Everyone Else is a Returnee - Chapter 71: Me, a God!? – 4

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Yu IlHan did not halt his steps. He couldn’t care less as to whether people admired him or not.

2nd class monsters that he had to kill while flipping dungeons inside out were still all over Tokyo, and he wanted to kill as many as possible before those Metal Knights or Lightning God or Magia or whatever interfered.

[Somehow, there are more dungeons in Tokyo than Kanagawa.](Erta)

[That’s true. I didn’t think there would be any Originals here.](Lita)

“What about other places than Tokyo or Chiba? Isn’t the damage spreading?”

[Yeah, it’s alright. Well, of course a few dungeons in other areas did break but it’s at a level where the JSDF can handle it. No, well, not ‘handle’ it but they are going through quite the suffering.](Lita)

“They’re working hard.”

In other words, he only had to finish Tokyo and Chiba! Yu IlHan stopped for a moment and looked behind him. He could see the Susanoo Army that had inflated to around 12 thousand men.

“I think it would be over if they charge forward now.”

[They’ll be obliterated if a 3rd class appears so no.](Lita)

That made sense. The difference between classes was truly absurd. It was difficult for a hundred 1st classes to win against a 2nd, and two hundred 2nd classes cannot handle a 3rd class. Of course, monsters like Yu IlHan are counted differently.

“It’s the Susanoo Army!”

“We, we’re alive!”

Since the scale had become so big, just moving around made a huge cloud of dust. The monsters shrunk back after seeing the wave of humans charging at them, and the humans that looked at them rejoiced.

Nerima district. This was the moment when they entered the 23 districts of Tokyo.

“This quite well off.”

Muttered Yu Ilhan while looking at the stalemate that was there before he came. Tokyo, at the same time being the center of Japan, was also a few of the cities that were at the center of the world. The ones who knew the importance of Tokyo all focused their power on Tokyo, and the clans that just set foot from overseas were also using this situation to heighten their reputations.

Perhaps the people of Kanagawa would be frustrated since they couldn’t receive help, but for Tokyo, it was a fortunate thing.

Currently, in Nerima district, Metal Knights from England was in the middle of fighting, and thanks to their bold actions that charged ahead with sturdy armor, the number of 1st class monsters were almost gone.

Even the 2nd class monsters could not break through his defense so there was no need to say anymore about that. Even if Yu IlHan left them alone, this line wouldn’t be broken.

“Kuhk, master!”

“I will kill it now! Double Cross!”


“It’s not dead!”

Of course, the line only wouldn’t be broken, and it didn’t mean that they could kill the 2nd class monsters. The core members of Metal Knights had high defense but relatively weak attack power.

Then, it would be better if they cooperated with another clan, but due to their pride, this wasn’t occurring yet.

“We will take care of him! You guys kill other monsters!”

“But at this rate.”

“Do not block the glorious path of Metal Knights!”

“What the hell are they doing? Are they from the middle ages, and they came here through a time machine or something?”

[IlHan, do you think people of the past were all foolish and idiotic that wars occurred on Earth and nuclear weapons were made?](Lita)

[Do you think it’s just them?](Erta)

Yu IlHan didn’t know this, but Magia clan of Italy, who were acting in Kita district quite nearby were in the same situation.

The Magia clan was made up of mages with high firepower, and all they lacked was defense, but thank to them saying that they didn’t want to cooperate with other clans, they couldn’t bring out their full power.

Their choice was understandable since they must be worried that their reputation would not be so high if they cooperated with another clan, but thanks to their puny pride, they were late in restraining the monsters, and more sacrifices were occurring this way.

Even though one may think that one wouldn’t do such a foolish thing if one had a proper human head on one’s neck, humans always committed actions comparable to dogs and pigs if they were tied by money and power.

What they were doing now was exactly that; they would rather suffer more than do something for another.

