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Heaven’s Army defended the Wall of Chaos against numerous predators that tried to invade them and conquer the many worlds under their protection..

Until the day the Wall of Chaos regains its power to completely prevent the intrusion from those predators, the angels would never be free.

[Uu, I wanna see IlHan.]

The angel, Lita, no, Liera, who acquired strength and new powers through a class promotion prior to the war, was no exception. Because of the way she always spoke, Yu IlHan’s name was spreading throughout the camp, and if the person in question knew of this, he would be too embarrassed to lift his head up.

[It’s an attack. West 47!]

[Strike Force 11, move out. I repeat. Strike Force 11, move out!]

In a base quite distant from the truly infinitely vast Wall of Chaos.

Liera, who was muttering Yu IlHan’s name in the room allocated to her, lifted her head abruptly after hearing the order which resounded across the base.

Strike Force 11 referred to her. A unit composed of her alone. Such was Strike Force 11.

It wasn’t that she caught the loner-ness from Yu IlHan due to being with him for so long, but because she had exceptional battle power even amongst angels.

[I’m going now. Please open the portal!] (Liera)

[Liera-nim. This way!]

Liera rushed out while arming herself. She equipped her armor and weapon from her inventory. That figure didn’t look too much different from Yu IlHan taking out his equipment from his Cross bag.

She asked loudly to the lower ranked angel that guided her to the portal.

[How many are there!]

[200 5th, 7 6th! The defense forces are blocking them, but that’s all they can do!]

5th referred to the first step as higher existences, the 5th class, while 6th referred to 6th class. By that time their existences were a miracle itself after their piled up records agglomerate.

Erta was a 5th, and Liera just became 6th.

How can she fight against so many transcenders even though she had just become 6th?

That was exactly the reason why Liera became a transcender affiliated to Heaven’s Army even while accepting the annoying fact that she wouldn’t be able to bring out her power in a lower world.

As soon as Liera ran into the portal, the surrounding environment changed. It was West 47, where clashes occurred frequently even within the vast Wall of Chaos, and one where the gap in the wall was quite large.

The defense army permanently located here were all emanating light while casting defensive magic, meanwhile, giant strange-looking monsters were causing a mess, trying to kill those angels.

[She’s already here?]

[She’s here! Liera’s here!]

[We can win now!]

Ignoring the naive shouts of the angels, Liera charged out. When she overlapped her white gauntlets, a long, sharp spear of light was created.

[Go croak!] (Liera)

With a simple shout, she threw the spear. That instantly destroyed tens of 5th class predators who were just about to break the defense magic and assault the angels.

[Damn, it’s the Bloodied Angel.]

[She and Spiera really rampage around.]

Some of the higher ranked predators who were inferior to her despite being 6th class, retreated. Liera confirmed their appearances and gritted her teeth.

[Destruction Demon Army. You finally started to move.] (Liera)

[Well, it seems like the Wall of Chaos might close soon. We retreated in vain every time, but we wanted to be a little bit more greedy this time.]

Nonchalantly chatted one of the retreating higher ranked predators. Liera wordlessly charged and shot out a strong wave of light. Its power was so strong that the surrounding space made noises while the wave of mana expanded to transfer the energy throughout all of the space.

[Ugh, to think you’d come so quickly!]

All 5th and 6th class predators tried to avoid it by moving quickly, but dodging Liera’s attack physically wasn’t the end of it.

Unfortunately, tens of 5th class predators who didn’t know and guarded against it, all collapsed at that place.

[Truly an absurd power. The harmony of magic and physical power is teeth-clatteringly beautiful.]

The 6th class that replied to her the first time replied while laughing, but on his forehead was a small drop of sweat.

[I only know this, duh. Well, then. I heard you were ‘a little more greedy’? Come at me.] (Liera)

Laughed LIera while clanging the gauntlets on her fists. That wasn’t a simple movement, but a process of amplifying energy for her next skill.

However, the man retreated a step while shaking his head.

The other predators also showed signs of retreat as if they were facing a ferocious beast. The appearance of Liera alone made such a scene.

[Oh, I don’t want to fight with you, I mean it. I’d rather fight you not in such bright places like this, but under the faint moon, and in a more ‘private’ place. Softly, but violently.]

[Oh, yeah, whatever.] (Liera)

Liera smiled brightly while clanging her gauntlets again. At that moment, a wave that shot out without any signs seemed to cover the group, before setting a target the next moment and compressing infinitely.



