Fate Online: Shadow - Chapter 230 Arriving at the Earl's Estate

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"Ohh, comfy" Viper said the moment he took a seat inside the carriage.

"Shut...up!" Michael eyed Viper, as he was making them very embarrassed with his behavior like he was some kind of a country bumpkin who had never ridden a carriage before.

"So, did you guys find out about us because of that guard at the town gate earlier?" said Solitary Tempest, her tone was like she was just talking to a normal friend.

If other players see or hear her tone of talking to this high ranking NPC, then they would probably shit themselves. After all, the players who would dare to talk casually to a high ranking NPC like Davon are either those who have a high reputation in this town or their Fame is just truly high that they could ignore courtesy in front of lower nobility, like a Knight for example.

"We already received a notice from the Duke that a group of esteemed guests would stop by here real soon, so since then, we\'ve been keeping a look out for your group, but yes, you can say that the guard did send someone to inform us of your group\'s arrival in town," Davon said, and he seems to not really mind on the way Solitary Tempest is talking to him.

"Ohh" Solitary Tempest uttered, while Michael just looked out of the window, watching the passing scenery before his eyes.

\'I wonder how the real world would be like if it has magic in it\' he thought, with a smile on his face.


The game forum suddenly exploded with frenzy when a piece of bombshell news that suddenly appeared in the forum and quickly took the top spot.

"Holy shit! The Council of Elders had just declared war against the people of Revenants! Holy shit, this is big news!"

"F*ck! A good show is coming!"

"Three of the nine major guilds actually declared war against a guild whose members don\'t even exceed ten members! Isn\'t that just plain bullying!?"

"It\'s not bullying if the group that they are going against are all monsters!" said a person that goes by the username of Flash Wave.

"Oh please, that\'s just an excuse. It\'s because they can\'t capture or even kill one member of the Revenants, that\'s why they are resulting in this, they even shamelessly put a bounty in their heads! So much for being a major guild!" said a person who goes by the name, Storm Sword.

"I second that," said a person with a username of Storm Bringer.

"It\'s because they are just scared" Storm Arrow left a comment soon after.

"Holy shit, the Storm Siblings are actually taking a shot at the three guilds! Are they trying to provoke a war between their guilds!?"

"If that happens, then this would become the first large scale war in the game!"

"But it would greatly disrupt the flow of the game, especially for independent players like us"

"What are you getting worried about for? You can make a lot of money if you join them when they start recruiting players to be their front liners, also known as cannon fodders! Hahaha!"



Both Michael and Viper received a message notification from someone almost at the same time.

[Blackskull, Kunlun and Illusionaire have declared war on us]

Michael received the message from Miya, while Viper received it from Tony, who quickly informed the two of them when they also received the news.

Viper and Michael turned towards each other, they smiled under their mask, as their eyes flashed with coldness.

"It seems the coming days won\'t be boring" VIper said with a chuckle.

"It sure is," Michael said after as he also chuckled.

Solitary Tempest and Davon just looked at the two with confusion in their eyes as they didn\'t know what Michael and Viper are suddenly talking about.

"What are you two on about?\' Solitary Tempest asked the two of them as she felt that she was being left out for some reason.

"Well, the alliance of Illusionair, Kunlun and Blackskull Guilds had just declared war against the Revenants," Michael said with a laugh.

And Davon\'s eyebrows quickly jumped in surprise when heard the word "war", but then he quickly sighed in relief when he realized that it was just a couple of guilds fighting against each other and not related to any Kingdoms or Empires.

"Real- Ahh, it sure is. Those members of Revenants are really good huh? They even managed to make three of the nine major guilds to declare war on their guild" Solitary Tempest said, as she also received the news from Jenny just a minute after Viper and Michael.

Davon just ignored the three of them as he really can\'t understand what they are talking about after that.

A few more minutes later.

The group finally arrived at the gate of the Earl\'s state. The estate is surrounded by a wall that\'s as high as three adults stack together and with a group of soldiers patrolling around the state, and some, walking along on the wall rampart.

"Wow, it looks just like a modern-day mansion of those modern-day nobles" Solitary Tempest stuck her head out from the window and mumbled to herself in amazement when she saw the scene inside the estate after they passed through the gate.

Michael also watched the surroundings through the windows, and thought to himself, \'This place is good and all, but it doesn\'t even come close compared to the estate of City Lord of Haven City\'

Michael wasn\'t really amazed, even Viper seemed unperturbed. After all, these two people had also seen estates far more luxurious than this one in the real world.

And in their like of work, meeting and working with royalties and nobles aren\'t a rare occurrence for them at all.

Heck! Even country presidents hire them to do their dirty work, so seeing estates as big or bigger than the Earl Estate isn\'t surprising for the two of them.

Only someone who had never been to the houses of Royalty, Nobles or just rich businessmen would be amazed at the sight of a huge place like this.

The carriage soon stopped in front of the huge mansion, where a servant quickly run towards the carriage and opened the door for them.

"Welcome, Esteemed Guests!"