Everyone Else is a Returnee - Chapter 70: Me, a God!? – 3

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[The Strange Phenomenon of Kanagawa, The Spear of Rage that Exterminates the Monsters!](Erta)

“Don’t read it.”

[Is This the Descent of God? The Divine Punishment by an Enraged God!](Lita)

“I said don’t read it, sheesh.”

Erta and Lita teased Yu IlHan by reading the internet articles related to him. They found him cute the more he hated it so they couldn’t stop.

A sense of hedonism was shared between these angels as they enjoyed the moment even though they knew that they would buy Yu IlHan’s displeasure in the long term.

Yu IlHan soon gave up and just obediently swung his arms around. The throwing spear on the atlatl rapidly pierced through the air and skewered four monsters at the same time.

The people on the battlefield who saw that scene all shouted.

“S, Susanoo!”

“Susanoo has finally descended on Yokohama!”

“There are reinforcements too! The monsters got wiped out thanks to Susanoo!”

Even though the moon had set and the sun had risen, the things Yu IlHan did didn’t change: He just ardently swung his arms again and again to clean up the monsters.

The angels were right. Perhaps due to his attack power becoming strong due to the deathgod skill, even though the sun was in the sky, Yu IlHan’s spears were instakilling all the monsters. Was it just that?

“T, triple kill!”

“No you idiot! It’s a quadra-kill!”

“Oh my god. A penta-kill!”

Despite the battlefield being full of death and despair only a few moments ago, the moment Yu IlHan had arrived, that tension had all but disappeared; as long as monsters came inside his vision, none could escape death.

His throwing spears swept like a storm, and did not stop even for a moment. If there was a ruler of the battlefield, then it was he.

The people became shocked, feared, admired, and in the end, accepted as it was natural. Then, what awaited them was only joy.

“The monsters are running away! Kill them!”

“Lord Susanoo does not confront 1st class, idiots! Kill them now!”

“Attract the 2nd class here! Just run there and back and it will be over!”

Thanks to the fact that Yu IlHan had wiped out the high level monsters, the ability users in that place could easily clean up the remaining monsters.

The ability users who already wiped out the monsters like that and had nothing else to do, followed the storm of Susanoo to help other areas, and this repeated several times before they realized how they should support Yu IlHan.

They attracted the 2nd class monsters to make it easier to clean them up at once, and they themselves confronted the 1st class monsters. The already fast hunting speed had sped up even more.

The high level ability users full of vitality called themselves the Army of Susanoo, and followed Yu IlHan’s back, and the number only increased as Yu IlHan cleaned up more areas.

Now that most ability users in all of Kanagawa prefecture had gathered, there were more than two thousand ability users above level 30.

“Drive them, drive them back!”

“We are the elite forces of Susanoo!”

“This is the first time I had such fun in fighting monsters!’

Since the fighting power had gathered up, they didn’t collapse against the same monsters, and against weaker monsters, they swept forward.

They were already so strong as it is, and since they had Yu IlHan’s protection, they showed more unity and fighting power above their norm. So there was no way they couldn’t be excited.

“I didn’t say a thing, and these guys are doing a several man show.”

[But it’s good, isn’t it?](Erta)


Yu IlHan only confronted 2nd classes anyway. They realized what he was doing, and attracted the 2nd class monsters for him to clean them up more easily, and they were taking care of the 1st class monsters by themselves.

This was truly the scenario where everyone was happy. Yu IlHan didn’t betray their expectations and threw the spears ardently. three, four, and five were skewered at once and his spear throwing technique was also developing.

[Due to a shocking development in technique, the skill evolution conditions of the spearmanship skill becomes easier.]

“So there were things like this too.”

[Skill evolution is literally the Akashic Record giving out tasks suitable for increasing the level of the technique, but you’ve showed development without the task so it’s natural for the skill evolution conditions to become easier.](Erta)

However, no matter how advanced his techniques become, it wasn’t like there was a fundamental change in the fact that he had to kill 4th class monsters. Thinking that he had to delay the evolution of the martial art related skills, Yu IlHan ardently kept throwing the spears.

