Everyone Else is a Returnee - Chapter 87: You, I, Strangers – 6

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Translation changes: spearmanship – spear master, etc)

“So I have to kill 1000 of them in 11 days now, huh. I’ve got soooooo much time.”

[Why don’t you just cry honestly?]

Leaving room for some unforeseen circumstances, he had to kill about 100 per day. Thinking back on the battle against the Orochi, he felt blinded just by wondering how he would go about doing this.

Reta consoled the Yu IlHan who was losing energy even before the fight.

[The Orochi could be said to be much stronger compared to its level. Its Purple Flame was even more so. However, the dragons in Dareu aren’t like that. 800 of them are just over lv 200, and 100 of them are only around lv 210.]

“That’s very heartening. By the way, what about the rest?”

[The rest are all above level 220. ……There are many that are stronger than the Orochi.]

For someone like Yu IlHan who had decided to exterminate all the dragonkin, this number made him laugh.

No matter how much record he had piled up inside his body in order to fight dragons, would it even be possible to kill those frightening creatures like swatting flies?

Against those that would bring hell upon Earth even if a single one was called to Earth?

“Well, I can only try to find out.”

Yu IlHan steeled his heart before sighing and stood up.

Starting from 3rd class was literally a superhuman’s realm.

Countless people hit a wall while advancing to 3rd class, but once they did go over that wall, they would be respected as a part of the country’s battle power. If getting 3rd class was easy, then the meaning and the glory of attaining it would also dissipate.

Of course, Yu IlHan was currently doing an especially cruel quest even amongst 3rd class advancement quests, but he decided to not think about it. This had appeared since he had achieved so many things until now, who could he blame?

“Well, let’s start from the lowest levelled ones.”

Yu IlHan requested Reta for the formation’s activation and took out two 3rd class magic stones. This was because the number of 2nd class magic stones and 3rd class ones were beginning to equalize.

He had to leave some 2nd class magic stones behind in order to make higher ranked weapons for Vanguard, or so he was his reasoning when he decided to use 3rd class magic stones.

[You will be able to do it. If it’s the one I, Reta Kar’iha, have chosen. Definitely.]

Declared Reta in a firm tone. Her words somehow gave Yu IlHan some energy.

He didn’t realize because he was in a cave, but it was currently midday. Sunlight was shining down across the entire expanse of Dareu, soft winds were blowing, and the trees that grew there were swaying gently in the wind accompanied by the sounds of rustling leaves; all in all, it gave off a fantastical vibe. (PR:Fantasy-ical)


Just as Yu IlHan was admiring the scenery from where he was transferred to, a voice could be heard.

It was none other than a dragonkin, and a dragon that had acquired 4th class. Yu IlHan looked around to find it, and found out he had no need to.

[I thought I sensed mana ripples. Did I perhaps mistake it?]

That was because the size of its body was big enough to cover half of the landscape in his view. The figure was literally like a dragon ripped straight off a story book.

A lizard’s head, coupled with frighteningly sharp teeth in its mouth. The scales that covered its huge body shone red under the sun, while the bat-like wings that seemed…..underdeveloped for flight was neatly folded up behind its back.

Everything that made up the dragonkin’s body had a large amount of mana dwelling in it. Yu IlHan was just beginning to comprehend the method of control over that energy, but the 4th class dragonkin was controlling mana as naturally as it was breathing.

Thanks to that, it could activate magic whenever it wanted to. In other words, it was always on guard and this was probably the true form of the race of magic.

Although it might be superior in terms of physical strength, it was impossible for the Orochi to do that. It only shot out its boiling energy out as magic bullets, and it was just happened that they were absurdly strong.

The dragon in front of him had a bigger body than 3rd class dragonkin, but was overwhelmingly smaller when compared to the Orochi. Well, by the 4th class, many things end up changing even with just a single level.

He couldn’t even imagine how strong 5th class would be, if 4th classes were like this! But the most important thing now was to fight the dragon in front of him.

As expected of a dragon, it had even read a trace of the magic formation’s activation. Even though it should have been meticulously hidden thanks to Yu IlHan’s concealment ability!

[Hmm, there are no changes.]

However, it was, as expected, impossible for it to see through Yu IlHan’s concealment. After confirming, the dragon laid its body on the land again.

Having overwhelmingly strong ability in and of itself, was a weakness. That was because of the increasing arrogance due to knowing one’s own power. The same went for the dragon in front of him.

Even after sensing a ripple in mana, when it couldn’t find any changes to its surroundings, it just went ‘okay let’s go back to sleep’ and closed its eyes. That kind of thought process and action was insufficient to survive against a stronger enemy.

Like now.

[Will you be alright with just that!?]

Just as Yu IlHan was approaching it, Erta checked with him in shock. He was only holding a single spear in his hand.

[You’ve even prepared tools for hunting them!]

“I need to kill 100 of those things a day. I’ll never make it if I have to install them every time.”

