Fate Online: Shadow - Chapter 173 - Jin!

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"So you\'re telling me that you got teleported here three days ago because you stepped inside a teleportation trap?" Michael said when he heard the story from Viper.

"Yeah, I actually didn\'t expect that we\'d actually bumped into each other this way" Viper said, as he hurriedly went inside a restaurant and came out holding two skewered meats, as he gave the other one to Michael.

"So why are you here? How did you end up here?" Viper asked.

"An a**shole threw me all the way out here" Michael grumbled.



"Hmm...someone is badmouthing me. It\'s probably that little brat" Millie said, as she went back to eating her meal.


"So...where did you appear?" Michael asked as he bit onto a piece of meat from the skewer in his hand.

Viper turned his head towards him and grinned widely and whispered beside Michael\'s ear, "Inside a dungeon"

Michael moved his head back from him as he looked at Viper and said, "Seriously?"

"Yeah, but it\'s only Rank D. We should go explore it later, as I\'m not able to complete by myself" Viper said.

"Anyway, where are we headed?"

"To the Courier Station. I need to send something to Athena" Michael replied.

"Ohh, that cute little lady the other night? She\'s a feisty one, she kept kicking one of those goons that I knocked out" Viper said with a laugh.

Michael just glared at him, and immediately ran forward when he spotted the Courier Station in the distance.

"Hello there, how can I help you?" a young lady said, who is one of the staff in the Courier Station.

"Hi, I want to send these herbs to someone" Michael said, and quickly took out the five blood orchids from his Inventory.

"Aren\'t those blood orchids?" Viper said the moment his eyes landed on the bundle of blood red flowers.

"They are" Michael replied to him, while he handed the bundle of blood orchids to the young lady who doesn\'t seem even that surprised as she had probably already seen things more rarer than these bundle of herbs.

"That would be a total of twenty five gold coins dear customer" the young lady said after she had carefully packed the herbs.

Michael hurriedly paid the young lady before leaving the building.

"Where the hell did you get a bundle of them? I heard they are pretty rare. One of those things are worth ten thousand gold coins or more in the market. Only buying but no one is selling them because they don\'t even have any stock of it"

Once they were outside the building, Viper asked Michael as he suddenly felt curious on how the hell did the brat in front of him got those, as he learned those things are considered very rare and one of the most sought herbs among the nobility because of their usefulness.

"Now, that\'s a business secret. You\'ll slowly learn about it" Michael smirk.

"F*ck off!" Viper snorted.

"I\'ll leave you alone now. I need to see someone this afternoon. Let\'s explore that dungeon tonight when I come back or maybe even earlier. I\'ll call you" Michael said to him, as he slowly disappeared.

"What?" Viper didn\'t manage to reach in time as he didn\'t expect that Michael would immediately log off of the game.

"Damn brat, just leaving me here in the get go" Viper coldly snorted, and then he mingled among the crowd of people and disappeared in the blink of an eye.


The gaming cabin opened as Michael stepped out of it.

Michael looked at the time, and saw that it was already in the middle of the day.


Michael looked at himself in front of the mirror and slapped his face, and said with a determined face, "Today...I\'ll tell Amanda that I like her"

Michael hurriedly went to the bathroom, brushed his teeth and took a hot bath before making himself presentable in front of the mirror.

Michael used a pomade on his hair and combed it towards the back of his head. He\'s wearing a charcoal black suit over a turtleneck shirt, a pair of black pants and black leather shoes.

He\'s current appearance oozes his manliness and handsome appearance, and he would certainly attract the attention of the ladies once he\'s outside, but those gangsters who would see him would certainly assumed he\'s some kind of a gang boss or something because of his current appearance that oozes danger.

Michael left his room and was immediately greeted by Tom who was heading towards the bathroom.

"This...the heck? You look amazing kiddo! Are you going on a date or something?" Tom halted in his steps, as his eyes widened in shock when he saw Michael\'s appearance, and quickly gave him a thumbs up.

