Fate Online: Shadow - Chapter 135 - Undercurrents (1)

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In a remote corner of the continent, inside a deep dark cave where the only source of light are the fire torches mounted on the walls.

There is an altar of what seemed like a Demon with three horns on its head, smiling as it showed those razor sharp teeth, and in front of the altar is a round table where there six chairs surrounding the table and with six hooded figures sitting on their own respective seats.

"Is that information reliable?"one of the hooded figures said with a very deep voice.

"Of course, don\'t underestimate my information network" said another figure, her voice sounded seductive and alluring.

"Hahaha! One more year, and that old bastard will die! The remaining human sages and the so called Dragon Master wouldn\'t be able to stop us by then! When he dies, most of the Nevareth Continent will be ours!"

"But the Dragon Emperor had already gone mad and started a mad hunt on our fellow brethren, and now the casualties has already amounted to hundreds. Now, our brethren are very much afraid during this time that they had already holed up deep below the ocean, afraid that they would be the next target of the Dragon Emperor"

"It\'s fine, no wars are won without sacrifices! Their deaths wouldn\'t be in vain when Nevareth becomes ours! All hail the Sea Tribe!"

"Hahaha! All hail the Sea Tribe!"

"All hail!""All hail!""All hail!"

If someone were to see this scene, then they would notice that all of them are not humans just by looking at their exposed hands.

At another corner of the continent.

On top of the peak of the tallest mountain, there is a humble abode, like a getaway cabin and there are six family insignias fluttering along the wind.

One of them is a Four Leaf Clover that is dyed green, an insignia of the well known Herb Hunter, Sage Laura.

Followed by a Dragon with its wings stretched out, the coat of arms of the Dragon Tribe, a tribe of land dragons, which is dyed in gold.

Then there\'s a Hammer striking an anvil, which is the insignia symbolizing the Blacksmith Sage who is at the same time a powerful warrior. The hammer and the anvil are both dyed black while the sparks are dyed in gold.

Another one is a crossed arms wrapped in a cloth and with one hand holding a lightning bolt and the other hand has a magic circle. A very prominent coat of arms in the Combat Arena and to all warriors in the continent.

After all, the man behind this coat of arms is recognized as the most powerful warrior in the continent called the Battle Sage.

The arms are dyed black and white, while the lightning bolt is golden and the magic circle is dyed in blue.

Then there\'s the Dragon Master Hiccup\'s insignia, a combination of his and a dragon\'s face. It includes his viking helmet and a dragons teeth, which are dyed red. He\'s also a powerful close combat wizard or commonly known as a Combat Wizard.

And the last coat of arms is a Solar Eclipse, with half of the moon covering half of the sun. The side of the moon is covered in darkness while the side of the sun is covered in its shining light.

This particular insignia is owned by an assassin known as Dawn, who lurks in both light and darkness. Among them, he\'s the least famous as the only people who are aware of him are the royalties and some high ranking nobles, but even with that, he\'s the one they fear the most.

After all, he could easily kill them without them even knowing how they died.

And inside the cabin are just simple house decorations with a large round table in the middle of the house with six chairs around it, and the headrest of those chairs are the engraved insignias or coat of arms of those respective figures.

And there\'s an engraved map of Nevareth Continent on the table along with its surrounding islands.

On the six chairs, all of them are occupied except for the chair that has the coat of arms of the Dragon Tribe.

"The Dragon Emperor isn\'t here, is it true that he\'s already reaching the end of his lifespan?" said a man around mid fifties with viking like hair and a huge beard. He looks old but his body certainly is not, as he looks like a small bodybuilder with his small stature.

His name is Ralgur Brewbender, considered a legend among the dwarven kingdom and also their former king.

"Yes, he only has a year left of his three thousand year lifespan. That\'s why he\'s been out in the ocean hunting down those monsters from the Sea Tribe, trying to breakthrough to the next realm" Sage Laura replied, her voice tinge with worry.

Much like players who could level up by slaying monsters, the same concept also applies to the NPCs. They could level up or breakthrough the next level by hunting monsters, but their levels aren\'t calculated by numbers and instead by the color of their mana, starting from Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Cyan, Azure, Indigo, White, then Gold, and the realms or grades are Third Class, Second Class, First Class, Expert or Hidden Class, Master Class, Legendary Class, Hermit, Sage, then Demigod respectively.

"The Demigod realm? It would be hard, no one had managed to become a demigod for ten thousand years now. Can\'t you do something about it? After all, you\'re also an accomplished Alchemist. I don\'t believe that you don\'t have something that could increase someone\'s lifespan?" said a red haired man around early to mid forties.

He\'s Dragon Master Hiccup, he has a tall and well built stature, has a pair of sharp eyes and eyebrows, along with a spiky red hair. His current attire could only be described in one word..Viking! He has an armor made up mostly of leather, and animal fur along with a leather cape.

He\'s a resident of a small island kingdom in the north called...Isle of Skrova or just Skrova.

"Of course, I could concoct a longevity potion but I\'ll need at least three drops of the Spring of Life and a leaf of the World Tree, and we won\'t be able to get those unless we risk a war with the night elves" said Laura while shaking her head.


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