Fate Online: Shadow - Chapter 214 It's brand new

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"Uncles and Aunties!"

Genesis was about to answer Michael when Summer suddenly appeared from the front door and started running towards them with a face full of happiness.

"Ohh..what is it, baby girl?" Miya quickly intercepted Summer, and the latter quickly jumped onto Miya\'s arms.

Miya quickly caught her and lifted her up, and Summer\'s face quickly blossomed into a smile as she looked at Miya then Tony and said, "Daddy said we\'re gonna have a sleepover here tonight because tomorrow is weekends! So can I sleep with you tonight?"

Summer eagerly looked at Miya and Tony. she was looking at both of them alternately because Miya and Tony had been sleeping together since Summer appeared in their lives.

"Oho!" Miya laughed as she really loves this cute little girl too much and had already grown fond of her, and others are also not an exception to this as they are also looking at Summer with warm expressions on their faces.

It was because of the appearance of Olivia and her daughters that had brightened up their boring lives.

Because the familial love that they hadn\'t experienced for many years had once again sprouted inside of them, and being called auntie and uncle is something that they had never experienced in so many years now after they became all alone after they had lost their loved ones from different circumstances of their own.

And because of this, this group of retired assassins wouldn\'t even hesitate to eliminate anyone who dares to ruin these happy and peaceful lives that they have now.

\'Oh boy. Now, I\'m feeling bad for those people who would have the intentions to harm Summer and her family\' Michael thought with pity when he saw the loving looks on the faces of Genesis and the others.

"You said that you guys are having a sleepover at your house?" Tony came over beside them and gently pinched Summer\'s cheeks.

"Mmmm" Summer nodded cutely, then wrap her arms around Miya\'s neck and pleadingly looked at her, and said, "So can I sleep you and Aunt Tony tonight?"

Looking at Summer\'s cute expression made the people around him turn soft, as they had never seen such a cute girl like Summer before.


Miya kissed the little girl\'s cheek and replied her cheerfully, "Of course! And you can always come over to our house if you ever want to have a sleepover with us"


Summer suddenly arched her back in happiness after hearing what Miya said, as she giggled with laughter.

Even the people watching through their binoculars in the distance can\'t help but go…


"Man, I wish I had a daughter as cute as her" one of them couldn\'t help but say those words, and even his companions beside him can\'t help but nod in agreement.

"I\'d spoil her every day if I have a cute daughter like her"

"Me too, and all I have are boys, not even a single daughter!"

"You should be thankful that you even have a child, while I don\'t even have one"

"Heh, you and your wife just got married. What are you even hurrying for?"

"It\'s not that we\'re in a hurry, but our parents are! They want to hold their grandchildren soon!"

Similar conversations occurred between the men who were assigned to watch Genesis and the others, as even they couldn\'t help but wish that they have a daughter like Summer.

"What are you guys still doing over there? It\'s already late" Viper came out from the front door and shouted at Michael and the others, and his eyes flashed when he sensed that there are numerous eyes directed at him coming from different directions.

Then Michael and the rest slowly made their way inside, and just as Michael was about to walk upon the small stairs in front and enter the house, a hand suddenly grabbed one of his shoulders and held him back.

Michael slowly turned around and saw Viper looking at him with a serious expression on his face.

"You should quickly go home too after you\'re done with your matters here, and be careful on the way later," Viper said.

Michael just nodded, realizing the words behind what Viper said. It was because Michael knew that there are also a couple of people watching his every movement whenever he\'s out outside.

"What do you think do they want from here? They had been watching us since a month ago" Michale asked him in a whisper-like voice.

Viper\'s eyes flashed with a chilling glow and said, "I couldn\'t care less what they want, but I would immediately kill them if they ever had the intentions of harming Olivia and her daughters"

"Hey, someone might hear you" Michael quickly shushed him, worried that someone might hear them.

"Randy! What are you two still doing over there? Quickly get in, it\'s cold outside"

Both men quickly turned towards the direction of the voice and saw Olivia standing by the front door of the house and waving towards them to come inside.

Without saying anything, both men quickly went inside, as Viper quickly led Olivia into his room while Summer slept with both Tony and Miya, and the other hand, Cathy occupied Tony\'s room for the time being.

While Michael on the other hand, quickly made his way towards Robin\'s room under the dim lighting of the house, as the place is almost covered in complete darkness with only a few places around the house that have their lights on.

Knock! Knock! Knock!

Michael came before Robin\'s room and lightly knocked on the room, and then there were some sounds of rustling from the other side of the door, and a couple of seconds later, the door opened before him with Robin holding a guitar suitcase in his hands.

"Make sure to take care of it," Robin said before handing over the guitar case to Michael.

Michael just silently nodded and took it from Robin\'s hands.

"And here, make sure to return it tomorrow"

Then Robin suddenly handed something to Michael, and when he took it, he saw that it was the key to Robin\'s car.

"Thanks, I\'ll make sure to return it tomorrow" Michael smiled.

"Don\'t scratch it, it\'s brand new" Robin snorted before closing the door on Michael.

Michael just rolled his eyes and slowly made his way outside.