Tools referred to harpoons, landmines and other installable tools, and was made by him when he was making other equipment in preparation to go to Dareu, after he had recreated the Heavenly Cloud Gathering Sword. They were made with the many bones of the Orochi, and the newtype Giant’s Rubber Band made from its muscles and tendons.

Their common point was their definitive binding power and pre-preparation. If he had to rely on them from those just over level 200, then he was sure that he would fail the mission. What Yu IlHan needed now was speed.

Yu IlHan charged towards the dragon that looked like it had fallen asleep. As he was already activating Superhuman Strength skill with the use of mana, his muscles were expanding to its limits within the armor.

Not just that, Angels’ Support was stably increasing his abilities by 30%, and the dragonslayer title he had acquired after killing the Orochi increased all of his abilities by 10% against dragonkin.

As he was doing a surprise attack, all abilities of the deathgod were in effect, and the Black Bone Giant Spear in his hand was a dragon-killing-specialized weapon.

Yes, Yu IlHan was riddled with special buffs at the moment.

In this Abandoned World, when doing a surprise attack, and although only in effect when going up against dragonkin, his specs were miraculously, not inferior to a 4th class.

His passive skills were perfect as well. His Spear Mastery, Concealment, and most other battle skills were at max level. In that regard, he could be said to be superior to other 4th class beings.

Then, there was only one problem left, which was the active skills. No matter how good his specs were, what good would it be without a strong strike?

As he knew that, he chose the weight transfer of the Cross Bag.

Never had Yu IlHan grabbed a blacksmith’s hammer in Dareu continent. As such, the tens of thousands of dragonkin he had killed until now were all still within his Cross bag.

Its weight was truly horrifying, and so, would give an amount of tremendous damage whether the opponent had a tough body, or could wield mana well. Cross Bag could be said to be Yu IlHan’s strongest weapon.

When he approached closer, Yu IlHan jumped to his heart’s content. As if being rewarded for all the fights he did in the stuffy caves, he jumped hundreds of meters in an instant!

[The skill, Leap, has become Lv 38.]

Perhaps the Akashic Record understood his stifling feelings, as the skill level increased refreshingly. The Leap skill generated an additional leap in mid-air when it was level 20, so he wondered what kind of changes there would be when it became level 40.

Expectations were expectations, and his attack began.

Yu IlHan gripped his spear tight with his left arm and posed himself in mid-air to draw back his spear fully, before shooting right at the moment the dragon moved around its body. Of course, the moment his spear left his hand, he didn’t forget to transfer the weight of the Cross Bag to the spear.

The beautiful straight line that Kang MiRae and Na YuNa absent-mindedly watched last time occurred again, but this time, with much more destructive power.

The Black bone giant spear that left Yu IlHan’s hand shot towards the ground as if it was going back to the place it was supposed to be, and hit exactly the head of the dragon that was just about to fall asleep!

Of course, tens of thin membranes shot out from the skin before the attack landed, but the spear weighing tens of thousands of tons destroyed everything and embedded itself deeply into the head. Purple Flame invaded through the wound too! This was an attack that Yu IlHan would never want to have to deal with.

[Critical HIt!]


Its screams were music to his ears, but he would be struck down if he kept listening to it. This dragon was different from the all-brawns Orochi. It was a true 4th class grown with time!

So, Yu IlHan moved immediately. The moment he confirmed that the attack had succeeded, he used Re-leap to kick off the air and leave that place. Immediately after that, a beam of light pierced through where he was.

[I don’t know who you are, but since you’ve enraged me you……!]

However, the dragon couldn’t speak anymore. That was because Yu IlHan had used Re-leap to charge towards it in frontal assault. Yu IlHan’s shooting body did not have a less beautiful trajectory compared to his spear.

[…will die!]

Noticing the situation quite fast, it shot out several magic that looked like beams of light. Thanks to Yu IlHan doing a frontal assault, the trajectory of magic that it had produced could also only be simple. It was all according to Yu IlHan’s wishes.

Using the remote collection feature of his Cross Bag, Yu IlHan called out several sturdy shields. They were unique ranked shields made from Orochi’s bones and coated with its skin, and was the tool that he had spent the most effort on.

Thousands of the same item, too!

“This is the fortress of iron, the Iron Fortress!”

[I can feel the dark darkness force from it!] (T/N: Erta’s being sarcastic here)

The beam crashed head on with the shield. The first was pierced easily, and the second held out for a little before being pierced, but that was it. Yu IlHan was outside the effective range of the magic.

[You have a strange ability despite being human!]

“Ah, you’re loud. Would it kill you to fight with your mouth closed?”

Not remembering the embarrassing line he just said, Yu IlHan grumbled. However, before the dragon could use the next magic, Yu IlHan had already arrived at its head and was holding the spear embedded on it.


Of course, weight transfer was dispelled. Yu IlHan pulled out the spear and struck the wound with a stronger force.

[Critical Hit!]


It seemed painful as it rampaged around while breathing out fire. However, as he was strengthened after his battle with the Orochi, Yu IlHan didn’t even flinch.

The problem was that, tens of magic formations emitting light was created in the air and started to surround Yu IlHan.

