Everyone Else is a Returnee - Chapter 83: You, I, Strangers – 2

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(Translation changes: byproducts -> carcasses(non-humanoid), corpses(humanoid), remains(non-material monsters))

The scene inside the dungeon was not that much different from before. Endless plains, overflowing desolation…Only, the color of the sky had changed. A dark color enveloped the dungeon as if it would collapse at any moment.

[The synchronization is intensifying. Even if the 2nd Great Cataclysm doesn’t arrive anytime soon, I feel that the dragons may come out to the dungeon surface.]

“Reta Kar’iha. So how do I go to the magic formation?”

[Reta is fine. This place is still the surface of the dungeon. You have to go to the core area, at least to the place where we fought in the past, before entering Dareu.]

“Good, then let’s hurry.”

Yu IlHan immediately took out a cheer pack with bloodrink in it, before removing the lid and biting on the mouth of the packet. It looked like he was eating a certain ice cream, but as bloodrink was basically extreme poison, the materials that the pack was made from weren’t ordinary. (T/N: Sorry. This ice cream brand only exists in Korea)


Sipping on the packet, Yu IlHan kicked off the ground. His speed was too fast even after considering his stat increase due to the Heaven’s Quest rewards. The reason was of course, due to mana.

Mana affected all phenomena and actions, and the easiest way of using them was through skills.

There were some skills that only activated with the use of mana, and there were some that didn’t need it, but anyway, the power would increase if mana was included.

Superhuman Strength and Leap were two skills that fell into this category, and thanks to the overflowing mana reserves he had due to concealment being passive , he was able to use all his mana in Superhuman Strength and Leap. (T/N: In case you didn’t get this, it means that he doesn’t have to use mana for his concealment as it is passive)

[The power of mana is added to Superhuman Strength. The effectiveness of the skill increases by 20%]

Only now did the mana recovery speed increase option in the bracelet activate s. Strictly speaking, it wasn’t only that though, as he was currently wearing an earing, a ring, and a necklace in addition to the bracelet.

[Smooth Warrior’s Black Python Earring]

[Rank – Unique]

[Options –

10% increase in mana recovery speed.

A fixed probability of putting the opponent into fear when attacking in close quarters.]

[User restrictions – Creator, Yu IlHan]

[Durability – 2,200/2,200]

Even though he had no 3rd class magic stones, the materials were good enough for all his accessories to be exceptional in regards to options.

Cumulatively, his mana recovery speed had increased by 50%.

Yu IlHan had actually intended to cover his entire body in accessories like a tribal chief during the ancient times, but Erta desperately stopped him.

Unlike how he focused on attack power with his robe or armor, accessory-class artifacts that had direct effects the body, would instead damage the user if there were too many, resulting in clashes with each other.

Or to put it simply, his equipments slots were mostly filled up.

Anyway, thanks to the four accessories that sped up his mana recovery, and the bloodrink that allowed him to continuously use Transcendent Regeneration, Yu IlHan could keep himself in peak condition while charging throughout the dungeon.

If the Yu IlHan at the initial stages of the Great Cataclysm, was a roller coaster, then he currently was a military jet. Only Erta, who was grabbing firmly onto his hair, was having a thrill.

“I see no trolls or scorpions.”

[That’s also a proof that the dungeon is synchronizing. The mana that should make up the dungeon is being sucked into Dareu.]

If there were any trolls, he could stock up on bloodrink, but seeing as he couldn’t, he felt slightly disappointed.

However, just when he resolved to buy troll’s blood after he cleared out Dareu and went back to Earth, the surrounding scenery started changing. From plains to a forest, from high altitude to low.


Due to the overly thick mana, Yu IlHan momentarily felt dizzy. Reta did say that Dareu had experienced the 3rd Great Cataclysm, and the level of mana here was incomparable to that on Earth.

[It’s called mana sickness. All the people who went to other worlds should have experienced this.]

“Yeah, I’m sooooo tearfully happy that I got to experience the same thing as them.”

Said Yu IlHan sarcastically, as he took deep breaths. Although he was slightly dizzy, after a while, he realized that not everything was as bad as he had thought.

If there was a high concentration of mana in his surroundings, he could expect a higher effectiveness from using the same amount of mana.

“So, I hit harder, but also get hit harder?”

[What an interesting way to put it. I’ve learnt from you today.]

“But I don’t have a hitting active though? It won’t do much for me.”

Yu IlHan resolved the piling tension he received as he entered Dareu by talking with Erta. This was the result of Erta’s special training, that she did because she was envious of the relationship between Lita and Yu IlHan.

