Fate Online: Shadow - Chapter 191 - A man’s dream come true!

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Michael summoned his horse and quickly jumped on its back, but when Viper saw Michael\'s current mount, he snickered. He tapped his foot on the ground and a magic circle appeared on the ground a meter away in front of him, as a four-legged monster appeared before their eyes.

"What the hell!? Since when did you get a tiger as your mount?" Michael said in surprise when his eyes laid upon the two meters tall and three meters in length beast.

It was a white Sabertooth Tiger covered in black stripes and the beast stood menacingly before them like the proud cat it is.

"It\'s Demon Hunter thing brat, you won\'t understand it even if I tell you" Vipre snorted and jumped at the back of the sabertooth tiger.

"Show off" Michael snorted.

Both Michael and Viper quickly hit the road and made their way back to Cowan City.

A little while later, Michael and Viper finally arrived at Cowan City and were just in time to witness the spectacle on the streets.

There were people standing beside the streets as they watched a procession of mounted soldiers covered in plates of armors, surrounding multiple carts full of monster carcasses.

Michael and Viper pushed through the crowd and arrived at the very front, and immediately saw the "grand" scene before them.

There were at least a hundred knights, and the most amazing thing is that they are all women. They are covered in varying wounds, their armors covered in blood, and some parts of their armors were destroyed, but all of their faces are full of life, proud at the fact that they were successful on their expedition to subjugate the mountain trolls who have been causing troubles lately from a nearby mountain, fifty kilometers north of the city.

And this group of knights is led by a beautiful woman riding on the back of a Griffin.

She has blonde hair in frills and has both mature and domineering air around her, which makes her really stand out among the rest of the women around her.

"Mommy! I want to become like them in the future and join the Fenrir Order of Knights!" a young girl around seven or eight years old said, as she looked at the scene in front of her with beaming eyes.

"Yes, yes. My darling would grow to become a brave knight in the future" the little girl\'s mother looked at the little girl in her arms with a warm gaze.

"Mountain Trolls?" Michael muttered when he saw the familiar monster carcasses on the carts.

"Awesome right? Those monsters were subjugated by Lady Beatrice and her knights!"

A young man standing beside Michael commented when the former heard what Michael had said.

Michael turned towards the side and saw that it was a young man in its teenage years, who\'s looking at the scene in front of them with captivated eyes, and Michael noticed that the young man\'s eyes would always lit up at every woman that would past by in front of them.

\'Little pervert\'

Michael thought as he snickered, and then he said, "Ohh, then can you tell me more about this Lady Beatrice?"

The young man turned towards Michael and looked at him from head to toe. He smiled and said, "You must be not from around here then if you don\'t know about her. I\'m Mark, and Lady Beatrice is the sole daughter of Duke Cympyr, a courageous, kind and brave woman. She commands the only women knights brigade of one hundred knights or maybe even more and they are called Fenrir Order of Knights.

"Most of them are women from common birth and the rest are women of the lower nobility like a baronet or women who came from a family of knights who has been serving the Cympyr Household for generations"

"You seem to really know a lot about them"

Hearing the young man, Viper snickered from the side.

The young man raised his chin and proudly hit his chest and said, "It\'s common knowledge around here, and in the future, I also want to become a knight and get close to my idols!"

"Yeah, good luck with that kid!" Viper laughed, while Michael just shook his head.

After all, the young man is only Level 5 while those knights from Fenrir Order of Knights are all above Level 50.

A few minutes later, the crowd around them started dispersing in different directions as the returning knights had already gone far away from where they are standing.

Michael\'s eyes suddenly flashed as he thought of something and just as he was to mingle among the crowd, Viper suddenly called out to him.

"The heck are you gonna this time?"

Michael looked over his shoulders and said, "Don\'t worry, I\'m just gonna go meet someone"

Viper just snorted as he knew that Michael is up to no good again.

"Hmmph! I won\'t come and save you if you get your as* in trouble"

"Tsk! Not like I\'m gonna need your help here old man"

"Yeah, says the one who wanted to create a virtual hitman organization inside and outside of this game," Viper said in a low voice that only the two of them could hear.

Hearing him, Michael grinned and said, "Says the one who clearly is having the time of his life right now. Don\'t tell me you didn\'t miss the days when you were still active?"

Viper showed a cold grin on his face and replied, "Damn brat, and no. We\'re only doing these things because we are bored as hell before me and the others met you"

"Besides, you\'re clearly the one who has huge ambitions here brat"

Michael tilted his head to the side and said, "Maybe...maybe not"

"This little brat left me again to do his own thing! My goodness!"

Viper rolled his eyes as he watched Michael take his leave.

Michael picked up his pace and quickly tried to catch up with the marching Fenrir Order of Knights.

"Whoa! Awesome!"

"All of them are truly beautiful like fairies!"

"Marrying one of them is man\'s dream come true!"

A group of men among the crowd of people watching the returning knights are shouting and yelling with lovestruck and perverted eyes.

Showing just how much it is true that a man is a beast in a human\'s skin.