Fate Online: Shadow - Chapter 137 - The Night King!

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"Girl, do you want to become my student?"

[The Night King, the current King of Assassins - Dawn has offered you to become his student!]

[Will you accept or decline?]

"Huh?" Amanda immediately jumped backwards when she noticed that someone had suddenly appeared before her, and that the Level 30 High Orc [Elite] is even cowering in fear while releasing some strange sounds.


"Annoying pig" Dawn or Marcus snorted, annoyed at the squealing Orc behind him as a shadow suddenly darted out from his shadows and killed the High Orc[Elite] in one blow and started devouring its corpse.

It was a monster with a lion\'s body, a pair of bat like wings and a scorpion like tail!

A Manticore!

Amanda quickly knocked an arrow and pointed it towards the cloaked figure in front of her, as a swirling frost started spinning before the tip of her arrow.

\'Is this person scheming something? Why would a powerful NPC suddenly appear out of nowhere and asked me to become his student? I\'m not even an Assassin!\' Amanda thought, as she never dared to lower her guard and she already steeled herself to fight to the death, no matter how powerful the person in front of her is.

Her wariness towards the person in front of her wasn\'t unfounded. It was because she had managed to acquire an ancient or just an old book from inside a dungeon before, where it had a list of the most powerful people on the continent, and where their feats are listed below their names, including even the actions or events that made them infamous.

The cloaked figure in front of her is infamous for kidnapping women,men and children! There was even a log on the book describing that any women that got taken by him were turned into her s.e.x slaves!

While the men that got taken away were turned into working slaves or sold into slavery!

The commoners had even given him the moniker, The Shadow Stalker!

Of course, they didn\'t know that it was actually the most powerful and notorious assassin that was behind those events before, and they just thought that it was some sly criminal that had never been apprehend until now!

But those were just some things that happened from a long time ago and were just unfounded rumors among the nobility! In fact, they even didn\'t know that those people that disappeared before were actually his wives, daughters, sons and grandchildren!

He isn\'t some deranged individual that would just kidnap someone innocent or else...he\'d invite the wrath of the other Sages, and he only did those because he wanted them together in one place which resulted in a large family of twenty people.

And the result of that event had created a notorious and powerful family full of assassins..The Wainwright Family!

And other than the Sages, the people who truly knows the reason behind it are the Hermits and the rulers of the empires and kingdoms in the continent.

While the book that Amanda had gotten had clearly came from either a commoner or a noble that doesn\'t know the full extent of the story, and that\'s the reason why she has the impression that the person behind her would kidnap her and turn her into her own personal "s.e.x slave".

"Hahaha, how hostile you are towards me young lady. Don\'t worry, I didn\'t come here with bad intentions, and as I told you earlier, I am here to ask you if you are interested to become my student?" Marcus laughed while he took off his hood and revealed his appearance before Amanda.

[The Night King, the current King of Assassins - Dawn has once again offered you to become his student!]

[Will you accept or decline?]

"Yeah...says someone who had kidnapped a lot of people before" Amanda snorted, and once again declined the offer.

"Hahaha, so it was because of something that happened a long time ago!" Marcus laughed heartily, like he had just heard the biggest joke ever.

"It was a long time ago, but that doesn\'t exempt you from the crime that you have committed! For god\'s sake, you\'re even a Sage!" Amanda shouted fearlessly, but she\'s clearly nervous just by the fact that her face and hands are already having cold sweat.

\'Kekeke, this lass is really brave that\'s she\'s not even afraid of shouting at me even though she\'s clearly nervous and scared right now. She must really have a high mental fortitude that she\'s not even succ.u.mbing to my presence. She\'s very similar to Shadow, maybe even better! Hahaha!\' Marcus thought inside, as the inner him is very pleased with the good seedling in front of him.

"Relax little lass, those people are my wives and descendants. Isn\'t it very normal for me to take them away?" Marcus laughed while shaking his head helplessly, and raised both of his hands up in the air.

"Oh really? It seems I misunderstood you then" Amanda laughed embarrassed, but then her eyes turned sharp as her face became really dark, "Did you think I\'m an idiot old man!?"


Amanda yelled and released her fingers on her arrow, as the frost covered arrow flew towards Marcus with a speed that doesn\'t lose out to a bullet flying out of a gun barrel!

"Good, good!" Marcus laughed as one of his hands suddenly turned into a blur and caught the arrow in front of his face, the arrow was just a few inches away from striking his face.

"Tsk!" Amanda clicked her tongue and once again shot an arrow towards Marcus, but this time, the arrow is covered in lightning.

But halfway through, Marcus suddenly into blur and appeared on the trajectory of the arrow. His speed was so fast that everything around him is moving in slow motion!

He lightly flicked the tip of the arrow upwards with his finger, and it resulted in the arrow changing its course and shot towards the skies.

"Too slow!" Marcus yelled and quickly appeared in front of Amanda, he grabbed one of her wrist and pulled her towards him, and quickly turned his back towards her and threw her onto the ground.


Amanda got slammed on the ground, which took a chunk of her health and stunned her for three seconds.

\'What the heck!? Aren\'t you an assassin? Why are you suddenly using a Judo Throw!?\' Amanda thought with disbelief as she didn\'t expect how versatile the NPCs of this game.

"So...are you interested in becoming my student now?" Marcus stood before her and laughed triumphantly!

[The Night King, the current King of Assassins - Dawn has offered you to become his student for the third time already!]

[Will you accept or decline?]

\'Talk about bullying the weak!\' Amanda gritted her teeth in anger, but she didn\'t do anything other than getting angry as she know that she wouldn\'t be able to do anything if he really decides to kill her.

"But can a Huntress even become an Assassin?"

Still lying on the ground, Amanda asked as she can\'t wrap her head around the idea of an assassin using a bow.

"Of course! An assassin is someone who should be able to make everything around him into a weapon! Even a tiny fragile tree branch will become a dangerous weapon once an assassin uses it!"

If Michael could hear him, then he would also agree with Marcus\' view. It was because you can only call yourself a legit assassin if you\'re able to turn anything within your reach into a deadly weapon!

Even a pencil would become deadly once an assassin gets ahold of it!

"Okay! I\'ll do it!" Amanda suddenly gritted her teeth in anger when she remembered how the player called Shadow had played her before!

[You have accepted the Night King\'s offer!]

[You are now the Night King\'s student!]

Acquire Title: Night King\'s Third Student!

"Hahaha! Good! Good! Good!" Marcus laughed happily than he even shouted good three times.

\'Hehehe, let\'s see who will have the better student the next time we meet Laura!\'

\'Shadow! The next time we meet, will be the time that I\'m stronger than you and will kill you!\'

The two people clearly had different goals in their minds.


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