It took 30 more minutes to enter the area of the magic formation that Reta had talked about.

[That’s good. It’s still here.]

Even though Yu IlHan couldn’t find any changes in the scenery in front of him, Reta raised his voice. He confirmed with her while tilting his head.

“Really? Is there nothing like the dragons’ tampering, or anything?”

[There is none. It’s the same from when I last checked it.]

Reta’s reassuring attitude made Erta have a look at the formation. Although it was difficult for her to use magic due to this being an Abandoned World, that didn’t mean her eyes for formations had regressed in any way.

[This magic formation has not been damaged. Moreover, like what Reta said, it started secretly activating after recognizing us as the owner of the formation. It really is an absurdly intricate formation.]

[It’s the pride of elves. Although, the empire that made this formation was destroyed……]

Yu IlHan thought that it may go wrong even if it was fine now, but didn’t say it. It was more productive to prepare for any situation rather than saying it to make things more unlucky.

[What will you do? Are you going to hunt the dragonkin right away?]

“How many are there in total?”

Reta replied immediately as if having waited for it.

[There are a total of 45,988 dragonkin detectable within this magic formation. Of this, 1,233 are 4th class.]


Yu IlHan opened his mouth to say something but closed it. He finally knew why Dareu was doomed.

Think about it, Earth was almost destroyed thanks to that single 4th class, but what? No matter how this world was one that experienced the 3rd Great Cataclysm, this was an absurd world.

What form of ‘resistance’ could there have been in this unbalanced world? Yu IlHan spoke while looking at Erta on top of his head.

“Managers, do your job properly.”

[I also feel skeptical nowadays thanks to that. Yu IlHan, will you take responsibility if I quit Heaven?]

“……No, sorry. Please don’t give up and put in your best effort.”

Yu IlHan spoke again while thinking that Erta’s words contained a lot of pretext for misunderstanding. Now, towards Reta.

“Aren’t there any monsters other than dragonkin? If possible, around level 100.”

[Of course there are. Dragonkin wiped out all monsters and humans, but there are still monsters that exist in large amounts, or actually, monsters that can only exist in large amounts.]

Reta sounded a little depressed. Yu IlHan didn’t ask about it. He feared that it would make her even more depressed.

“Then let’s go there first.”

Before he had heard the number of dragonkin in Dareu continent, Yu IlHan was full of reckless courage, but after he was notified that there were over 40 thousand enemies, Yu IlHan became serious.

He was already quite sure that the ambush plan using the magic formation would have an amazing effect, but he was also quite sure that the plan would definitely go wrong mid way unless the dragonkin were all idiots.

Then what did he have to do? The answer was simple. He had to increase his own ability as much as possible, and had to decrease their numbers as quickly as possible before they find out.

“If I get find out, then it’s guerilla tactics from then on. Fufu, it excites me even now.”

[Yu IlHan, your voice is rotten, your voice!]

He only found it to be nonsense even after thinking several times. Clearing up an entire world full of those that destroyed the world, by himself? He was no protagonist in a novel or a movie.

(PR: Oh really?)

But what could he do? There was no other person up for it. With feelings akin to Sun G*oku that was trying to protect the Earth, he stepped on the magic formation.

Reta Kar’iha activated the magic formation, and the formation that activated which was smoother than a limousine, took him to the place he wanted.

Everywhere was dark. Moreover, the mana that suffocated his breath had become a level thicker.

Yu IlHan immediately knew the reason, and it was because where he was before was only the outer entrance of the continent, but this place could be called the innermost area.



A spooky sound continuously resounded out. It took a little time for Yu IlHan to catch those sounds as he had to adapt to the mana pressuring him.

“What, are those……?”


Answered Erta.

[They are undead-class monsters that frequently occur in places like the ruins of destroyed kingdoms, where entire villages die out due to disasters. Like how they are almost invulnerable to physical attacks, it will be hard to hunt them without mana. Of course, if you crush them with around ten tons of weight, then even ghosts cannot be safe, so you don’t fit in that category.]

Now that he could use mana, he didn’t feel that he had to use such a reckless method, and wanted to retort, but he didn’t bother boasting. There was something else that tugged on his mind.

“Ruins of destroyed kingdoms, disasters. Then that means.”

The one to answer this time was Reta Kar’iha’s depressed voice.

[Correct. The ones that are still tied to this place, as they couldn’t run from the unreasonable violence and disaster. The ones that fell into being monsters after losing both their reason and will due to the curse of mana. They are the citizens of this destroyed world.]

[That’s good. Yu IlHan, give them peace. It’s time to use the power from Angel’s Partner that makes you stronger against undead. Of course, you also need to get used to ‘Angels’ Support’ which you can use in Abandoned Worlds.]

