Fate Online: Shadow - Chapter 16: Robbery

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Michael jog for an entire two kilometers before stopping beside gas station with a 7-eleven store beside it.

"Haa..haa...damn, I think...I\'m dying" Michael panted heavily on his knees.

Michael took a rest for a bit before walking towards a nearby bench from the road, and sat there, breathing raggedly.

"My body looks great outside, but suck inside" Michael complained about his body\'s physique.

"It\'s like having a top of the line software, but has a freaking 90\'s hardware! My stamina can\'t keep up at all" Michael said in between breaths.

Michael then opened the cap of the bottled water that he\'s been holding the entire time during the jog, and took a sip of water.

"Huh? The heck? Why are these things always happening wherever I\'m at? Did I get cursed or something? But that\'s impossible, I felt that I have so much luck today" Michael scratched his head as he stood up and headed towards the 7-eleven store, where a commotion is currently happening.


Inside the store.

"Give me all the cash in the register! Now!" a man in a ski mask threatened the cashier with the gun in his hand.

The cashier, a blonde haired woman just stood there frozen with fear written on her face.

"Hurry up or I will f*cking shoot you in the head b*tch!" he threatened once more, when he realized that the woman is not doing what he wants her to do.

While the few customers inside the store, cowered in fear in front of this robber as they didn\'t dare to do anything at all, while the only security guard of the store is lying unconscious on the ground.


"Y-yes! I\'m sorry! I\'ll d-do it now" the woman immediately opened the cash register and started stuffing the money inside the bag that the robber had thrown to her.


In this tense atmosphere, the sound of the store door opening rang.

The robber immediately turned around and was about to point his gun towards the person who just came in. But when he had just turned around, the first thing he saw was an almost full bottle of water flying towards his face.

*Smack!* *Bang!*

The man didn\'t expect to be attacked the moment he had just turned around, so he just shot blindly in front of him as he staggered backwards for a couple of steps

But then from out of nowhere, he suddenly felt a powerful impact on his gut, as he dropped his gun on the ground, and held his stomach as his eyes widened in pain as he slowly buckled in pain as he fell on the floor.

"Ack! Ack!" the man\'s face spasmed in pain as he laid there on the floor.

"At least my punch is powerful" he heard a voice above him, the man slowly looked up and what he saw was a foot crashing towards his head!


Then the robber immediately fell unconscious from the sudden attack.


"Everyone okay?" Michael looked at the people looking at him in shock with a huge smile on his face.

"Don\'t forget to call the police!" Michael said to the cashier, who just nodded dumbly as a reply.

Michael just smiled at her and turned around towards the exit.

"Ohh! I\'ll be taking this as a reward!" Michael shouted as he took an energy bar from a nearby shelf before waving them goodbye as he left the store.

And the people inside just watched him dumbly as he left, as they still happened recovered from the sudden change of events!

After all, the process of when Michael took down the robber was too fast for them that they didn\'t even notice that the ordeal is already long over.

After a few minutes, two police vehicles immediately came rushing over and the police arrested the robber.

When they learned about the events that just transpired from when the robber was taken down, they were incredibly shocked as even them, who had undergone arduous training wouldn\'t be able to do what Michael just did.

After all, there was at least a distance of over a ten meter distance between the door and counter.

So they just assumed that Michael is a passing soldier from the special forces of the army.

But after the incident that night, the police actually found out in shock that the arrested man was that notorious robber, called "Slick Bandit" who had targeted numerous stores from the last two years!

The police had never managed to arrest the guy, because he was as slippery as an eel in hiding his tracks from them, so for them to have finally captured this criminal is a huge achievement!

After all, the guy has a $10,000 bounty on his head, and it might look small for a reward for someone like him, but it\'s certainly big for an ordinary citizen, as the guy had at least robbed over 30 stores, either big or small before finally getting captured.

So an officer was sent to look at the security cameras of the store, as they wanted to identify Michael and give him a reward, and they identified him pretty fast.

After all, Michael even smiled at the security camera with a V-sign with his hand as he exited the store.

It might have looked uncool for someone like him, but it\'s totally understandable

In spite of everything, Michael is still a youth right now, and after what happened from his previous timeline, where he had never even fully experience his youthful years due to him always running for his life.

Where he should\'ve been going to clubs, meeting girls or having the fun of his life. Instead, he trained himself to its limit, he trained how to shoot a gun from the guns he had taken from his enemies, how to wield swords, daggers and everything.

Everything in that life of his, was full of dangers, the word peace in that time sounded truly rare for him.

So adding a little spice in this new opportunity in life of his, doesn\'t sound that bad at all.

So when they found out who he was, they were shocked because they were expecting an intimidating person who certainly came from the army, and instead, they met a well built young man still in his early twenties.

All matters aside, they rewarded him the money and he even appeared on the morning news.

But that...is a story for another time.


Retunring home, Michael immedaitely went straight to the shower, after the shower, he dressed himself.

And to wait for his hair to dry, Michael opened his old laptop and started browsing the news and discussions online which found helpful, entertaining and sometimes stupid.

Thiry minutes later.

Micheal plopped down on his bed, "Today was truly amazing"

"Hmm..I wonder what\'s new on the game tomorrow after the update is done"

"I also need to make some plans for my training tomorrow, and I\'m also gonna need some weapons, just in case something unexpected happens"

After thinking about the things he\'s gonna do for the next day, Michael then closed his eyes and slowly went to sleep.