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Spear of Undrawable Trajectory was a unique martial art and a higher-ranked art, so it harbored a fundamentally strong power, but was still quite distant from active skills which brought out enormous destructive power in a single strike.

This skill would give unexpected damage to the enemy by hiding a single strike within numerous trajectories; it didn’t end with just learning the skill, and required intensive training and a battle of wits with the enemy!

“You didn’t see this coming!”


Also, if he used it well, it was a splendid psychological attack that could make the enemies go mad during battle.

[I’ll kill you!]

A dragon, which received a near-fatal injury to the point that its brain was exposed after being hit by a traceless spear strike on the back of its head, hurriedly flapped its wings while retreating and set up many magic formations.

[Even though I blocked all your attacks! Eeek! I don’t have the time to play with you any more! Die!]

However, what made Spear of Undrawable Trajectory even more vicious was that it was truly perfect when it met his concealment.

The dragon, even though it had poured its magic out in the direction he ‘sensed’ Yu IlHan, could not notice that Yu IlHan had appeared from above, and was attacking his head!

“Where are you slashing? That’s an after image!”

[Critical Hit!]

[Kuaaaaaaa! I didn’t slash though!]

Invisible and unfollowable attacks were already plenty scary, but to top it all off, even the attacker may disappear sometimes.

No matter which one it focused on, it would lose the flow of battle the moment it lost even one of them, so the combination of the Spear of Undrawable Trajectory and Concealment could be said to be a miracle.

[Khk, Krrrrr!]

Focusing on the spear, it would lose sight of the wielder, and focusing on the wielder, it would be struck from the back. No one would be able to understand this dragon’s feelings.

And the ones that could say those feelings had all died. Like now.

[You have earned 405,183,039 experience.]

[The skill, Spear of Undrawable Trajectory, has become level 11.]

[The skill, Superhuman Strength, has become level 40. The duration of the skill increases.]

Yu IlHan drew back his spear and landed before panting. Behind him, a powerless dragon corpse fell down from the air with a thud.

2 days had passed after Yu IlHan had evolved his spear mastery. He finally judged that he became used to using it in battle.

“Fuu, I somehow was able to kill it in 3 minutes.”

No matter how great the conditions were, nobody would have expected that there would come a day when a 2nd class would be able to kill a 4th class dragon within 3 minutes.

Starting from ‘the loner that deceived God’s eyes’, Yu IlHan had reset all the records that were there.

[That’s strange. Even though you won brilliantly, why do I have the urge to hit you on the head?] (Erta)

“That’s because you’re too emotional.”

Replied Yu IlHan, and searched through the dragon’s corpse, but a 4th class magic stone didn’t come out.

He remembered that the drop rate of magic stones was around 17%, but thinking about it now, it was definitely a lie.

Even though he had killed around 300 within the last two days, he had only acquired 7 magic stones. And here they said the drop rate would increase as the class becomes higher!

[It is true that the probability of magic stones appearing becomes higher as the class becomes higher, since more mana will be stored on the body. However, Yu IlHan, dragons are a race that can use mana better than any other. Of course, there’s a lower chance of magic stones agglomerating within the body instead.] (Erta)


[Mana flows everywhere in their body, so their body itself is a good material for artifacts. Also, the ever-famous Dragon HEART are treated as one of the best even amongst magic stones.]

Dragon HEART! Yu IlHan’s heart started pounding after he remembered talking about magic stones with Erta a while back.

“Then do you mean that all the 4th class dragons I killed have the best magic stones?”

[Of course not. They are rarely seen even amongst 5th class dragonkin. Dragon HEARTs are even rarer than magic stones, since the hearts of dragons have to undergo a special evolution through the use of mana. If you want to acquire a Dragon HEART from a 4th class dragon, you would really have to be lucky.] (Erta)

“Ao, really. Don’t make a person’s heart flutter and mention it beforehand!”

[You’re the cutest when you’re frustrated like that!] (Erta)

She learnt all the wrong things while hanging out with Lita! – grumbled Yu IlHan.

“Let’s go to the next place. I got used to the spear, so I should go for the next one.”


“Evolving Throwing.”

There was no end to Yu IlHan’s desire to become strong. Of course, all of this was happening with the simple objective of ‘surviving’, but his endless driving force was worth praising.

It was impossible currently to kill dragons through just Throwing. However, fortunately, there was no absurd condition of instakilling them through Throwing, so he only had to finish them off through it.

In fact, Yu IlHan wanted to fulfill most other requirements for evolving other skills while he had the ability to kill 4th class here in Dareu, but Throwing was the only thing he came up with.

Physical Combat, Blunt Weapon Mastery, and Sword Mastery all had conditions that requied him to kill 3rd class in a single strike in a specific move of that Mastery, which made Yu IlHan despair.

“Well, I’ll just do it against the remaining dragonkin after I finish the mission.”

[Just take everything, huh.]