She could sympathize, but Erta’s words were ruthless. Well, thinking back to it, she was like this from the start. She only walked towards her destination, and only that. This had some similarities to Yu IlHan’s own personality.

“Yes. I should.”

[……I also, request of you.]

“Leave it to me.”

Let them give Yu IlHan new power. The power to go against the dragonkin that destroyed this world, or more specifically, a lot of experience!

Yu IlHan hoped and harbored expectations. He had a good premonition.

One week passed. Yu IlHan had become level 90.

His expectations were betrayed.

“This won’t do. I should start hunting dragons.”

[Good thinking.]

He felt sorry for Reta, but these damned ghosts had the worst efficiency.

Remains! As if to mock Yu IlHan’s desire for remains, ghosts only disappeared when killed, and didn’t leave behind a single dime! (T/N: raws says 100 won coin)

Well, the experience efficiency of the ghosts weren’t so bad, but to be satisfied with it, the experience needed was too much.

Only 3 levels within a week? Moreover, this speed would decrease in the future. Even though he hunted without eating or sleeping!

It was already so hard to level up to 100, but there were 4th classes and higher existences! Yu IlHan, for the first time, began to respect Erta.

[It’s only that your situation is a little urgent, but as long as you have the ability to finish your class advancement quest, then the time to level up doesn’t matter. You don’t have to look at me with those eyes.]

“But you’re still amazing. It just means you put in so much effort for all those years.”

Yu IlHan lifted Erta high. He had a similar personality to Kang MiRae, and was strict with himself, and with others as well.

It was rare to be praised by Yu IlHan, so Erta made a satisfied expression.

[That’s true. Even though I look like this, I’m seven…… Kyaak!]

“Ouch! Oooooooouch!”

Erta immediately closed her mouth and pulled on Yu IlHan’s hair. Well, her age was almost about to be found out.

[That was a leading question! You evil human!]

“Ouch, it really hurts so stop it!”

Yu IlHan hurriedly pulled her off. In Abandoned worlds, her already poor physical abilities became even poorer, and he could tease her if he wanted to using his strength, but fearing vengeance, he didn’t do that much.

Well, that was true.

If there was anything Yu IlHan had profited from this, it was that, as Erta had said, he had become completely proficient in using the abilities of the subclass, Angel’s Partner.

Not to mention becoming proficient with the basic ability he acquired when becoming an Angel’s Partner, Breaker, he also became quite proficient in the skill, Angel’s Support, that allowed him to receive Erta’s power to use, when she couldn’t use her own due to being in an Abandoned World.

Erta said that she was inferior to Lita, but even though he had only acquired a portion of her strength, his abilities increased by more than 30%.

It wasn’t just a simple increase in power. Not only could Yu IlHan keep his enhanced powers without depleting Erta’s stamina, he could now also pour them all into a single attack at the price of giving up the support for a while.

Yu IlHan had already adapted to his enhanced capabilities by the end of the week, and also focused in the strike that used all his power, a.k.a Angel’s Single Strike. As a result, he could splendidly adapt to the abilities, backlashes and the penalties of the Angel’s Single Strike.

So, it was time to leave. It was time to hunt dragonkin.

Consoling the angry Erta, Yu IlHan took out tens of 2nd class magic stones. It was the price to activate the magic formation.

The cost would decrease if he used 3rd class magic stones, but Yu IlHan profited more in using the tens of thousands stockpile of 2nd class magic stones rather than the few 3rd class magic stone he had.

“Reta, please. Let’s go kill the solo players first.”

[Are you, planning to kill dragonkin?]

Asked Reta with a nervous voice and Yu IlHan silently nodded his head. Actually, in his calculations, he would be able to kill 3rd class dragonkin easily, but since the place was like this and all, he did not relax his tension.

He could even fight a 4th class if he met one!

Regardless of whether she knew or not, Reta replied with a gulping sound, even though she was a mere thought.

[I understand. We will, move immediately.]

The magic formation activated and swallowed Yu IlHan. The next moment, he was facing a figure of a snake that was sleeping coiled up. He used the magic formation several times already, but this was too OP.

However, what was important now was not the magic formation but the giant snake, in other words, a 3rd class dragonkin.

He finished calculating as soon as he saw it. This 3rd class snake was instakill material and the next one after it as well. Although Angel’s Support was amazing, the techniques embedded into Yu Ilhan’s body were even more so.

He leapt while putting his concealment into max.

Such was the moment of the beginning of Yu IlHan’s first ‘World Hunt’.

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