The Korean clan, Lightning God, was slightly better off, as their team was balanced in attack and defense, but as they were low on manpower, their rate was quite slow. Of course, they weren’t cooperating with other clans either.

No, actually, their situation was slightly different. This should be seen as them being isolated since other clans were afraid that the Lightning God clan’s influence would increase if they did anymore.

Summing up, they were all annoying bastards.

“So that’s what’s happening.”

[You see the situation now?](Erta)

[You see what you need to do to, right?](Lita)

“Of course.”

Replying confidently, Yu IlHan held up the atlatl. He enhanced his physical body with superhuman strength, loaded the spear onto the hook, and threw it towards the monster that the strongest-looking guy of Metal Knights was blocking!

[You have earned 673,837 experience.]

[You have earned the record of Lv 69 Spike Ketura.]


“J, just who did that to the monster our Metal Knights will be hunting!”

Regardless of whether the members of Metal Knights were being shocked or not, Yu IlHan’s throwing spear didn’t end with just one. On the necks, heads, and hearts, of the 2nd class monsters that the Metal Knights were defending against, a throwing spear was embedded.

One, two, three, and four all collapsed at once.

“What the hell!”

“This is Susanoo? Don’t joke with me! These monsters are our prey!”

Metal Knights got thoroughly enraged, but Yu IlHan couldn’t care less; he just kept throwing his spears.

He threw, and threw again. Until the moment when all the monsters that filled the battlefield were in his Cross Bag, he threw his spears.


“Fucker! Do you think the world is yours since everyone calls you Susanoo!”

“We will definitely find you! We will find you and kill you!”

Whether they were shouting or not, Yu IlHan just kept throwing his spears. The moment the last 2nd class monster lost its life, Yu IlHan muttered in satisfaction.

“Good luck.”

[You’re doing something really good, but somehow, you look really evil.](Lita)

[That’s Yu IlHan’s charm.](Erta)

Since the monsters were all dead, Metal Knights lost their job.

Both the clan members and the clan master were all rampaging around while saying that they would find Yu IlHan and kill him, but the person in question was leisurely moving to another area.

The once-again-inflated Susanoo Army also followed Yu IlHan.

“As expected of Lord Susanoo. He does not know retreat.”

“Hah! They look quite good, they were boasting about how they were sturdy until moments ago.”

“The ‘lords’ of the knights of steel should go home since they don’t have anything to do!”

“Maggots, trying to gain fame by sacrificing people’s lives? Gain a plane to go home, damn you!”

The insults to Metal Knights were a bonus. Unlike them, who were looking to gain reputation, the ones who were purely fighting to protect their homes had the qualifications to mock them.

Of course, there were also some among the Japanese that seeked to gain fame, and tried to show off by finding a good location, and there were some amongst the foreign clans that were fighting hard to save lives, so that statement couldn’t be generalized, but at least right now, Metal Knights deserved to be insulted.


“Leader, we need to move. At this rate, we will become nothing.”

“Yes, we should move. Let’s move.”

Hearing his subordinate’s words filled with worry, the leader of Metal Knights, Michael, Smithson, replied while gritting his teeth. If he really retreated now, then he would receive the mocks of the entire world.

However, Tokyo and Chiba still had plenty of monsters left, and they still had a lot of opportunities.

“Let’s move so that Susanoo and we don’t go in the same direction. Also, look for a clan that wants to cooperate with us. At this rate, we cannot overcome him.”

“I understand. There’s no helping it.”

“Gather many small scaled clans. We will make them gain glory by making them abandon their lives, and we will live and gain power. Understand?”

“Of course, leader.”

Smithson talked like a dog in human skin, but since the subordinate was also a son of a bitch, it didn’t really matter. When the subordinates were moving to fulfill his orders, Michael Smithson muttered while gritting his teeth.

“Susanoo, I will kill you.”

Conquering the 23 districts of Tokyo in order, Yu IlHan met several cases like Metal Knights. Of course, he ardently threw his spears regardless of what they were doing, and got insulted a lot. Also, his level increased as a bonus.

