Fate Online: Shadow - Chapter 218 Blood Knives

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"Shall we go then?" Solitary Tempest said as she summoned her Hell Flame Horse and quickly jumped on its back.

"Dang it!" Michael couldn\'t help but curse when his eyes laid upon the humongous Hell Flame Horse, as he couldn\'t help but feel envious every time he sees it.


Aran snorted in haughtiness as it jumped up and started dangling from Michael\'s left shoulder, and the Hell Flame Horse who heard it shivered for a bit as it took a couple of steps back away from Michael.

"Hey!" Solitary Tempest yelled in anger at Michael.

"It wasn\'t me" Michael shrugged his shoulders and also summoned his old mount.

After that, the three of them continued their journey on the road.

"How long till we arrive there?" Solitary Tempest asked as she turned towards Michael.

Michael didn\'t immediately answer her and instead took out a map from his [Storage] space.

"The sun had just risen, and if we continue traveling in this speed, then we\'ll reach the nearest border town before or just after nightfall, but if we meet a lot of monsters along the way then we\'ll be forced to camp out for the night on the side of the road again and we would only reach our destination by sunrise the next day"

Michael said after looking at the map.

Hearing him, Solitary Tempest glanced at Michael\'s mount and said, "We would have already arrived there already if not for a certain someone having a common grade mount that could be bought at any city"

Michael glared at her and said, "How about you give me some gold then so I could buy a better mount, huh?"

"Are you high? Why should I? You must be a poor bloke" Solitary Tempest snorted in disdain.

\'Why do these two always argue?\' Viper looked at the two people in front of him with confusion plastered on his face as he couldn\'t understand why the two of them always act like they are the bigger as*hole than the other person.

"Do you two not even sleep at all?" Viper suddenly butted in.

"Aren\'t you also staying up late?" Michael snorted while raising an eyebrow.

"And that question of yours came out of nowhere" Solitary Tempest rolled her eyes at Viper.

\'Damn, now I get why Michael is so damn annoyed by this woman. The expressions on her face that she gives you are really annoying as f*ck!\' Viper cursed inside and decided to ignore the two for now as he deemed that these two people are great at giving someone stress.

An hour into their journey, and as the three of them were passing through a path filled with shrubbery.

Multiple shadows suddenly jumped out from the thick shrubbery at the side of the road and landed at least fifteen meters in front of them.


"Humans! Delicious Humans!"

"Human meat!"

The creatures in front of them are a group of lizardmen, who were basically muscular reptiles that walk in two legs, who held a shield in one hand and swung a blade or spear in the other.

"Kill humans, and eat human meat!"

The lizardmen quickly charged towards them with their brandished weapons as they madly yelled with hunger in their eyes.


Viper laughed like a maniac, and quickly took out his crossbow from his back and jumped from his mount and charged towards the charging group of lizardmen as he passed by Michael and Solitary Tempest.

"Yaahh!" Michael yelled angrily as he also got down from his mount and quickly followed behind Viper.

"The heck are these two being excited for? They are just a bunch of Lizardmen" Solitary Tempest just shook her head and decided to just let the two of them handle this group of monsters blocking their way.

Michael\'s figure turned illusory and disappeared like smoke before he reappeared behind a surprised Lizardman.

Michael grinned as he executed [Backstab] and plunged his dagger at the back of the Lizardman.


Before he quickly pulled out from the battle by moving in a Z motion when some of the Lizardmen turned around and attacked him, and at the same time, tried to encircle him.

While Viper, on the other hand, halted in his steps when he was five meters away from the remaining five Lizardmen that\'s charging towards him.

Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack!

Viper quickly loaded his crossbow and shot the five lizardmen simultaneously.

"Achk! Hu...mans!!! We..kill you!"

"Hmmph! That is if you can catch me first!" Viper snorted as he started running in circles around the five lizardmen.

"Gahhh! Stay..still... Human!"

Viper quickly bent his body backward like the Matrix shit as two spears stabbed towards him and barely brushed past his body when he dodged, and he can\'t help but stumble backward while dodging the attacks of the other lizardmen that\'s trying to slash him with their blades.

"F*ck, these bastards actually move fast!" Viper cursed as he started backing away from the main road.

Michael, on the other hand, is also facing a little bit of predicament.

"F*ck, I can\'t really get used to using a sword...ever!" Michael cursed angrily as he jumped back to avoid an overhead slash from a Lizardman that intended to decapitate him into two.

Michael quickly sheathed his sword back onto his back and once again pulled out his trusty dagger from his leg, but then he suddenly remembered something and quickly sheathed his dagger back.

He leaped towards the sky and clenched one of his fists in front of him as seven daggers around seven inches in length materialized between his fingers.

"Blood Knives!"

Michael threw the knives towards the group of Lizardmen in a fan shape formation.

[Blood Knives]

Fires multiple knives made of mana in a fan shape formation towards your enemies.


-40% Movement Speed for 6 seconds.

Suffers poison damage that decreases 3% of the total HP in 3 seconds.

Mana Cost: 150 MP

Cooldown: 10 seconds

Hweuk! Hweuk! Hweuk!

"Me hate...humans!""Kill!"


Michael clicked his tongue when he saw that he only managed to scrape off ten percent of their current health.

"Jesus! Finish them off quickly, will you!?"

Solitary Tempest angrily yelled at them from the back of her mount.

""Shut it, woman!!!""

"Gahh! Pussies!"