Since he only had to do the final strike with a Throw, the evolution criteria was fulfilled quickly.

He just had to run back and throw when the dragons seemed like they would die.

There were times when the dragon died first since he was out of time, but after around 30 minutes, he could splendidly fulfill the requirements.

[Killing 2nd class monsters using a throw 100,000/100,000]

[Killing 3rd class monsters using a throw 10,000/10,000]

[Killing 3rd class monsters using a single throw 100/100]

[Killing 4th class monsters using a throw 5/5]

[3rd class magic stones 400/400]

[4th class magic stones 2/2]

[The conditions to fuse-evolve the skill, Throwing, have been fulfilled. Will you evolve the skill?]

“Yes. Let me have an easier life too!”

Yu IlHan evolved Throwing without hesitation. Immediately, a slightly different text appeared on his retina from before.

[Fusion evolution requires a max level of a sub skill. You can use the skill, Shooting, as a sub skill. Will you fuse-evolve the skills, Throwing and Shooting?]

Yu IlHan finally understood what Erta said before after that text appeared. He also learned why twice as many 4th class magic stones were used too.

Well, he was fusing two maxed out skills, so it was obvious he’d need two!

Shooting skill was awakened when he used firearms before, and the skill level was of course, max. Since there was no possibility for evolution, he just kept it there, but something like this had happened. Yu IlHan could only be delighted.

He proceeded the skill evolution without hesitation, and immediately, brilliant light and a strange feeling enveloped him. This was an awakening that was half-way between when Resting evolved and when Spear Mastery evolved.

However, the evolution was splendid as well.

[You have learned the skill, Absolute Accuracy; range, accuracy and power dramatically increases when shooting or throwing, and increases as the skill increases in level. You can use a large quantity of mana to unconditionally hit a target.]

It was not really unexpected. He vaguely thought that shooting and throwing raised to the extreme would end up as something like this. However, it wasn’t that he wasn’t surprised.

The effects of the skill, both passive and active, was too strong for him to accept normally.


[I was wondering why you didn’t say that at first.]

A feeling of omnipotence filled up Yu IlHan’s whole body. To think he’d be able to act out a miracle that was from an artifact in myths! How could he not be happy?

[It’s not invincible. You do know that Odin from Norse mythology with the sure-hit spear, Gungnir, was done in by the Fenrir, right?] (Erta)

“That calms me down a little.”

Fortunately, he didn’t end up throwing spears for four hours in order to adapt to the spear. This skill was characteristically different to the unique skill, Spear of Undrawable Trajectory, and since his battles started with him throwing the spear, he had plenty of chances to adapt during battles.

In that progress, Yu IlHan became sad that he couldn’t actively use Absolute Accuracy, due to the lack of mana, but just evolving to a higher ranked skill showed splendid performance. It was even more splendid when it was harmonized with Concealment and Spear Mastery.

Having become stronger, Yu IlHan started hunting the dragons even faster, and after a week, he had annihilated most of the dragons that were just over level 200.

[Killing 3rd class 10,000/10,000]

[Killing 4th class 816/1,000]

And that was also the point when Yu IlHan’s existence was discovered by the dragons.

It wasn’t through the magic formation, but because it became known that the dragons were almost annihilated by him.

[To think that the continent’s magic formation is still active!]

[Who are you! Where were you hiding until now only to appear now!]

Yu IlHan was scared stiff by the group of dragons that came at him and ran. One of the dragons looked very painful with red blood shooting out from its head, but if he stopped, he would become the same.

“Even though there was only one! Do these guys use instantaneous movement or something!?”

[Well, if they’re 4th class, why not? Even so, it’s not as OP as the magic formation. You can do it!] Erta)

Erta, who became drunk in Yu IlHan’s power and the actions until now, was saying optimistic stuff even now, but Reta, who didn’t have a good experience against the dragons, shouted in fear.

[I will initiate the formation right now! First let’s move to where the dragons don’t exi……] (Reta)

“No, we can’t run now!”

Yu IlHan was one that shook his head in such situations where any other people would want to run away!

“These guys will start grouping up if I wait for a while. I need to kill as many as possible before it becomes out of hand.”


He didn’t know about 3rd class ones, but 4th class dragons mostly lived alone in a vast expanse of land.

Anybody would. They had acquired near-absolute power, and killed everything that originally lived in that place, to their heart’s content. So why would it ever want to live together with its kin, who had similar levels of strength?

This was the reason why Yu IlHan was able to kill 4th class dragons smoothly until now, and was also the reason why no rumors had spread throughout the continent.

However, now that his existence was revealed. A man who possessed a power that could threaten dragons was hunting their own race while using a magic formation that allowed him to go anywhere within Dareu. Which idiot would still choose to be alone and die?

The dragons were gradually gathering up. The ones that weren’t moving were those that hadn’t heard about the news, or those that were still confident in defeating him by itself.

And their common point was that it was easy to kill them

“Let’s go immediately. To the one that lives as far away from here as possible!”

