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The spear that Yu IlHan threw and the dragon’s flames met, causing a small explosion. Purple and black flames intertwined before dissipating in all directions as the dragon shouted in surprise.

[You blocked my curse flame!?]

“Thank for telling me your attribute.”

Yu IlHan’s figure shot into the exploding flames. The dragon,too, shot upwards trying to devour him!

Soon, Yu IlHan, who had come close enough to see the pores on its face, became pale after sensing the tens of layers of protective magic that covered the dragon’s entire body. Its mana reserve was frightening compared to the other dragons.

However, he wouldn’t have started the fight without the confidence to win.

“Open your mouth wide!”

Just before clashing head on, Yu IlHan took out a level 199 dragonkin corpse underneath his feet. It was a special dragonkin with a relatively small body and razor-sharp scales, as if it was saying ‘please use me as a weapon after killing me’.


It changed into a more frightening bullet than anything when Yu IlHan applied weight transfer on it, causing the corpse to shoot straight down towards the black dragon.

[No way, without any signs……!]

It seemed to have prepared for it as it was already attacked by it once, but perhaps due to not knowing the mechanisms of Yu IlHan’s Cross Bag, it failed to counter it.

It urgently put on some defense magic, but a knife-covered cannonball weighing a million tons ripped apart all defensive magic the moment it collided and shot into the mouth of the black dragon.

[Critical Hit!]


Right after that, Yu IlHan landed on its nose; with his Black bone giant spear in his hands, and after having transferred weight to the sole of his boots! Even though dragons were called the lord of mana, they wouldn’t be able to endure a million tons of weight on top of them like it was nothing.

“Was it tashty? A little prickly, no?”

[Khaaaa, I will kill you!]

2nd taunt success! Yu IlHan had a marvelous ability to make any dragon, no matter how grand their entrances were, flip their eyes within 5 minutes just like any other 3rd class dragonkin!

However, that was the moment of change.

[I will tell you the true meaning of the name granted unto us, dragon!]

The dragon, which was inflicted with numerous wounds in the process of catching(?) a million tonnes with its mouth, roared while emitting mana so thick that it could fill the skies.

That wasn’t something that could be insulted as ‘idiotic’, as the mana it emitted was generating a kind of magic space with the dragon as the center. It was a large scale magic which Yu IlHan couldn’t even dream of right now, as he had barely began using mana.

“My body feels kinda stiff.”

[It’s temporarily subjugating the surrounding space!] (Erta)

It was no different from a type of barrier – It would allow it to read all movements of enemies inside the barrier, and also allow it to change the mana in the atmosphere into the magic it wants at any time.

Although it wasn’t overwhelming to the point of the Hourglass of Eternity, which froze time inside the barrier, it was overwhelming in regards to utility in battle!

This wasn’t something any dragon could use. Like what Erta feared from the start, it was definitely a leader-class! Her voice slightly shuddered.

[That dragon…… is dangerous. Perhaps it gained the possibility of becoming a higher existence!] (Erta)

“That’s not much. I have it too.”

[Huh? You’re right.] (Erta)

Erta ended up accepting it! However, regardless of that, the situation was still very dangerous.

[Take a good look with your eyes, this may as well be the last scenery you see in your life!]

Last time, the black dragon Karrows had panicked, saying that Yu IlHan’s attacks didn’t have any signs, but Yu IlHan’s attack was nothing compared to what he was seeing right now.

The mana that filled the air – all of it was changing into black flames simultaneously. If it was inside the barrier, then there were no exceptions. It was as comparable to a drop of ink spreading throughout a glass of clean water – beautiful, and quick!

The entire barrier was stained in black. No one would be able to interfere.


Yu IlHan, who was thrown into the scene where it seemed like hell was being summoned in mid-air, ended up making a hollow laugh.

He had no intentions on looking down on the dragon’s power; and he had dodged and concealed himself while attacking, and felt like it was a battle; but now, although within a limited amount of space, it felt as if the world was trying to kill him.

[Why don’t you try blocking this flame! With your prized shields!]

No wonder the dragon was confident. Unless Yu IlHan had any methods to exit the barrier, he would be devoured by the endless amount of mana; by the magic containing the power of ‘flames’ and ‘curses’!

No matter how strong, or secretive, or whatever one maybe, one would not be able to escape from being molten down in the absolute power of the two attributes!

[The skill, Higher Curse Resistance, has become level 20. You can now resist a larger variety of curses.]

But unfortunately for the dragon, Yu IlHan was someone who possessed both fire attribute resistance and curse resistance.

“That’s some nice skill grinding!”

[Khak!? How?, you!?}

While the flames harboring a strong curse assaulted Yu IlHan, he didn’t lose his center of gravity and endured while deflecting everything he could before he struck downwards with all his strength.

The spear covered in purple flames that did not lose their strength despite the assaulting black flames and pierced through the dragon’s nose and left a deep wound.

[Critical Hit!]

