Everyone Else is a Returnee - Chapter 67: I am also a Building Owner – 6

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Now that Yu IlHan’s objective to enhance the people of Earth was now on a smooth start thanks to the launching of the brand, Vanguard, his next objective was of course to go to Daréu and beat up all the dragons.

His motivation died down instantly since the objective he was facing was way too grand, but even so, as this was the most urgent matter, he had no choice. And, after thinking what the most important element in fulfilling that objective would be, he concluded that he should evolve his concealment first.

Concealment was the only innate ability he had, and at the same time, his strongest ability.

Of course, as he couldn’t use mana, he couldn’t deploy it of his own will, but thanks to the title that made his concealment passive, there was no big hindrance in bringing out that ability.

If a problem was that the concealment would wear off after attacking once, then its solution would be ending the target in a single strike.

Moreover, he also had another reason why he tried to evolve his concealment first: the skill evolution conditions had become easier after he had gone through the first and second class advancements. And the ‘easier’ conditions were the following:

[Killing a 2nd class with concealment with a surprise attack 398/3,000]

[Killing a 3rd class with concealment with a surprise attack 1/300]

[Acquiring a high ranked title related to concealment 1/1]

[2nd class magic stone 132/1,000]

[3rd class magic stone 0/100]

“I might just die if it had got ‘easier’ once!”

[Even to me, it looks quite impressive. Skills with bullshit evolution conditions like this should be rare. But it’s fortunate that you don’t have to kill it at once, no?](Erta)

“Isn’t it the same since concealment becomes meaningless after one strike?”

[Well, to you, it is.](Erta)


If he became able to wield mana and use active concealment, then it wouldn’t be impossible for him to go into concealment after an attack and do a surprise attack again.

Of course, since Yu IlHan could not use mana yet, the chance to do a surprise attack was as good as gone when his concealment wore off.

[Do your best. As far as I know, all dragonkin have concealment abilities as their basics, so if you kill 299 3rd class dragonkin, then that’s one condition done.](Erta)

For reference, the ‘1’ in the requirement to kill 300 3rd classes was referring to Reta Kar’iha. Although he had killed the Shadow Leopard, if counting 3rd class monsters with concealment ability, it didn’t die in a surprise attack, so it didn’t count. Truly a damned world.

“Wow, that’s consoles me soooo much, alright.”


In the end, doesn’t this mean that he wouldn’t be able to evolve his concealment until he went inside the dungeon connected to Daréu?

Well, of course, as it had tremendous ability even before the evolution, he did expect that evolving it wouldn’t be easy, but he couldn’t help his sighs.

[You have earned 3,090,850 experience.]

[Killing 2nd class with concealment in a surprise attack 399/3,000]

[You have become level 67. 1 Strength, 2 Agility, 1 Health, 1 Magic increases.]

Of course, he didn’t look for dungeons only to evolve his concealment. Although the dungeon he found was one where monsters had concealment, at the same time, it was also the dungeon with the highest level monsters accessible on Earth right now.

[You have earned 3,112,002 experience.]

[Killing 2nd class with concealment in a surprise attack 400/3,000]

[Level requirement 90… Just how did such a dungeon come about, after only such a short period of time had passed since the Great Cataclysm? This dungeon is also where ‘migrants’ appear too.](Erta)

“Didn’t I say to not ask me? Just renew the dungeon information properly. I killed all the low level monsters so the average level of the monsters are about to rise.”

[It’s alright. There should be no other human than you, who would want to enter this dungeon! This is all Lita’s fault.](Erta)


The time Lita had brought this information was 3 hours after the plan to beat up the God of Smithing was annulled. As soon as Yu IlHan had said that he wanted to evolve his concealment, she seemed to fly to the skies before coming back with information in no time at all.

Erta had a feeling of rejection in releasing the information on dungeons like that, but Lita was different. This should mean that she trusted in him that much. He honestly didn’t feel that bad about it.

That didn’t mean that he was disappointed in Erta. She should have her own set of standards. One that’s a little tight and one that is wrong frequently.

“If the 2nd Great Cataclysm happens in a month’s time, then this dungeon might explode and crisis may erupt on Japan. They should thank me if I clean it up beforehand.”

[I said it’s not one month!](Erta)

This dungeon was located in the Kantou region of Japan, and it was good since Japan was easier to enter than China.

Yes. Yu IlHan had, for the first time in his life, bought an airplane ticket and entered Japan officially! And the dungeon waiting for him was worthy for him to spend his time crossing the sea.

