Everyone Else is a Returnee - Chapter 59: I Carry – 7

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Looking up the information and the position of the dungeon, Lita explained with an enraged voice.

[An angel is inside a concealed dungeon. From the moment an angel conceals a dungeon without report, s/he would be categorized as a traitor, but what’s more serious is that there is a strong person who has a power that cannot exist here on Earth.](Lita)

“A person from another world?”

Lita nodded. Erta gritted her teeth the moment she heard that.

[The rules of the Army of Heaven has become a mess. To think he’s helping the other worlders, much less blocking them!](Erta)

[Treachery and desertion are quite common, you know?](Lita)

“I knew Heaven was a ridiculous place.”

[I, it’s not. It only happens once in 500…… 300 years!](Erta)

The already low confidence in Heaven reached rock bottom.

However, he could understand. Even Lita and Erta, who are right next to him, have quite a plenty of emotions, don’t they? Even if there was a God above them that had a tremendous power, if the ones executing his orders are likes this, then there was no way there would be no problems over the countless years.

While Yu IlHan was sighing, Lita declared with a firm tone.

[There’s no way they came to Earth to play tic tac toe with us, we need to stop them.](Lita)

Yu IlHan asked curtly.

“Can you do it yourselves?”

[……It’s in fact difficult to interfere directly with force.](Lita)

He knew this would happen.

He didn’t know how these angels came to the ground, but it seemed like the rules and laws that bound them numbered an enormous amount. Even Lita and Erta, who were less restricted after getting into a partnership with Yu IlHan, were like this.

[I already reported the moment I sent it up to Heaven. But we can’t seal the dungeon if there are any creatures that aren’t monsters, so we can only wait until those humans come outside……](Lita)

“Their numbers would multiply the moment they do, though?”

[Yeah. No matter what they are planning to do, unless they can procure enough people, they won’t try to come out.](Lita)

Even if they do come out before that, the angels cannot directly attack other worlders. They would be able to restrict the traitor angel, but that was it. Human matters had to be solved by humans.

As such, waiting for them to come out was not a good idea. He had to check it himself by going inside.

“Good, then……”

[However, I don’t think IlHan needs to go into this dungeon.](Lita)

However, what Lita said to Yu IlHan, who was just warming his body up, was very unexpected. Although he did not blame Erta, normally, Erta would give him Heaven’s Quest at times like these without hesitation.

“You aren’t asking me?”

[If it’s related to an Abandoned World, then I would have no choice but to do so, but this matter is different. It’s not like you alone have to do this.]

[We don’t know what they are doing inside that dungeon. What will you do if it become serious because you leave it alone?](Erta)

[But what would I do if IlHan gets injured just because he got involved in something unnecessary!](Lita)


Listening to the angels’ conversation, Yu IlHan pondered for a moment. However, the conclusion was already there from the beginning.

“Let’s go in.”


Yes, no one pressured him to go to the dungeon. This wasn’t like what he had caused, and from the beginning, he had come here because he had business in a nearby dungeon.

“It’ll be annoying if danger finds its way over to me later because I leave it alone for now.”

It wasn’t like he could say “Oh, is that so?” and do his own thing when a person from another world had directly come over to Earth. At least, he had to find out what the situation was, and how it would affect him.

“Let’s just scout first. I won’t get injured so don’t worry.”

[Well, you really don’t need to worry about getting find out unless you attack first.](Lita)

[Since he even dodges God’s eyes.](Erta)

“Shaddup. Give me the Heaven’s Quest already.”

[I, I will.](Erta)

He was annoyed by the unnecessary extra lines said by each angel, but he couldn’t deny that. He didn’t have the title of a pancosmic loner for nothing!

If he decided to hide then even an angel would not be able to find him. There was no one more fitting than him for this job.

[Anyway, is there any meaning to scouting?](Erta)

But somehow, Erta was questioning his actions. Yu IlHan replied while shrugging his shoulders.

“If the opponent is a monster, then I can just mercilessly slash, but if it’s a person from another world, then I can’t do that, right? Perhaps they have a tearful reason behind it.”

[But……it’s just a hypothesis, but what if that person came to Earth purely to do bad things?]

Erta was sure that this person was full of bad intentions from the moment this person came over to Earth, despite the strong powers this person possessed, but there was no material evidence for it. She didn’t want her thoughts and words to interfere with Yu IlHan’s will, so Erta’s question was quite careful.

However, speaking from the conclusion, her worries were useless. Yu IlHan’s view was firm from a long time ago.

“Then I’ll kill.”

Yu IlHan answered. It was a cold answer without a shred of hesitation.

The difficulty of the concealed dungeon itself was very low. It was a peaceful dungeon where slimes that looked like they were designed for beginners no matter how one looked at it, were moving around with bouncy sounds. Charging through that dungeon fast, Yu IlHan confirmed with Lita.

“How many are there?”