And when time flowed to become 2 p.m. Yu IlHan’s vision seemed to clear up before he saw armed JSDF and the ability users that lined up on the horizon after having destroyed the nearby buildings; the barricade.

He realized as soon as he saw it. That was installed to stop the monsters from passing.

That meant.

“To, Tokyo defense line.”

“I, insane. How did we come here?”

Yes. They came to the border of Kanagawa and Tokyo. Of course, not the 23 wards of Tokyo, but just the border.

“Did we miss anywhere out?”

“None. We cleaned up all of Kanagawa.”

“Insane.Did we just clean up an entire prefecture in less than 24 hours?”

“Correction, not us, but Lord Susanoo did.”

While the nearly 5 thousand people army that followed Yu IlHan were whispering to each other, the ability users and the JSDF at the defense line also became confused.

The number of monsters seemed to decrease from a certain point in time, and now, suddenly a huge number of ability users appeared!

They did hear that Susanoo had descended, but there was a difference in looking through the internet and seeing for themselves, as much as the difference between a photoshopped picture and a non-photoshopped picture!

“Kanagawa is now safe! Lord Susanoo killed all the monsters!”

“Let’s dissolve the defense line and go to Tokyo with us!”

“No, even so.”

“Are you sure that you have killed everything without leaving a single one behind? If there’s any mistake then Tokyo will.”

“Tokyo is already dangerous anyway! There’s no time to chat here. Lord Susanoo does not care about humans! We need to match him!”

The Tokyo defense line was made to block the monsters from Kanagawa from entering Tokyo. Since Dungeon Breaks were occurring in Tokyo anyway, one or two monsters coming over wouldn’t make a difference.

“Okay, let’s go!”

After a not so long discussion and report, the defense line dissolved. The JSDF and the ability users decided to go together with the army after hearing that they might be left behind by Susano.

As long as they had eyes and ears, they couldn’t not be inwardly jealous of the confidence that the Susanoo Army had. The fact that they could smile in this crisis-like environment was literally the proof of Susanoo’s power.

With that, the Susanoo Army had instantly tripled in size. Although there were low-level ability users in the mix, if they could hunt the monsters without dying, then their levels would rise.

Also, amongst the members that made up the defense line was the ‘Strong Friends’ dispatched from Korea, the Suppression.

“Ah, now we’re alive.”

“First Lieutenant Han, I think you’re getting too loose after you were transferred to Suppression.”

“Did you notice that? I wish someone would fire me already.”

“Don’t worry, they’ll never let you go no matter what happens.”


The ‘Beauty’ Han YeoRang seemed to have been promoted to First Lieutenant, and Colonel Yoon DaeHan. These two were people that Yu IlHan knew very well.

Although he finally had the chance to contact Suppression, since he didn’t want his concealment to wear out by coming into contact with another, Yu IlHan decided to leave the negotiations on the equipment to after the battle.

Yu IlHan didn’t stop even in Tokyo. He only did one thing, and that was throwing his spears. When his right arm felt sore after all that throwing, he would throw with his left, and since he found just throwing boring, he used superhumans strength from time to time.

After repeatedly experiencing the weakening of his muscles by using the skill repeatedly, he succeeded in reaching an enlightenment, and that was the method to dissolve the penalty time after the superhuman strength skill.

“Transcendent Regeneration.”

Yes. He healed his damaged muscles by using the transcendent regeneration skill!

Without having to be injured by fighting while weakened during the superhuman strength penalty time, he succeeded in shortening the skill training cycle with just superhuman strength and the transcendent regeneration skills!

[This guy can do anything, even though he can’t use mana.](Lita)

[So Lita finally understands what I’m feeling.](Erta)

Although words were easy, it wasn’t such a simple matter. It wouldn’t work with just the will to do it. It was only possible since it was Yu IlHan, who knew the structure of his body very well, and could delicately control the power of his skills. For reference, this was a skill he perfected after thinking back to the time when his penalty was decreased after being treated by Na YuNa before.

Anyway, thanks to his enlightenment, the penalty due to the superhuman strength skill was reduced to below 5 seconds. By recovering the rest energy used in the transcendent regeneration with the bloodrink, he now ended up training his skills even within this mess.

