Fate Online: Shadow - Chapter 159 - I’ll Bet A Thousand Dollars!

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When Emma turned around, she quickly noticed a man with a red headed woman hiding behind him as he confronted five nasty looking people whose arms are covered in multiple tattoos.

"Oh my, it\'s those guys again huh"

"Yeah, they never really get tired of trying to convince her to represent their boss in the court"

"Don\'t they know her rules? Only related to illegal drugs or murder because of self defense would she represent them, but I heard that their boss is being convicted for r.a.p.e and murder of an innocent woman"

"Who are those people?" Emma suddenly blurted out when she saw the scene happening before her.

"They are the men from the Black Tiger Group, it\'s a subordinate gang of Blackskull, so the police turns a blindeye to them even when they are causing a bit of trouble around, but this time some of their companions including their boss made a huge mistake by killing an innocent woman after raping her. They got arrested and the rest...well, it\'s what you\'re seeing right now. They are trying to get her to represent their people for the upcoming court hearing of their crimes in the coming three days. If someone like her who\'s famous as a defense lawyer in the city and even in the country won\'t help them, then the lot of them going to jail is already a fact, and even the notorious Blackskull Corporation won\'t be able to do anything" a blonde woman beside her said.

"Heh, shouldn\'t you say they probably wouldn\'t even care about them? As you already know young lady, Blackskull is a very notorious gang.They would kill anyone that gets in the way of their business, but even with that the police couldn\'t arrest them because these people are really covert in their actions that the police couldn\'t find a single clue that would lead towards their involvement"

"But even though they have a notorious reputation, unlike the other two. They still have their own principles, and that is to never hurt the innocent, women and children or families, more especially because of the grudges between the hostile groups. Then there\'s this group of bastards just went and broke the underworlds\' one and only golden rule. With how merciless that the person is, how do you think that this kind of troublesome people wasn\'t routed by the government yet? It was because of this golden rule they are still existing in this city, lest they get themselves killed" a physically fit bald headed man said with a laugh.

"You sound like you know a lot about them?" Emma said.

"Of course, because I\'m one of them after all, and the people who certainly hates us the most are those rich people in the country, hahaha!" the man laughed proudly and that he even showed her his black skull tattoo at the side of his neck, while some of the people around them showed their undisguised scorn towards him.

"Ohh..I see" Emma said, her face was displeased for a second before it went away that the man didn\'t even notice, but Amanda who was just standing near her certainly saw that.

Emma didn\'t say anything anymore as she just watched was happening in front of her, while Harrison and Rick slowly appeared beside her.

"Randy, it\'s fine. I\'ll handle it" said worriedly by Olivia who\'s standing behind Viper, whose real name is Randy Woods.

"Just let me handle this. I got this" Viper said with a huge grin on his face, and those people among the crowd who knows him scoffed at his actions.

\'Che, showing off in front of your woman, huh\' Genesis thought while he downed the entire wine from his glass.

\'Get wreck, you bastard\' Circle cursed inside, while he crushed the egg that he was holding in his hand.

\'It\'s certainly good to be young\' Robin chuckled.

\'This people are so dumb\' Tony thought.

\'At least the party became interesting with this\' Miya thought with a laugh.

"Should we help?" someone whispered among the crowd.

"Let\'s watch and see first" someone replied with wariness in their voice.

\'Cowards\' Jenny and Amanda thought at the same time when they heard the people whispering beside them.

"Aren\'t you gonna do something?" Amanda whispered to Jenny who had just came over.

"No, I have this hunch that the person over there is not something to be looked down upon, and besides, someone already called the police, so they will probably be here in two minutes or three" Jenny said in a low voice, as she gestured towards Tina who was calling someone on her phone.

Amanda didn\'t say anything after that and just watch the scene unfold, and even though she wanted to help. She doesn\'t know him enough yet to risk her well being for him.

Tony looked at the two girls with interest in her eyes.

"You should come with us and let us have a talk about the thing that we want from you. We don\'t want to cause a scene here" one of the men ignored Viper and tried to reach his hand out towards Olivia.

The man was about to grab one of Olivia\'s arms when a shadow flashed, and held the man\'s wrist.

"Aren\'t you bastards already causing a scene here, and who the hell gave you permission to touch her?" Viper\'s cold voice beside the man\'s ear, and then the man suddenly felt something wrapping around his waist, and everything happened so fast that the only thing he remembered after that is being lifted from the ground, to getting himself slammed to the ground on his back.

Then there was utter silence as they looked at the shocking scene in front of them, as they didn\'t expect that Viper would suddenly attack like that, and that even the other four mobsters were so stunned that they weren\'t able to do anything immediately as they just stood there and watched as one of them got slammed on the ground.

"German Suplex" Dylan murmured in amazement, as he and the other spectators watched as Viper slowly stood up from the ground.

Olivia covered her mouth in shock as she wasn\'t expecting for her boyfriend to suddenly struck like that. After all, she only envisioned that there would only be a battle of words between them, as she knew that they wouldn\'t dare to hurt her, especially with the crowd of people around them.

"I bet a thousand bucks that he would beat the shit out of all of them" Michael suddenly appeared beside Amanda, which startled the latter that she even backed away from him.

"Then I\'ll go against you, he would get wrecked by them for a thousand dollars!" Rick immediately said the moment he heard Michael, and at the same time, he was laughing inside that he would certainly triumph over Michael this time.

After all, Viper was only able to knock the man down on the ground because he sneaked attack him, and now that he\'s facing four people who knows that Viper could fight, then they would certainly jumped at him at the same time without giving Viper any chance to fightback.

"Then I\'ll bet a thousand dollars that he would beat them all up" Dylan quickly walked over and made his bet when he heard the commotion happening around him, and then people suddenly started becoming interested about it and gave their own bets between the two, and the remaining party crashers are watching them with livid expressions.