[The skill, Higher Curse Resistance, has become level 21.]

It seemed that the compensation for keeping this barrier up made the dragon’s movements dull, as even though the flames were wildly assaulting Yu IlHan, its real body was not showing much movement. This was something good for Yu IlHan.

He bit on the cheer pack he summoned with the remote collection function, and sucked on Breath, while striking down with his spear repeatedly. one in three hits were critical so it was only a matter of time until a huge tunnel was dug on the dragon’s face.

[Critical Hit!]

[Critical Hit!]

[Ugh, how!]

However, the dragon forgot that a construction scene was taking place on its face, due to the shock of Yu IlHan holding out within the flames, and asked.

[How can you endure my fire at my full strength!?]

“That’s a secret!”

Even though it would be fine if he told the secret, Yu IlHan didn’t leak the secret in order to make the dragon more enraged.

Karrows, who would never imagine that the reason why Yu IlHan could hold out was merely because of high fire attribute resistance and the skill, Higher Curse Resistance, called out more black flames as if to collapse the entire barrier, to attack Yu IlHan, but the person in question endured till the end. Higher Curse Resistance levelled up again.

[Yu IlHan, the barrier will break soon! I can sense a different movement of mana from the dragon!]

“Got it.”

Despite not being able to help him directly with magic, Erta told Yu IlHan the time and the quality of the magic that the opponent used, and thanks to that, Yu IlHan had an easier time switching attack patterns.

Instead of many light but fast jabs, he used a heavy straight!


Yu IlHan activated one skill; the skill that used half of his mana even after his mana pool had increased by a large amount thanks to Reta! At that moment, a change was brought about to the spear that had purple flames burning on it. A small spark of flame that would remain well hidden from a glance appeared on the tip of the spearhead.

What was there to hide, that was the active skill, Blaze, the sole active skill of a Blazing Reaper.

[Hup!? This aura is!?]

Blaze was, as expected, something that ate up quite a lot of mana. If he did not absorb the mana dwelling within the magic formation of the elven empire, he would have had to retire after a single use!

Moreover, the skill duration was absurdly short, so it was something that wasted mana and life force if he did not attack quickly after using it.

However, if he somehow managed to succeed in attacking within that timeframe, Blaze would burn hotter than any other flame and incinerate everything. It displayed power that made one wonder whether it would be able to incinerate the soul itself.

On top of this, there were two more elements that enhanced the skill.

First, was the life force used to activate Blaze, so if the level of the life force used was higher, than the power of Blaze would increase as well.

Since Yu IlHan had called out the life force he collected from a level 225 dragon to activate Blaze, the power was indisputable.

Second was that Blaze would evolve to contain other characteristics by mixing with other flames. The flames here, was of course the purple flames from the Black bone giant spear!

At this moment, the faint flame that was a deep crimson redder than blood, mixed with the purple flames, creating a black flame even darker than the curse flame that was trying to assault Yu IlHan.

Yu IlHan gripped the spear with both of his hands that were strengthened to the limit with Superhuman Strength, and shot it into one of the tunnels he dug!

[Critical Hit!]

[The skill, Blaze, has become level 4.]


[Yu IlHan!] (Erta?)

The barrier ended up dissolving due to the shock.

The curse flames that assaulted Yu IlHan all disappeared at once, and Yu IlHan started free-falling towards the ground while clinging onto the black dragon.

[Ugh, Khaaak! Kyaha!]


At one point, the black dragon’s body seemed to emit brilliant light, before it started decreasing in size. Naturally, the spear embedded deep inside its body was pushed out, and Yu IlHan, who was standing on its body with the help of his million ton boots, started falling down towards the ground without a foot hold.

However, it was fortunate that he could cancel weight transfer before his leg bones shattered to smithereens.

“Wow, I was about to die there.”

[That’s why, don’t do anything dangerous!] (Erta)

Although it was a very short moment, his legs went wrong somewhere due to the effect of the enormous weight. He used all his Rest Energy to activate Transcendent Regeneration and spun his body in the air.

When he did, he could see the figure of the dragon that was falling above him.

“Hey, that guy’s…”

[So polymorph was what it was preparing for.] (Erta)

He wondered why the volume was suddenly decreasing, but it turned out the dragon was activating polymorph magic that changed its appearance to another race, and one that was exclusive to only the true dragons amongst dragonkin. Also, it looked like an elf.

[In fact, dragons can only gain their true dragon appearance upon level 200, or adult forms, so low level dragons actually feel more familiar with their polymorph periods…… But why now?] (Erta)

“Then, what are 3rd class dragonkin?”

[It’s easier if you think it like this. 3rd class dragonkin have an opportunity to become a true dragon according to the records they’ve achieved when acquiring 4th class, but pure-blooded dragons are dragons from the moment they’re born.] (Erta)

So, dragons born with mud spoons in their mouths and dragons born with gold spoons in their mouths are differentiated. And that black guy is a golden spoon amongst golden spoons!