It was good that the monsters in this dungeon all had concealment abilities which helped him fulfill the evolution conditions of the concealment skill, and also, as expected of the most difficult dungeon on Earth right now, his levelling speed was fast as well.

There were several who couldn’t acquire their 2nd class in their lifetime, but currently, Yu IlHan was levelling at a pace of about 1 level per day.

Of course, this was because Yu IlHan had the ability to fight monsters way above his level like nothing, but it was also due to the fact that the monsters were shadows that had concealment abilities, and he could also sweep them in quite easily.

The problem he had encountered was also that: the fact that his enemies were shadows.

[You have earned 3,455,767 experience.]

[Killing 2nd class with concealment in a surprise attack 1,349/3,000]

“This thing doesn’t leave behind a body either.”

Muttered Yu IlHan with a dark expression. In his front was the figure of a shadow monster that became particles of mana and scattered into the air after its life ended and it had lost the ability to coagulate its body.

What was left was only a 2nd class magic stone emitting black light, similar to the characteristics of the shadow monster.

“It should be fine to leave me with a little!”

[I already told you that it’s an existence that would lose its corporeal body and scatter since it was born from the shadows.](Erta)

There were two problems due to that. First, it had become impossible for him to earn any byproducts from them and make equipment, and the second was that he couldn’t cook with their bodies.

[Uuum, Should I bring the food?](Lita)

At that time, Lita, who just woke up from her sleep, asked him while rubbing her eyes. Hearing the news that he could use the meal delivery service that he never imagined he could use while being with only Erta, Yu IlHan asked, seemingly delighted.


[Yeah, just give me 5 minutes.](Lita)

However, the next moment, Yu IlHan changed his expression before snorting and shaking his head.

“But I refuse.”


“One of the work this Yu IlHan likes the most is cooking with monsters that I’ve killed myself.”

[Kuhk, to think that I will lose to a mere monster cooking, this is the greatest insult of my lifetime as an angel!](Lita)

[You two can sure play around.](Erta)

The harmony of a thousand years wouldn’t go anywhere. Yu IlHan and Lita were overcoming the boring dungeon with their strangely harmonic conversation trained through numerous years!

Meanwhile, Erta, who had no confidence in joining in on their harmony, grabbed Yu IlHan’s phone and regularly checked the SNS. That Erta, who hated SNS to the bones, due to some circumstances unknown to Yu IlHan, was!

[They’re complaining about why you only open on Mondays.](Erta)

Of course, what she was reading was about Yu IlHan, to be exact, the brand Vanguard, since it could be said that the current hottest topic in Korea was Vanguard.

No, to be exact, while Yu IlHan had spent his days in the dungeon, stories about Vanguard had even spread through the SNS to other countries as well. Major TV companies and newspaper companies all talked about Vanguard at least once. Honestly, this result was more amazing than he had imagined, but Yu IlHan just firmly replied.

“That should be, since that’s how to get them all riled up.”

[The effect was a little too excessive. Right now, it’s even going out as the top news in a foreign major TV company.](Erta)

“Oh, it looks like foreign people would visit next Monday.”

No matter how great the power of media was before the Great Cataclysm, it would be hard for a single store to surface in less than a week.

However, not now.

Vanguard wasn’t simply a store a little amount of weapons and armor, but a blessed place where it sold swords and shields and the like that could save several lives, depending on the situation, at a cheap price of 100 million won.

[Honestly, it’s way too low quality considering that you made it, but considering the ratio of price to performance, it should be the best across all worlds. The interest in Vanguard would only increase if anything, but not decrease.](Erta)

“Yeah, that should be true. Although, I don’t know since I never went to another world.”

Yu IlHan replied while shrugging his shoulders, but Erta was more worried if Yu IlHan had understood the current situation properly or not.

[Yu IlHan, you’re laughing right now, but soon, your identity will be leaked. Well, you have absolute power so you would be fine unless a nuke drops on you, but at that time, your parents might get caught up in this too. You shouldn’t look down on human greed.](Erta)

“No, it should be alright.”

Honestly, Yu IlHan didn’t have such a deep filial piety. However, it wasn’t that he was unfilial. Rather, he had more affection for them, and wanted to do more for them, since he couldn’t see them for 1000 years. The problem was that his parents didn’t accept.

However, there’s no way he could raise his head in front of them, when he got them caught up in this when he didn’t do anything for them, right?