"Somewhat along the line" Michael laughed then quickly made way for Tom as the latter needed to pee so bad.

Michael then walked towards the living room where Alice is looking at him with joy plastered on her face.

"You look amazing today son. I would have mistaken you as a supermodel if I didn\'t know who you are!"

"And are you finally getting me a daughter in-law?"

Alice laughed, as she stood before Michael and carefully fixed his suit.

Michael stiffened then smiled bitterly, "Let\'s hope so"

Then Tom came out of the bathroom and said to Michael, "Wait a bit lad, I\'ll give you something to look more cool than you already are"

Then he Tom went to their room, while Michael and Alice just looked at each other as they were curious at what Tom is planning to do.

A few moments later, Tom came out holding something in his hand, he stretched his arm towards Micahel and handed to thing in Michael\'s hands.

Michael looked at it and were surprised to see that it was a car key, "This...are you actually letting me use this car? But this one is your favorite"

Tom gave him a thumbs up and laughed heartily like an old man, "Only this time kiddo, and don\'t you dare leave a scratch on it!"

"Of course, I won\'t. I\'m not that dumb" Michael laughed, then quickly said his goodbyes to his parents before making his way to the underground parking lot and stood before a car.

"It\'s been a while since I\'ve drove a car like this," Michael said, as he looked at the car in front of him.

It was the new Ford GT - Carbon Series, whose cost is almost half a million dollars. Michael caressed the car before getting inside.

Michael quickly turned it on as the car brimmed to life!

Vroom! Vroom! Vroom!

The car immediately made its way out of the underground parking lot and arrived on the streets.

Michael quickly made his way towards the direction of Midnight Cafe, and the men who would see the Ford GT driving on the street would look at the car with envious and dreamy eyes, while some of the women has eyes that are full of curiosity towards the person who\'s driving it.

Sadly, they can\'t see the person inside because it was tinted.

Half an hour later, Michael arrived before Midnight Cafe, and the car quickly attracted the attention of the passersby and customers inside the cafe.

"Holy sh*t, it\'s the carbon series of the Ford GT! That thing is expensive!" a young man holding a car magazine looked at the car in admiration and envy.

Michael got out of the car, and his appearance quickly attracted the attention of the people around him.

"Oh my god, he\'s so handsome!" a girl wearing a high school uniform shrieked in admiration.

"Is he a model?"

"He must be! After all, he\'s so hot and handsome!"

"God! I\'m already feeling wet myself"

Michael just ignored them and walked inside the cafe, he looked around but didn\'t see Amanda anywhere, so he walked over to the female staff and asked.

"Is Amanda around?" Michael asked with a smile.

"Ahh..ye..I mean no, a man c-came here earlier looking for her and she followed them somewhere" the woman stuttered in reply while blushing in shyness, as she would only give Michael glances from time to time.

"Who was it?" Michael asked, as he suddenly had a bad feeling about it as he didn\'t miss the word "them" from the woman, and figure out the man wasn\'t alone.

Then the woman started describing the man who went with Amanda, and Michael\'s face slowly darkened when the woman was slowly describing the appearance of the man.

And it was someone he\'s very familiar with!

\'Jin!\' Michael thought as his eyes flashed with a cold gleam.

\'You finally can\'t wait anymore, and had the audacity to do it while the sun is still up huh!?\'

"Thank you miss" Michael smiled towards the woman before he hurriedly left the cafe and went back inside his car.

The woman just looked at his Michael\'s back with admiration and desire, and she wasn\'t alone.

Michael hurriedly opened his phone once he\'s inside his car, and opened something on his phone which quickly showed him a map grid on the phone screen and a red dot blinking in the middle, which was clearly a tracking GPS.

\'Jin, if something happens to Amanda. I swear I will torture you before killing you like the dog you are!\'


"Awesome, I wonder when I would also have a car like that" the same young man earlier who was holding a magazine mumbled in amazement as he watched the car sped away towards the distance.