The predator that said what he shouldn’t to Liera casted defense magic as if he knew what would happen, it shattered without being able to endure Liera’s power. This was because all beings that guarded the Wall of Chaos was supported by the Akashic Record and had a blessing from Heaven.

Yes. The Angels were fundamentally having a war in an advantageous position. If not, the Wall of Chaos would’ve been breached long ago.


[I think I’ll retreat now.]

[S, save me! I didn’t enter Destruction Demon Army to be killed by an angel in vain……!]

The predators also seemed like they knew what they were facing. While Liera was attacking, the majority of the 6th class predators returned behind the wall, and the one that was in charge of blocking her attack dissipated the attacking waves by summoning the 5th class predators .


The man widened his eyes in surprise at Liera’s power.

[They said ‘Either you survive by sacrificing everything else, or die by heading forward when meeting the Bloodied Angel’. It really is true.]

[You really are talkative.] (Liera)

Liera didn’t stop. She changed her magic power into Heaven’s power, a higher form of energy, using her angel wings. She used that power to drive herself forward, while stealing the defense force’s magic power, who were just dumbfounded while watching her.

[L, Liera-nim!?]

[You don’t need defense magic now.] (Liera)

The magic power she stole seemed to circulate with the angel’s ring on her head as the center, and looked like a drill made of energy. Liera charged forward just like that and literally ground up all the predators on the front lines.

Even though they were all once legends in their own world, and have broken through to higher existences, they were all ground apart whether they were trying to dodge, block, or counterattack in their own way.

It didn’t take that long until all of the predators other than the sole 6th class died.

If the 6th class actively tried to fight back, then the angel’s side would have gotten serious damage, but he just watched the whole thing. No, he even brought his own allies in front of him in order to dodge Liera’s attacks.

[You’re stronger than the rumors! Even though you were just a little known for your martial arts some time ago.]

[I know you’re a close combat class. Come at me now.] (Liera)

However, despite Liera’s taunt, the man kept his calm. At least, on the outside.

What he said after was the following:

[How did you become so strong! Ah, that’s it. The forgotten millennium, is it?]

[You.] (Liera)

Liera swung her fist. The predator tried to jump back in attempt to retreat, but Liera’s fist was too fast and grabbed his collar before he could. The man’s expression almost fell apart, but he barely succeeded in holding back.

[Your objective was to approach me from the beginning, wasn’t it?] (Liera)


The man wryly smiled.

[Come to this side. For us Destruction Demon Army to gain the upper hand in the upcoming chaos, we need the power of the archangel known as Liera.]

[I’ll be disappointed if that’s all you’re going to say.] (Liera)

Her free hand gripped into a fist and she swung it. He quickly guarded with both of his arms trying to dispel the power inside her fist. It seemed like a unique martial art that stemmed from fist arts, but perhaps due to his power being inferior to Liera’s, he couldn’t completely block it.

[Ugh…… We need you, who knows Earth well.]

[Why are you so fussed up about such a small world?]

[The forgotten millennium, and the connection with countless worlds – In the center of all this is that small world. Everything is changing!]

Liera’s eyes trembled upon hearing that, but her fist didn’t. Until she heard the man’s next words, that is.

[Do you know where your beloved lower existence is, currently?]

Her fist trembled. It trembled mercilessly, generating countless waves, which all exploded on the man’s body after some time.


The man coughed blood while stepping back. She was now sure that the man had a unique martial art specialized in dodging. This could be seen from how the man only ended up coughing out a bowl of blood despite meeting Liera’s newly learnt finishing move head on.

[I see you really love him? Amazing. How can a lower existence move a higher existence’s emotions? It should be physically impossible.]

[You, shut up.] (Liera)

[One more thing.]

The man held up his face and smirked.

[My specialty is not close combat. It’s movement.]

[What?] (Liera)

Just as Liera asked back, the man disappeared from the place. The problem was that Liera was moving along with him.

[You damned……!] (Liera)

[I did not block your attacks. I only sent the energy within it to another place. This skill is quite tricky to use against enemies so I have to fulfill some conditions……]

I fulfilled those conditions from our contact just now. – Said the man while laughing.

[You and your schemes.] (Liera)

Liera immediately realized where they were. It was beyond the Wall of Chaos. It seemed it was impossible for the man to move long distances as Heaven’s Light could be seen faintly, but it was also a distance that was very far for her.

