moon about Black Skull\'s plan on sieging a wild boss, and they came to an agreement that if either guild from both of them took the last kill for the wild boss, then they would pay him exactly $20,000 for telling them, along with him, making it possible for them to get the last kill.

Of course, both of Falling Moon and Storm Breaker was skeptical at first but when they met him again, they were actually shocked to see that he was a level higher than both of them, and they even noticed that some of Michael\'s equipment is better than them, especially his armor that glistens under the sun.

So both guild elders agreed to his proposal, especially when they heard his plan on how either of them could get the last hit on the boss.

Michael just waited, and waited until the Boss\'s health is almost depleted before he took action.


Michael immediately burst forward as he flew towards Judgement\'s back.

\'Ambush!\' Judgement Fall immediately exclaimed inside when he felt a chilling feeling crawling up his spin, he wanted to roll forward but he was a step too late, when he felt something stabbed his back, as huge number floated above his head!

[ Critical Hit! - 77! ]

His remaining health was immediately emptied as he was sent to the graveyard.

The players sieging the boss suddenly stopped in their movements as they didn\'t expect that their leader would suddenly die, that they were only awoken from their stupor when they heard the despairing scream of two of their Barbarians tanking the boss!

"NOW!" Michael yelled at the top of his lungs.

And Falling Moon and Storm Breaker who was waiting for his signal immediately took action!

Falling Moon immediately burst while knocking an arrow onto her bow, and jumped on top of shoulder of a Barbarian and aimed her arrow towards the Hobgoblin and executed [Quickdraw]!

Meanwhile, Storm Breaker executed [Charge] and suddenly threw his sword towards the direction of the Hobgoblin, covered in white light, it was one of the skills of Barbarians called [Weapon Disengage].

Both Falling Moon and Storm Breaker attacks was executed at them same time, but they were clearly competing in the speed of their attacks after all, they weren\'t the only trying to get the last hit on the boss, there also those from Black Skull who was doing the same thing, as the wild boss was only left with a measly 47 Health left.

But Michael didn\'t idle around as he started causing trouble to the remaining Black Skull, as they were suddenly thrown into a panic because they didn\'t expect that the assassin in front of them was so skilled that he already eliminated two more players who tried to stop him within the span of fifteen seconds!