Fate Online: Shadow - Chapter 155 - Oh My God! What The Freak Just Happened!?

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"Emma and the others didn\'t know the place for the party tonight, so I told them that we would meet them first in front of the City Mall before heading towards your friends place for the party" Tina said with a laugh, as she put on her seatbelt.

"It\'s a house..warming party, not a freaking \'party\' but a housewarming party, okay?" Michael said darkly, as he is worried that Genesis and the others... well maybe just Genesis though.

It was because that guy has a tendency to show off when there\'s a crowd of people around him, a testament of it is when he was still active as a rockstar.

"Sure..sure, a housewarming party. Let\'s just go" Tina said.

Michael drove towards the direction of the nearby mall called City Mall, which is just more or less than three kilometers away from their neighborhood.

\'I hope nothing unexpected or big happens tonight\' Michael thought, as he is also worried that the assassin that Jin had hired would make its move tonight.

\'If he does, I will make sure that he won\'t see the next sunrise ever again\'

Michael\'s eyes flashed with a malicious glint while he listened to the chatter of the two siblings inside the car.

Ten minutes later.

"Ohh, there! That\'s Emma\'s car!"

Michael and the rest finally arrived in front of the City Mall, where Tina immediately saw a parked black Dodge Ram Tungsten at the parking lot of the mall, and parked beside it is an arrogant looking red Maserati GranTurismo Sport.

"That\'s her car? That\'s not very ladylike" Michael was a bit surprised as he was expecting that her car would at least be a little girly like a… Mini Cooper Clubman?

"Yup, she likes this kinds of cars" Tina said while she sent a text to Emma, then said to Michael, "Just park beside the road, I\'ll go get them"

Michael did as he was told and parked beside the road, just a few meters away from Emma and the rest.

"Don\'t wait for me, I\'ll be going with them" Tina said, and she immediately got out of the car and ran towards towards the direction of the parking lot when the road in front of her is free of passing cars.

"Awesome right? A girl with a personality like hers actually likes that kind of cars" Dylan said to Michael, while looking at his phone as he browse through the catalog of items posted for sale in the auction site of Fate Online.

"Yeah" Michael said, his voice sounded like a whisper that Dylan barely heard him.

"Ohh, I just remembered. How come I can\'t call or even send you a message earlier inside the game?" Michael turned towards Dylan when he suddenly remembered that he can\'t contact him earlier even though Dylan is still inside the game.

"Ohh..about that. It would be a surprise when we meet again later in the game, hahaha!" Dylan laughed heartily as he remembered what happened earlier.

"Yeah right, you probably encountered something good and just doesn\'t want to tell me the goodies you got" Michael scoffed.

"Kekeke, you\'ll be in for a shock when you see me again buddy"

"Ohh, they\'re coming"

Dylan laughed, and then saw the two cars heading towards them from the opposite direction.

The Dodge Ram Tungsten with the Maserati behind it stopped on the roadside on the opposite side of the road.

Michael rolled down his window and looked at Emma who\'s on the driver seat waving at him along with Casey on the passenger side, and with Tina on the backseat again.

"We\'ll follow behind you!" Emma shouted.

"Okay!" Michael yelled back, and nodded at Harrison who is driving the Maserati with Rick beside him.

Michael then took a U-Turn and headed towards the direction of the mansion where the party would be held tonight.


"Hey, I head from Tina that Emma has thing towards you"

While driving along the road, Dylan suddenly said something to Michael which startled him a bit that it caused the car to swerve slightly from left to right.

"The heck are you talking about? The girl is still in senior high" Michael snorted.

"So? The girl had just turned nineteen over a month ago, and there\'s only over two months left before they would start attending college. Emma is a beauty, she might be flirty on the outside but guess what I "heard" when Tina and her friends had a sleepover at our place?" Dylan said as he suddenly a mischievous grin on his face.

"What?" Michael asked, but never took his eyes off the road.

Dylan suddenly grinned widely and whispered towards Micheal\'s ears with enticement.