Superhuman strength, transcendent regeneration, extreme poison resistance, and cooking skill mastery was endlessly increasing again and again.

[The skill, Superhuman Strength, has become lv 24.]

[The skill, Transcendent Regeneration, has become Lv 23.]

“Susanoo’s power is becoming stronger!”

“Penta-kill! Penta-kill again! This should get some attention!”

Sweeping like a storm, Yu IlHan took away the lives of the monsters along with the despairs of the people.

This was too great of an achievement to be done by a 2nd class around level 80, and as such, the people increasingly believed that the identity of Susanoo is not human. This might be the case even if Yu IlHan showed himself.

“Shit, a dungeon’s bursting again!”

“Dammit. That’s a dungeon with a level 50 restriction! Block at all costs, make a defense line!”

At that time, screams could be heard nearby. Yu IlHan kicked off the ground after he shot out four spears almost simultaneously to kill the nearby 2nd class monsters.

After jumping up to several hundred meters in less than 3 seconds with the help of his leap skill, Yu IlHan’s two eyes saw a scene where a vortex exploded and several thousand monsters were freed at once.

That looked like a scene where the gates of hell were opening, but Yu IlHan muttered while seeing that scene.

“That’s perfect.”

Yu IlHan put away the atlatl for a moment, and took out about a hundred round lumps from his Cross Bag.

Those were grenades that had thousands and even tens of thousands of bone fragments and had the Giant’s Rubber Band as the fuse. And one that was enhanced to the extreme through the use of a 2nd class magic stone!

Until now, he couldn’t use in fear of hurting the people nearby, but if it’s a situation where monsters were flooding out moments after a Dungeon Break had occurred, he could use it while being rest assured; If it was with Yu IlHan’s throwing skills, that were near marvel, that is.

[You have awakened the skill, Throwing Lv Max. If the skill evolution conditions are met, then a synthesized evolution is possible.]

Yu IlHan threw the grenades continuously without a hint of hesitation. During that process, he also awakened the throwing skill. Spear throwing was included within the range of spearmanship, but throwing grenades relied on throwing alone so he had now got the skill.


{Above, strange stones, Kugagak!}

Yu IlHan threw all the hundreds of grenades he had. Although there were more left in his Cross Bag, he was worried that it would hurt the people if he threw anymore.

The moment the last grenade fell down in the middle of the group, the first thrown grenade caused an explosion.

[Critical Hit!]


{Kihik! Kihiiiik!}

The people who were setting up the defense line after realizing that a Dungeon Break was occurring, all became speechless. No, they were moving back in fear of getting caught up


{Kuhuk! Kukiiiiiik!}

It was an instant that monsters were flooding out after the dungeon was broken, but the time the explosions happened as soon as they appeared was even more instantaneous

One explosion; and the chain of explosions that continued after as if it was stimulated. The exploding sound like an erupting volcano, the screams of the monsters meeting their demise filled the world.

Yu IlHan lightly ignored the experience acquired texts that appeared on his retina without rest, and took out the atlatl again. And he threw it towards the sole monster, that looked like a 3rd class, that survived alone in this grenade storm.


[You have earned 6,847,374 experience.]

[You have become level 82. 2 Strength, 1 Agility, 1 Health, 1 Magic increases.]

[You have earned the record of Lv 103 Ark Katrar.]

[You have acquired the title, ‘A Thousand In One Hit’. Critical Hit Rate increases by 50% when attacking several enemies at once.]

The monsters that left the dungeon died, and disappeared. This all happenned in less than 20 seconds.



“He came to us to save Japan.”

“Isn’t it Takemikazuchi?”


People vaguely muttered while looking at that scene. Now, other Gods than Susanoo were popping out.

They did not know what exactly happened, but they knew one thing for sure.

Now, they were witnessing the start of a new history.

Author’s notes

1. You might not know Kanagawa, but you know Yokohama right? I didn’t know but it turns out Yokohama was a part of Kanagawa!

2. This arc is quite long!

3. Right hand throw~ Left hand throw~

4. Grenade throw! As you’ve seen, it’s hard to kill a 3rd class monster even after pouring a hundred of them. It’s a wide area attack to clean up minor mobs!

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