[You have become level 83. 1 Strength, 2 Agility, 1 Health, 1 Magic increases.]

“Sheesh, this level really doesn’t increase much.”

[I don’t think you can talk if you levelled up 8 times in a single day.](Erta)

[You’re gaining the same amount of levels as what others do in an entire year, in a single day, that is](Lita)

“This isn’t much. I haven’t slept a lot either……”

Yu IlHan grumbled after listening to the angels’ words and checked the Cross Bag, and confirmed that several tens of thousands of 2nd class monsters were inside it. He newly realized how many monsters he annihilated.

“Hey, why isn’t this exploding?”

[We added a lot of space while we were at it. But please be careful when controlling the weight. You might lose a shoulder if you aren’t careful.](Erta)

[It looks like it will take days to finish dismantling them too.](Lita)

There’s no way it would end with ‘losing a shoulder’ with the weight tens of thousands of monsters, right! Well, it looks like he had to give up attacking using the weight of the bag.

If he used any, then it would be for striking down. Yes. If he applied weight at the moment he shot the pile bunker, wouldn’t he be able to attack the enemy without pressure?

Of course, this would require precise control. And this, was something that Yu IlHan was good at.

[Such a frightening thought.](Erta)

[I’m satisfied since he reminds me of my younger days.](Lita)

[It was you, Lita! You made him like this!](Erta)

Seeing Erta grabbing Lita’s collars and shaking it, Yu IlHan laughed. Of course, he only said it, but he didn’t want to use a technique with a lot of consequences. To be exact, he didn’t want there to come a situation where he would have to use this technique.

However, as always, such situations happen without fail. And always faster than his expectations.

“Master, this area is all cleaned up!”

“It seems northwest area has a lot of monsters, let’s go there!”

“Commence movement!”

The Lightning God clan solidified their attacking tactics and grew along with their fame while cleaning up the monsters little by little, despite the restraining movements from other clans.

The Clan Master, Kang MiRae, sucked on a bottle of mana potion that she had bought with a lot of money.

“I want a more passionate fight.”

“MiRae’s at it again! It’s the ‘crazy girl’ mooode!”

“Come here, YuNa. I will show you what a real crazy girl is like.”

Kang MiRae, a pervert who looked cold like an icy hell normally, but turned extremely aggressive in a fight, decided on Na YuNa as the next target, when a clan member called for Kang MiRae while tilting his head.

“Master, something just fell down from the sky.”

“What did? A monster?”

“No, theeeere. A strange cube like thing that has a strange ancient magic formation like thing written on it. Huh? There’s another one?”

Tap, tap, tap.

That member could see 3 cubes falling down in an area not far away. Kang MiRae of course didn’t know what it is, but Na YuNa’s guardian angel, Feyta did.

[Trap of Destruction……](Feyta)

Muttered Feyta dumbfoundedly after seeing that. Na YuNa asked back with a ‘Hm?’ but Feyta didn’t reply to her and screamed.

[E, everyone run away! Run away now! W, we need to leave this place now!](Feyta)

However, it was already too late by then. The three Traps of Destructions that fell down almost simultaneously activated immediately, and an enormous amount of mana wave covered the group.

All the monsters in that area could not win against that strong seduction.

A strong vibration rung the ground as if a great earthquake was occurring. from the ground, from the sea, from the sky… all the monsters gathered.

While all the humans were shocked at the sudden change in events, the greatest nightmare ended up erupting.

In the middle of Tokyo city, which was covered up by a Dungeon Wave.

An Overflow had occurred.

Author’s notes

Angels are all professional stable lockers. (T/N: from the idiom “To lock the stable after the horse is stolen)

Translator’s notes

>“We will definitely find you! We will find you and kill you!”

Uhh, even God couldn’t find him, now that his ability evolved, the only ones that can find him are the two angels he has a contract with.

Translator : Chamber