"She\'s still a v.i.r.g.i.n bro"

"Seriously? But I heard she\'s really popular among her peers" Michael acted shock on the outside while snickering inside.

\'Of course she would still be a v.i.r.g.i.n, anyone that lays their hands on her would suffer the consequences\'

Michael thought, and at the same time he had already noticed earlier that there\'s two unassuming cars following behind them from just a bit of distance from them, whom are probably the guards sent by Emma\'s dad to protect her from any danger.

"Of course she\'s popular, but she never had a boyfriend so far throughout her high school years"

"You never know, she might even become your girlfriend tonight if you take this chance" Dylan said as he tried to cajole him into it.

"Why don\'t you just do it yourself, you jerk" Michael snorted towards him.

Dylan shrugged his shoulders and said with a chuckle, "Hey, I would man, but...she\'s Tina\'s best friend and that\'s a bad idea for me but a great endeavour for you!"

"Shut up, Emma is an awesome girl, but I don\'t like her and besides, I already have someone I like"

Dylan scoffed when heard him and said, "Yeah right, if she strips n.a.k.e.d in front of you right now, you would probably f*** her right there and then"

Michael didn\'t say anything to what Dylan had just said, because he himself wouldn\'t know what would happen if that really happens.

After all, he\'s still a young man with a lot of "energy to spend", and Emma is thicc especially in the chest area and Michael wouldn\'t know if he would turn into a beast or not if what Dylan had just said would happen.

"Cat got your tongue?" Dylan laughed when he noticed that Michael isn\'t talking anymore.

"Shut up man" Michael said, a bit irritated.

And Dylan just chuckled.


The girls are also having their own talk.

"Tina, the place where we\'re headed. Have you been there before?" Emma asked.

"Ohh that, you can say that. Remember the place that I told you guys before where I worked as a house sitter last summer break?" Tina said, as she remembered that she did once went there before as a house sitter for the place with her brother during the recent summer break.

"Ohh, it\'s that mansion you were talking about before" Casey said, as she remembered that Tina had told them about that place during their lunch break in their school.

"Yep" Tina said.

"So Michael\'s family are actually somewhat rich huh? That explains why he\'s driving an Urus" Emma said, her voice weirdly felt relieved for some sort.

"They are, our old folks are actually pretty close with each other as we would even go their place for christmas sometimes, and sometimes it\'s also the other way around"

"And remember that famous Wood\'s Gym not that far away from our school? His parents are the owners of that place"

Tina practically said a lot of things about them, and she didn\'t even see that weird look that flashed for an instant on Emma\'s face before her expression went back to normal.

"Ohh! I love that place! They all have every equipment there that I would always go there during the weekend" Casey said in surprise as she turned towards Tina.

After that, Tina and Casey started talking with each other on many different subjects. Ninety percent of those are mostly about the game, while the rest of it are all girl talks, and Emma would butt in from time to time wearing that contemplating look on her face that makes her look like she\'s currently thinking a lot of complicated things.

\'We\'ll that complicates a lot of things. I didn\'t know those two are his parents even though it was known that they didn\'t have any children, so it\'s either that Michael is adopted or they had really hid him well from "their" prying eyes\'

At the same time.

"I suddenly feels like this isn\'t a good idea all of a sudden" Rick suddenly blurted it out from out of nowhere.

"The heck are you talking about? It\'s just a housewarming party, what could possibly go wrong?" Harrison scoffed at him.

"I don\'t know, I just suddenly had this feeling that something big is going to happen tonight," Rick said, as he just suddenly had this feeling that something big would happen tonight.

"Yeah right, you always do this everytime we go out at night and nothing happens" Harrison snorted at him.

"Come one man, this is no laughing matter!" Rick said with a raised voice.

"Shut up, or I\'ll kick you out of this car!"

"But this is my car!"

"Yeah, but I\'m the one who\'s driving, so what I say goes! Stupid!"


A couple of hours later.

"Oh my god! What the heck just freaking happened!?" Harrison yelled in horror.