Yu IlHan confronted the black-haired elf that finished transforming and was shooting down straight towards him. There was still a lot of distance until the ground, and the two kept falling. (T/N: So, all that convo happened in mid-air)

[I wiiiiiillllllll kiiiiiiiillllll youuuuuuuuuuu!]

Polymorphing did not get rid of the wounds that Yu IlHan inflicted. It was healing itself with the unique healing powers of dragons, but it was impossible to heal the wound made with the black flame, the combination of Blaze and purple flames, in the first place!

The figure of Karrows with its half of its face, starting from the neck, molten, was truly frightening.

[Yu IlHan, I can sense signs of spatial transfer!] (Erta)


It wasn’t so scary when the dragons teleported with their enormous bodies, but when considering that it may be able to freely control the elven body, it was quite a scary technique. (T/N: So, big body = dull movements, elven body = nimble)

Yu IlHan gripped onto his spear and concentrated. Yu IlHan also had a great ability in sensing mana. In order to counterattack from whichever direction it app…….!



However, immediately after that, the dragon-elf appeared just below his armpits. In order to prevent Yu IlHan from attacking with the spear with a long reach, it moved right next to him!

Even Yu IlHan was surprised when the dragon ambushed him that used the proper characteristics of the magic, as he thought that it would helplessly die under his spear.


However, the moment it gathered all its strength and struck towards Yu IlHan,

a giant blade protruded out from Yu IlHan’s armpit area and pierced through its head.


[You have earned 3,534,102,009 experience.]

[You have earned the record of Lv 242 Cursed Dragon.]

The dragon made an expression of disbelief until the very end, but the solution was quite simple.

The blade ejection option on Yu IlHan’s armor activated the moment Yu IlHan realized its position, and he coated it with the power of his active skill, Blaze!

“Fuu, I knew this would happen so I practiced activating blaze on my armor-blades secretly in battle. I’m such a genius.”

[Yeah, yeah. You just be genius.] (Erta)

This man used the options of his equipment properly in decisive moments so Erta couldn’t retort! Thinking that, Erta looked at Yu IlHan, who was collecting the corpse of Karrows, when she suddenly felt a ripple and opened her mouth reflexively.

[Yu IlHan, wat……] (Erta)

[Watch out!] (Lecidna)

Before Erta could complete her words, Lecidna flew towards him and struck Yu IlHan into the air. Yu IlHan, who helplessly flew into the air due to the full powered charge of a dragon that controlled wind, turned his sight to see why he had to be struck away…

[Kauuuu!] (Lecidna)

[Tch, you really are a persistent woman.] (???)

… and could see a dragon that he hadn’t seen in battlefield before, biting on Lecidna’s neck.

[I ended up casting my shell off. Dammit, bitch.] (???)

As Yu IlHan had predicted in the beginning, there was a true leader of the dragons that was NOT Karrows.

Just that, there was one thing that Yu IlHan hadn’t predicted…

[Well, I can only try to deceive him now.] (???)

“…….Hah, this is insane.”

… which was that the true boss of the dragons that Yu IlHan had met, possessed monstrous strength to the point that all of Yu IlHan’s insurances and luck would be useless against it.

Author’s notes

There maybe some who have realized future plot after seeing the characteristics or the ability of Blaze.

Yu IlHan’s mental mentor is Deadpool. (T/N: Haven’t watched…)

If you thought of ‘unique barriers’ setting from the Japanese general contents company, TYPE-MOON, then you’re correct. Honestly, I did refer to it a little. (T/N: Again, I don’t know any of this)

To explain in more detail about dragons, baby dragons are level 1. Their birth rates are extremely low, and aren’t allowed out until they become adults so it is very hard to meet baby dragons.

The true boss appears! However, Yu IlHan’s predictions were off by exactly half! Just what is its level!? And what will happen to Yu IlHan! Will he run away like this! Just what does it mean by ‘casting the shell off’?

Translator’s notes


EVERYBODY gets 5 stat bonuses on their level ups. Their starting point maybe different tho, like, a child would have less stats than a bodybuilder.

Also, although there’s no mention of this in this series, an average person would have all-ten stats (perhaps excluding magic), if we go with what I saw in his previous two series.

MC’s starting stats in EER was around 80 smth (was it?), meaning his body evolved(?) to be 8 times stronger than an ordinary person after 1000 years of training. As people’s levels rise though, the difference would become smaller (in percentage), or maybe not, cuz he get extra stats from heaven quests.

Also, 100% fire resistance (80% from armor, 20% 3rd job) does NOT make him immune to fire. 100% just means twice as resistant (Probably)

Lastly, I think author forgot binding skill. It never appears later on

Last-lastly, I won’t bother putting update schedules. Normally 3 chaps per week, one on Thursday, and two on Sunday, these pair of chapters were delayed because of the Lunar New Year (I had to go around visiting my relatives, same as with Koukouseidesu).

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