Yu IlHan asked the two angels, who, despite having ‘transcended’ emotions, liked jewels and got angry quite well.

“Human greed, you say. I know very well. Well, then. who, at this point, knows the value of Vanguard the best? And those that would desperately want to hide this?”

[Excluding you?](Erta)

[Me! IlHan’s metalworking is the world’s beeeeeeeeest!](Lita)

“Excluding you two too.”


Hearing Yu IlHan’s words, Erta realized the correct answer before laughing and replying.

[There was the Empress. I was a fool.](Erta)

“Bingo. I guarantee that she would do something herself. No, there’s a possibility that she would do better than I expected.”

In the first place, that building was owned by Na YuNa’s grandfather before. Although the era had changed, if someone had the identity where they could give out such buildings like that, they should be the core personnel even within those with vested interests, with both political and financial power.

Before, they were hateful existences who took without giving back, but having them as allies were very reassuring.

[So there was a reason why you were so daring to act like that.](Erta)

[He’s just using them like how they tried to use him, aren’t they? It’s a give and take.](Lita)

Yu IlHan had all the abilities to survive on a changed Earth while they had the abilities that worked even after society had changed. They had only exchanged those things.

At first, he didn’t think up to this point when telling Kang MiRae his number, but during the time he sold the staff, he thought that there should be a time when he would receive help from her. And it actually became like that as well.

Although, they were probably protecting him not to help him, but in order to prevent the artifact he’s creating from going into the hands of the wrong people.

[So on Earth, a dropout adapts better than returnees.](Erta)

“Hah! That’s like installing father in boiler’s house.”

Yu IlHan flicked his spear with a nonchalant reply to pierce the shadow monster that just shot out from the floor.

[You have earned 2,876,019 experience.]

[Killing 2nd class with concealment in a surprise attack 1,350/3,000]

“It should be god if 3rd class monsters appeared as normal mobs.”

[Don’t talk about horrifying things and go inside.](Erta)

He pouted after hearing Erta’s words. Reality couldn’t be avoided just by averting the eyes. It was something to face head on!

“What horrifying, I can just fight it head on if that happens.”

[No, IlHan. It’s not a problem solved by just fighting them.](Lita)

“Please explain, Litawagon.”

Lita explained in place of Erta, while smiling.

[3rd class monsters appearing as boss monsters and appearing as normal monsters are two completely different things. Boss monsters may appear if they’re exceptional, but normal monsters evolving to 3rd class means that the concentration of mana, at least in the Kantou region of Japan, has increased to the point that it’s not at the level of a 1st Great Cataclysm.

The average difficulty of the dungeon would increase, and it would become easier for Dungeon Breaks to occur as well. In other words, it would become a problem that’s not only related to this dungeon alone.](Lita)

“So they’re like cockroaches, eh? If 1 appears, then I have to kill the 29 left after flipping over the entire place, right?”

[How clever.](Lita)

Lita stroked Yu IlHan’s head like he was cute to her. Erta sighed at Lita’s speech, and Yu IlHan became dejected while feeling her hand.

He had already foreseen the future now that their conversation had reached this point.

“Yes, I should install a Kantou region in insecticide’s house.”

Yu IlHan muttered while sighing.

And just as he had expected, it became reality after 3 weeks he had entered the dungeon.


{Record, to, thicken, my, shadow, deeper.}

{*muffled breathing*}

In the core parts of the dungeon were tens, no, hundreds of monsters that breathed roughly like Darth Vader.

From their auras, they seemed to have similar levels to the Highland Troll Boss that was around Lv 100, and looking at their forms, they looked like it hadn’t been a lot of time since they were generated.

In other words, there were 3rd class monsters everywhere.

Yu IlHan looked at Lita while gripping on his spiked spear.

“What was that about Kantou region again?”

[I said it’s doomed.](Lita)

“You will give me a quest if a Dungeon Break occurs, right?”

[Yes, sir.](Lita)

[No, it will be alright. It should not be occurring.](Erta)

And exactly 2 days later, Yu IlHan cleaned up all the monsters inside the dungeon and exited after becoming Lv 75.

However, in Kantou region, a large scale Dungeon Chain Break, a.k.a a Dungeon Wave was occurring.

Author’s notes

1. Erta said that Dungeon Breaks would not occur unless the 2nd Great Catclysm arrives, but that’s a lie!

2. Many people say that switching around words in a sentence is Russian humor.

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