[I hid it until now in order to capture you. How is it? Splendid, right? Well, then. Let me ask you again.]

Predators were gathering from all sides. The elites of the predators belonging to the Destruction Demon Army were gathering. No matter how strong Liera was, it would be difficult for her to defeat a prepared army.

[Come with us, Liera. All dimensions are awaiting change. Chaos will become the law! The man you love so much, oh, my bad. Don’t look at me with such scary eyes. He’s already in our hands.]

[The dragons of Dareu are moving under our orders. Now you see the situation?]

The one that threatened her while moving to the man’s side was the 6th class predator that retreated last time. Liera could only laugh; she knew where Yu IlHan was right now.

[You can both live. We want to be closer to you. I really mean it.]

[……If my beloved is captured, then I can’t help it.] (Liera)

Liera loosened her arms. The predators all smiled.

[We will become great partners.]

[We’re really assured to be with you. Now, does that count as having done the first button properly?]

When they approached Liera, she took her gauntlets off while sighing. They were relieved that she seemed to have no intentions on fighting.

Never would they imagine that there was a skill that activated by taking off the gauntlets.

[Critical Hit!]

A flash.

Due to the massive explosion of the compressed waves within the space between her fists and the gauntlet, most of the 6th class predators disappeared without a trace.

The predator that said he could move energy, and the predator that threatened her, and everyone else that surrounded her were obliterated. Those left were only ones that were far away, watching the scene!

[Oh, that was lucky.] (Liera)

WIth the text ‘Critical Hit’, loads of windows mentioning her acquired experience and achievements. Liera blinked to make them disappear while smiling. Her smile was frightening to the point that the ones watching her became scared.

[What are you planning to do now?]

A 5th class predator survivor asked her in disbelief. Even though a lot of predators were surrounding her just now, the number was only going to increase due to the explosion just now.

Liera also didn’t seem that good as her hands were trembling. Just why did she do such a reckless thing? Even though her beloved man was captured as a hostage!

[My IlHan will not get captured by anyone.] (Liera)

She could say this, because she was the one to confirm Yu IlHan’s self-concealing powers for the first time throughout the multiverse.

[IlHan is waiting for me, so I can’t get captured by you guys, right? So.] (Liera)

Her hands seemed to emit brilliant light before it made a single, long spear. It was the spear that contained her remaining energy, at the same time being the essence of Heaven’s power.

‘If I knew this would happen, I should have asked for a new weapon from IlHan.’

Throwing away the scrapped gauntlet, Liera gripped on her spear with her bare hands. Then, she courageously rushed into the predators that were sure of their victory.

[Come at me! I will turn all of you into dust!] (Liera)

Meanwhile, Yu IlHan who would never know that Liera was in a crisis, was pulling out his spear quietly while looking at the dragon that put up a blatant noticeboard.

[It says ‘to talk’.] (Erta)

“It’s so suspicious though! It will definitely be an annoying matter. I’m originally the type that does not receive sub-quests. A man’s path is one that snaps all foreshadowing before it occurs.”

[And who is it that always talks about foreshadows?] (Erta)

Run towards only the end of the main quest! Of course, it was a comfortable road, if one had the resolve to embrace the regret that follows it.

[I also want to rip apart all dragonkin. However, I can feel elves around this area. If this dragon was the one that hid the elves, I think there’s plenty of value trying to talk to it.] (Reta)

[Your situation isn’t so optimistic currently. Shouldn’t you at least hear out that dragon’s story?] (Erta)

“Hmm. There are elves, eh.”

Reta and Erta tried to persuade Yu IlHan.

And they were definitely on the right side. If he killed that dragon here, then the number of dragons only decrease by one, but if he could earn something from it, then the situation may reverse.

Yu IlHan kept his belief to not talk to monsters until now, but he also thought that there was no belief to be kept in a situation where his life was on the line.

Moreover, there was something else he thought up of after hearing Reta mention elves. It was none other than the Garden of Sunset. Regardless of them being enemies or allies, it would be a lie to say he wasn’t interested in what they were doing in Dareu.

“Good. I’ll judge after I listen.”

Yu IlHan finished talking and took out a huge nail from his Cross Bag. It was… the pillar & harpoon set for dragons that he made from Orochi’s bones!