A phenomenon only a dragon could cause because they learned high magic over a long period of time that humans cannot use!

With the magic formations that looked like they would shoot out all sorts of magic at any moment, Yu IlHan ended up laughing. Then, he sucked on the bloodrink to heal the aftereffects of the Superhuman Strength skill.

“Well, then, do you think you can injure me before you die?”

[How dare you! Are you looking down on me even though you are a trivial creature that has not stepped out the bounds of human!]

Yu IlHan didn’t even wait for it to finish and pierced its head with his spear again. He was only able to pierce the scales and the skin because of the help of the weight transfer. It would take ages to attack other places.

As such, there was only one method he used to fight against dragonkin – to strike where it hurt!

[You’re full of yourself. Explode with your ambitions and die!]

“Who’s saying it to who?”

Magic bombardment began. It was time to experiment the remote collection technique that Yu IlHan had practiced until now! The problem was that it had to be done at the same time as attacking the dragon.


Yu Ilhan felt like his head was splitting. He put several shields in succession in the directions he felt mana from, and he evaded the attacks that he couldn’t block without moving and attack at the same time.

In some way, this was the same as the Orochi fight, but what was different was that this dragon’s attacks came from all directions without rest.

Oh, there was one other important thing.

It was weaker than the Orochi by a large amount.

[Critical Hit!]


After Yu IlHan struck out his spear with all his might, the dragon couldn’t keep the pain in and screamed when the magic formation dissipated at once.

Huge amount of mana could not take form and dissipated, so it made a mana storm within the winds, but Yu IlHan firmly endured and struck the wound he opened up, yet again.

[Khhk, you, you bastard……!]

“Shut up, I don’t wanna hear excuses after all that!”

In fact, this was to make it unable to do throw another foreshadow.

Yu IlHan chattered while striking several times with his spear to destroy the brain. These actions were fruitful, as in the end, it couldn’t attack Yu IlHan anymore and had to collapse back down again.

This was the moment when Earth’s dropout Yu IlHan had degraded a 4th class dragon into mere prey.

[You have earned 391,993,013 experience.]

[You have earned the record of Lv 200 Dragon.]

[You collect the life force of Dragon through the ability of Death Collector.]

After he confirmed that it had finally died, Yu IlHan collapsed on top of its body. Although he could fortunately kill it in a shorter time than the Orochi, it was still insufficient in his opinion. He had to confront stronger ones from now!

[Yu IlHan, are you alright?]

[Truly……Amazing. You take actions as if you don’t fear death.]

“It’s the opposite. I move because I don’t want to die.”

Replying to Erta and Reta, Yu IlHan had a little rest before starting to sort out the situation. Collection of his spoils of war was one thing, but before that, he had to clean up the things he had taken out using remote collection.

“Let’s see. That’s 72 shields ruined.”

He felt bitter. Although he could use it again as he had repairing materials, but he couldn’t help

the durability going down every time he did so. Of course, wasting time was a bonus.

“I only have a thousand shields. This won’t do.”

Yu IlHan had to kill 1000 dragons within the time limit. If he wasn’t planning to settle down and fix his stuff for every 10 dragons he killed, he had to learn to hunt dragons faster, and more safely.

[Why don’t you try using the corpses of other dragonkin like you did when you fought the Orochi?]

“They should be reasonably big. It’s not that there aren’t any I can use, but I can’t waste my shields just because of that.”

Sighing, he extended his hands towards the dragon’s corpse. Now that he knew that he couldn’t fight this way, he was planning to make something that would accelerate his battle speed using the 4th class dragon’s body in front of him.

If he acquired a 4th class magic stone, then he really might be able to speed up his batt……

There was one.

[A 4th class magic stone!]

[Aah, to think I’d see a 4th class magic stone with my two eyes.]

They were both surprised since Erta knew Yu IlHan’s current level, and Reta had never killed a 4th class dragon in her life.

However, would their surprise be more than Yu IlHan? His mind was in a mess because of all the text that appeared on his retina the moment he grabbed the magic stone.

[Killing 3rd class monsters with a single piercing strike 300/300]

[Killing 3rd class monsters with a single slashing strike 300/300]

[3rd class magic stone 100/100]

[4th class magic stone 1/1]

[The conditions to evolve Spear Mastery has been fulfilled. Will you evolve it?]

A hook came in from somewhere he didn’t expect it to.

Yu IlHan thought that he may just be able to complete this mission.

Author’s notes

(Untranslatable Chuunibyou line, that says ‘From the western west, a windy wind blows with a deathly death’.)

Explode with your ambitions and die – A parody of ‘Drown in your ideals and die’ said by a certain bro. (T/N: Thankfully, this is quite known in the west as well, look it up, and you’d find Fate series)

The evolution criteria for spear mastery came out in the very beginning. Recently, when the spear mastery’s evolution criteria became easier, Yu IlHan thought ‘I’d have to kill a 4th class anyway’, but that was his mistake! No, I will explain it in today’s chapter! It’s not that I forgot! Really!

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