[Yes!] (Reta)

As she knew the seriousness of the situation, Reta also hurried up. Yu IlHan waved his hand at the two dragons that were staring at him when he was transferred.

When they failed to catch Yu IlHan by a small margin, they roared in anger.


[I will turn you to ashes!]

They turned the place where Yu IlHan was into ruins, but not to mention injuring Yu IlHan, they couldn’t even damage the formation. And they knew that fact very well.

The magic formation over Dareu continent was like that. Rather than material, it was more spiritual, and unless the master of the formation dispelled the formation or gathered it up in one place, it wouldn’t disappear. There was no way the magic formation would still be intact otherwise.

[…..Splendid escape. It really is a damned but good magic formation.]

[The idiots of our race who could not see through the situation would be done in by him.]

But what was this? The two dragons that were left in the place where Yu IlHan had disappeared, showed calmness as if all their rage until now was a lie.

[That time is really coming.]

[Keke, you think so too?]

Their following words included a content that would make Erta shocked.

[The revelation from Destruction Demon Army was correct. A connection with another world… Isn’t that a truly cool thing? More prey, more growth of the world. And reaching the heavens! I will also be able to become a part of them.]

Yes. There weren’t only Garden of Sunset-affiliated dragons in Dareu. Truly damned, but there were dragons affiliated to Destruction Demon Army, who were currently having a battle against the angels in the Wall of Chaos!

Moreover, unlike the Garden of Sunset, whose objective was mysterious, these things had a clear objective. Destruction, Preying and Growth!

At this point, it was clear that Destruction Demon Army was involved in the destruction of Dareu. The unnatural growth of the dragons and their movements could be explained.

Of course, Yu IlHan and Erta had no way of knowing this.

[Higher existences, eh. Truly a sweet word.]

[Keke, I will be the first one to acquire their qualifications. However, we need to focus on killing that slippery eel now]

Slippery eel, Yu IlHan. They poured out all their attack, intending to kill him, but Yu IlHan splendidly survived and ran away.

It was nice that he raised some flags, but that was it. If they let him as he is, then the number of their own race that could go over to another world would decrease. There was a need to ‘capture’ him before that.

[We need to gather up. Kill the slippery eel, and prepare to meet the changes.]

[Let’s hurry. Our kin has started to gather.]

The dragons flapped their wings and used movement magic. To capture Yu IlHan, they started moving in order to group up with their kin that had the same intentions as them.

Yu IlHan didn’t know of this, and only moved in order to kill as many dragons as possible in the limited time.

“Huff, huff.”

[Yu IlHan, are you alright?] (Erta)

“No I’m not. Reta, move, quickly.”

2 days were left until he had to complete the mission. Since he was trying to kill the lone dragons, his hunting speed had decreased considerably.

[We will move right away. There might be a magic trap so please be careful!] (Reta)

“It’s alright, even traps won’t notice me.”

Only 43 were left until he completed his mission. If he endured a little more, he could even level up with the piled up experience. Yu IlHan’s motivation was now the thought that he may be able to survive this mess if he somehow did that.


[Understood.] (Reta)

He urged Reta while sucking on the bloodrink, and she immediately activated the formation.

[Sir representative of Heaven’s Army. We need to talk.]




And found a sleeping, golden-scaled dragon, with a strange sign in front.

Author’s notes

I’ll tell you this now, but the only reason MC can fight 4th class dragons is because Angel’s Support that activates in Abandoned Worlds, + dragon-hunter weapons!

Gungnir is the main weapon of the highest God of Norse Mythology, Odin. It was said that it would pierce the heart once thrown. However, it’s a question that Odin with such a strong weapon, died without a single kill in Ragnarok…

Destruction Demon Army is the name of the transcender group that is fighting against the Heaven’s Army. Was it a coincidence that he had come into contact with dragonkin in Dareu? Anyway, the reason why dragonkin were rampaging in Dareu was because of Destruction Demon Army!

What’s the identity of the golden-scaled dragon!? (T/N: God dammit, I knew I shouldn’t have spoiled…)

Translator’s notes

Suggestions for name changes for ‘Spear of Undrawable Trajectory’

The raws are ‘그려지지않는 궤적의 창술’.

Which is literally translated to ‘Spear Technique of Undrawable Trajectory’, but I omitted ‘technique’ since ‘spear’ can imply ‘spear technique’. The word ‘그려지지 않는’ literally means undrawable, but can imply ‘untraceable’, or ‘unable to be followed’.

Spear of Undrawable Trajectory (original)

Spear Technique of Undrawable Trajectory (added ‘technique’, more literal translation)

Spear of Untraceable Trajectory.

Spear of Unfollowable Trajectory.

Spear of Undrawable Path

Spear Technique of Undrawable Path

Spear of Untraceable Path

Spear of Unfollowable Path

Other suggestions (e.g. invisible dragon spear, traceless spear, etc)

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