Fate Online: Shadow - Chapter 256 Police Station 2

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"So they also called you in the morning?"

Michael glanced at Amanda while driving.

"Yeah, just three hours ago to be exact" she answered, then Amanda suddenly turned her body towards Michael.

"Hey, do you have any idea who could have killed him?"

"Me? I don\'t even the guy" Michael quickly replied to her.

"Really?" Amanda stared at him intently.

"Yes, I don\'t even know the guy Amanda," Michael said, he was so calm that she can\'t even see any change in his expression.

"Hmmm…" Amanda grunted and properly sat and focused her eyes on the road while deep in thought.

Michael sighed internally, and thought, \'Is she suspecting me? Dang it, I knew it was trouble when she saw me that night during the housewarming party at the mansion\'

"But that guy is an as*hole though and just looking at his attitude when we met him. It\'s no surprise that one or two people might have a grudge with him and wanted to kill him"

Hearing what Michael said made Amanda sigh.

"Well, you weren\'t wrong, and maybe the people behind his death are probably his family\'s enemies anyway" Amanda glanced at Michael, studying if there are any changes in his facial expression.

Unfortunately for her, she still didn\'t see any changes in Michael\'s expression at all. After all, the person in question doesn\'t even bat an eyelid when he kills, much less from getting questioned.

\'Could it be he\'s really not related to Steve\'s death?\' Amanda thought as she gave Michael another glance from the corner of her eye.

\'Ever since I saw him fighting with those guys that night. I know that he\'s hiding a lot of secrets, that\'s the reason why I\'ve always been reluctant on getting close to him, especially that I still have a lot of unfinished problems with my relatives who were the mastermind behind the death of my parents\'

Suddenly, Amanda had gotten startled by something she didn\'t expect.

Amanda looked at Michael who was acting like he didn\'t know what the heck is happening right now, then she looked at the hand that is holding hers.

She just smiled as she knew that she can\'t escape the inevitable, she turned her head towards the window beside her and wore a bashful smile on her face as she also interlocked her fingers with Michael\'s.

Michael also smiled in return as his heart that was beating nervously slowly calmed down.

Before long, the two of them arrived at the police station where one of them was immediately led to the interrogation room.

"Michael? What are you doing here man?"

Michael looked up and saw a dark-skinned policeman, and then he quickly remembered him as one of the police officers that day when he went and saved Amanda from Jin.

"What\'s up, Officer Malone? Someone from the police department called me for questioning about the murder case of Steve...Convetry?"



Officer Malone snapped his fingers and pointed it to Michael, correcting his words while smiling.

"Exactly, so who is this guy? It looks like the whole department is in a mess because of him" Michael asked while eyeing the officers inside the station moving to and fro busily.

"Don\'t you watch the news? That man is the son of Princess Violet of Angles Kingdom, and because of his death, the entire police department is in hot water right now"

Officer Malone didn\'t know that Michael was just acting ignorant about the person in question, and the man behind this case is actually the very person in front of him, which caused them, the entire police department in Central City in hot water because of Steve\'s death!

"He\'s...a noble?" Michael acted shocked as he slowly placed down the magazine from his hand. After all, for him, this is a good chance to obtain information first hand from a police officer, and so that he could better prepare himself if they really manage to track him down.

Michael wasn\'t dumb enough to think that the police are the only group hot in his heels, especially when Genesis warned him before that there is an unknown group of people looking for information or clues about the person who killed Steve.

"He is, man! That\'s the reason why we are scrambling to look for clues of who could be his killer so we can finally be done with this shit" Officer Malone said in a low voice, his tone full of grievances.



Officer Malone was startled when he heard the shouting while Michael calmly turned his head towards where the yelling is coming from.

"See? The captain has been in a bad mood since he\'s the one withstanding the pressure from the higher-ups. Whoever killed that bastard is an as*hole" Officer Malone snorted angrily.

Michael turned towards him and asked, "Why do you say so?"

"Well, first and foremost, this is Central City, we have the lowest crime rate in the entire country mostly because of Mine Tech. Industries are headquartered here, and secondly, there are also powerful organizations that keep each other in check, which prevented a lot of troublesome things from happening between them. After all, who wouldn\'t want to see their enemies to be put behind bars, right?"

"I already know all of those" Michael said with a shrug and doesn\'t look like he was interested in listening to him anymore.

Officer Malone looked around, and when he saw that no one is paying attention to the two of them, he made sure to be as near as possible to Michael and acted all cool and calm as he leaned on the wall with his back.

"You know that there are three powerful organizations in the city, or more commonly known in the streets as gangs, right?" Malone whispered to Michael that only the two of them could hear.