Fate Online: Shadow - Chapter 240 Seth's Lair

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Michael already stayed in the village for five days.

During those days, he helped around the village by doing some simple quest that they had given him, like taking care of their huge vegetable garden where they planted some vegetables that could survive the cold weather, which is, in fact, the food source that provides for the village, which took up almost one-fourth of the land in the village.

One of the plants even looked like a sweet potato, but its leaves are two times or maybe even three times bigger than the regular sweet potato plant, and they grow fast.

And without this garden, they would have already starved to death.

\"I should have brought Amanda and Viper with me instead of going solo in this place\" Michael sighed with helplessness, as he stood on top of rampart wall and gaze towards the distance, where everything is covered in only one color, white.

\"Tell me, young adventurer, why does someone like you had come all the way out here?\" a hunchback old lady holding a cane acting as her walking stick stood beside Michael and asked.

Michael turned his head towards this newcomer, and answered, \"Curiosity and at the same time, the sense of adventure\"

The old woman just smiled and didn\'t say anything for a couple of moments.

Michael was already acquainted with this old woman two days ago. If Old Buck is the village chief, then this old woman is the village Druid.

If the village is like a human body, then this old woman beside Michael would be its heart, because without her, then the vegetable garden wouldn\'t exist, and the villagers also wouldn\'t exist, and this place would be just an abandoned village.

That\'s why she is the most important and most respected person inside this small isolated village.

But the most amazing thing is this old lady is a...halfling!

A freaking Half-elf!

The existence of Elves is what makes a game, a true fantasy game!

But the weird and most suspicious point in Michael\'s eyes is that he can\'t see any information about the old lady.

[Sonya] [???]

Level: ???

\'Just who is this old lady? Don\'t tell me she\'s actually one of the Sages?\' Michael thought while glancing at the old woman beside him from the corner of his eye.

\"Do you think I can hunt the monsters roaming around this land?\" Michael turned his head towards Sonya.

Sonya suddenly laughed with that old lady laugh and said, \"Well, can you?\"

Michael grinned, and his pair of eyes glittered with a thirst of battle and adventure, and then he replied to her with a voice full of confidence.

\"I can\"

\"Then bring me five heads of the Ice Trolls\"


[Predator or Prey?]

The land of Everwinter is plagued with hundreds of different kinds of monsters. And Ice Trolls wandering the land are one of the most dominant species in this land. Help the people of Snow Village and proved your worth as an Adventurer by defeating the Ice Trolls.

Difficulty: C

Reward: Get your reward from Sonya, Reputation with Snow Village +50

Failed: Kick out of Snow Village.

Quest Target: Kill 5 Ice Trolls.




Michael screamed angrily in the middle of nowhere with pure whiteness everywhere.

\"Now, I need a plan to take down an Ice Troll by myself\" Michael started thinking hard.

\"Arghh! I miss modern weapons! I want a shotgun or at least a freaking machine gun!\"

And not even ten seconds later, Michael gave up as he fell on the snowy ground on his back and stared at the cloudy skies.

Moments later.


\"My God! This is so freaking embarrassing!\"

Michael was screaming in anger while running away from the five Ice Trolls chasing him from behind, sending snow flying everywhere with their every step.

\"Is he really that little brat\'s student?\"

Sonya, who is supposed to be at Snow Village at this time is currently standing behind a tree covered in ice with half of her body visible as she watched Michael being chased by a group of Ice Trolls from a distance.

If Michael heard the words that just came out of this old woman\'s mouth, then he would probably be dumbfounded. After all, who the heck would call someone who is over five hundred years old, a little brat?

It\'s either that person is familiar with the said person, or someone who is far older than the said person.

And Sonya is probably the latter, but even then, no one, not even those almost immortal like Elves would dare to disrespect one of the Sages like that.

\"Well, I hope he won\'t be a disappointment like the others before him\"

Sonya gave Michael another glance before her silhouette flickered and she disappeared.



\"Human! Deli..cious..Meat!\"

The Ice Trolls roared angrily as they chased after Michael with eyes filled with madness and hunger.

\"Goddammit! I knew accepting that quest is a freaking bad idea!\"

Michael felt indignant at his current circumstances, more so at the fact that his plan to only lure one Ice Troll failed, and now, he is being chased around by a bunch of monsters that can\'t wait to tear him to pieces!

Michael just continued running around while dodging the attacks of the monsters by using his skills meant for ambushing and escaping.

\"I\'m o-Ahhhhhh!\"

Michael screamed in surprise when he realized that there was a human-size hole that the had stepped on and now he\'s plunging downwards through the dark hole, and the Ice Trolls were suddenly confused when Michael suddenly disappeared from out nowhere as they started searching their surroundings in anger.

\"Shit! What a bad day!\"



Michael saw a dim light at the end of the hole, and his body plunged into a body of cold water at the same time when he heard the sound of the system notification.

\"Brr! It\'s so freaking cold!\"

Michael quickly came ashore with his body shivering in cold and then with his shivering finger, he pulled out the notification that he heard earlier before he splashed inside the small underground lake.

You are the first person to discover Seth\'s Undead Lair!


Fame has increased by 300.

Experience and drop rates have doubled for a week.

The first monster hunted will drop some of the best items it has.