[Hiiik.] (Erta)

[You really are meticulous. …… So cool.] (Reta)

[That’s ‘cool’!? Reta are you alright?] (Erta)

He nailed the pillars connected to the harpoons around the sleeping dragon.

Placing them on the ground and transferring the weight nailed them all automatically, so it didn’t even take 30 seconds until all 12 pillars were embedded on the ground. From above, it would look like a summoning magic formation that required a dragon as the sacrifice.


Yu IlHan aimed at the dragon’s eye with one of the harpoons that was connected to the pillar with the Orochi leather-rope. Then, he deactivated his concealment.

[Mmmm……. Whoa?]

When Yu IlHan showed his presence, the dragon woke up from sleep right away.

And realized what kind of situation it was in.

[That’s one savage greeting.]

The dragon seemed to have quite a nice tone of speech, and her voice was that of a female’s. And it was also one that Yu IlHan didn’t need to translate using his language skill, as it was the English of Earth.

It seemed that this dragon had predicted that Yu IlHan would come from Earth and learned English, but did not know about Yu IlHan’s abilities. If so, he should go with it.

Yu IlHan spoke, in fluent English.

“Dragon, so what do you want to say?”

[Let us party.]

When Yu IlHan prepared to throw the harpoon, the dragon panicked and swung its front claw. Here was a 4th class that was scared against a 2nd.

[I’ll, I’ll explain the situation so don’t throw it, please!]

“I’m busy.”

[The dragons’ conquering of Dareu all happened under Destruction Demon Army’s orders! I received the revelations of the Garden of Sunset, who valued harmony, and judged that Dareu must not be destroyed, and gathered the dragons and dragonkin who followed my will in order to hide the elves to prevent Dareu’s complete destruction!]

Yu IlHan was absorbed into the dragon’s rapping skills. So, this dragon really did belong to the Garden of Sunset.

No, wait, before that,

“Destruction Demon Army?”

[Yes, the evil predator organization that lives beyond the Wall of Chaos – Destruction Demon Army! They destroyed Dareu in the past, and now they’re aiming for Earth!]

Yu IlHan carefully put down the harpoon. He confirmed that there was no one in the surroundings, before speaking to the dragon with a sigh.

“Let’s talk a little more.”

Author’s notes

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Translator’s notes

All beings receive a new name upon becoming angels. So, Liera/Lita wasn’t called Lita before she became an angel, but had another name.

5th class angels have their names end in ‘-ta’. Like Lita, Erta, Feyta, Myuta.

6th class angels have their names end in ‘-era’. Like Liera and Spiera.

7th class…. well, that’s a spoiler, but it’s kinda obvious, what suffix do most well-known angels use? (Or maybe, ‘Archangels’ will light a bulb)

Predators = Higher existences monsters (I think).

Also, Spear of Untraceable Trajectory it is, cuz I feel like it.

…Or, a more important ‘excuse’ is that the word ‘궤적’ translates to trajectory, rather than ‘path’. Path is more like the route FORWARD, while trajectory is like the route BEHIND.

What I want to say is, ‘untraceable path’ sounds so conflicting and wrong in my opinion.

Scrap that shit. Almighty Google translate-sensei told me it’s trajectory. Hence, it’s trajectory.

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A. Let’s make an example. He has 100 MP, but the skill requires 120 MP. Simple. Also, ‘Absolute Accuracy’ is both an active and a passive skill. Active is the homing shot that requires mana, which he cannot use. Passive is the permanent increase in range, accuracy and power.

Q. Mechanisms of Concealment.

A. MC can only go in to concealment when no one has, hmm let’s borrow some CN terms, ‘locked on’ to the MC. He can’t just poof and disappear while everyone’s staring at him. Also, usually, concealment WILL REQUIRE MANA to sustain, but due to the effect of ‘Pancosmic Loner’ which makes the skill passive, MC doesn’t require mana to sustain concealment.

Q. Mechanisms of surprise attacks.

A. Simple. Is enemy aware of MC’s existences? Yes? Then even invisible attacks aren’t ‘surprise attacks’.

Q. Are dragons intelligent species?

A. ‘Dragonkin’ necessarily aren’t, but all ‘dragons’ are indeed intelligent species.

Q. Skyrim, Dovakin? (Sorry, I don’t play skyrim)

A. Will he collect the golden dragon’s soul though?

Q. Did he get caught (by the golden dragon)?

A. No.

Q. Isn’t MC’s accuracy already 100%? Where would he need Absolute Accuracy?

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