[Two. One is a first class, but I don’t know for the other except the fact that this person is strong. I think he has an artifact to hide his abilities.](Lita)

If she knew that the enemy was a 4th class, then Lita and Erta would definitely not send Yu IlHan inside the dungeon. If it came to be a battle, unless Yu IlHan kills the enemy first with a preemptive strike, then his chances of winning would become slim.

However, ignorance led to courage. Not knowing what was awaiting them, they only sped up.

“I’m alright, but what about you girls? It will be difficult if you get found out like the time with Reta Kar’iha.”

[Do not worry. Thanks to getting into a contract with you, the concealment ability is applied to us even more surely now.](Erta)

The battle with Reta Kar’iha was a humiliation of a lifetime for Erta. Angel’s Partner was not only a means for Lita to come back to Yu IlHan’s side, but it was also Erta’s resolve to not repeat her mistake.

Laughing at her answer, Yu IlHan turned directions. Now, even he could feel the presences.

However, just as he was about to slow down because he had arrived at the destination, a scene that made Yu IlHan stop his steps could be seen.

Two corpses were strewn on the grown. Human, and it was a young woman’s corpse too.


Yu IlHan barely held his mouth from groaning. It was because he was worried that that small action would dissolve his concealment. As if they knew what he was thinking, Erta and Lita also kept their silence.

The state of those corpses couldn’t be described as ‘good’ even with empty words. The clothes were ripped everywhere, and there were insulting traces all over their body. Moreover, even knife scars that covered their body… It was clear that they were inflicted even after they had lost their lives.

Yu IlHan felt as if being poured with ice cold water, while looking at the corpses that looked like it had not been a long time since their deaths, as the warmth was still there.

Just from the way they were killed, he knew clearly. The perpetrator ‘used’ these humans for a momentary pleasure. Like how one would turn on the air conditioner on a hot summer day; like how people used cars to go to faraway places – he used and killed humans.

There was no need to look for the perpetrator. Since there were two men nearby.

The moment Yu IlHan noticed them, a middle aged man wearing a black robe over his body opened his mouth.

“Truly disappointing. You can only find those low quality ones?”

[You have awakened the passive skill, Language. You, who have conquered countless languages, can perfectly translate, speak, read, and write a language even if it’s the first time you are hearing it. You can evolve the skill if you satisfy the skill evolution requirements.]

He could understand a language that he had heard for the first time. Just as he was finding it curious himself, the text that appeared on his retina solved his curiosity.

However, the next moment, he wished that he didn’t acquire that skill.

If so, then he would not have to hear such dirty words.

“I’m very sorry. I will look for a more useful woman.”

“Leave it. It’s just for a leisure time. But their screaming sounds were quite good to listen to.”

Leisure, eh… Yu IlHan muttered in his heart.

Killing to innocent women like that and… leisure… he said.

It felt as if something snapped within Yu IlHan’s head. Thinking that he did so well to enrage him in such a short time, he even felt like laughing.

“The connection is successful, so now we just have to wait. Meanwhile, you look into how much battle power each country has. Ignore 2nd class and below. You just have to find out who has the possibility to advance to third class within the 3 months that we’re preparing for the invasion.”

“As per your orders.”

There was no need to do more scouting. All judgement on the situation had been finished, and it was concluded which action to take.

These were enemies; enemies that Yu IlHan had to kill here and now.

“Hm, I think I maybe able to find out how to cancel dungeons if I research into the dungeon’s core a little more.”

[That is not an area for you humans.]

At that moment, the last member of this place, the male angel also finally showed himself.

“Hoh? Then what happens if I completely interpret the dungeon with my power alone?”

[Just try. It looks like I will see something interesting.]

“You can talk even though you can’t do anything yourself.”

[Blabber all you want.]

After confirming that the male angel was having a verbal fight with the middle aged man, Lita gripped her fists tighter. Erta tried to hold her back in fright, but Yu IlHan was much faster.

Yes. Having finished seeing through the enemy’s abilities and his own full strength, Yu IlHan was charging at him.

There was no room for the angels to hold him back. He was getting closer to the mage in a speed that made them unbelievable that he could not use mana!


“What is it?”

“Oh, nothing. It was just wind.”

Yu IlHan, who arrived in front of the enemy’s eyes, did not attack straight away, but jumped high up. Jumping to an enormous height with the help of his superhuman strength skill and the leap skill, Yu IlHan took out the pile bunker which already had its 4th level loaded, and gripped it tight with both of his hands.

The reason he leaped and not attacked straight away, was because of his intuition which was refined to near perfection throughout the countless years.

Since he realized that he couldn’t one shot him, and it would become a pain for him if he didn’t, he decided to put another process in the middle.

The intuition that he had polished for nearly a thousand years enabled him to see through the enemy more clearly than levels or Akashic Records. He did not know how amazing that was yet, but now, that wasn’t anything important.

He did not know that his enemy was a 4th class, but he did know this: With the strike he’s preparing now, he would be able to kill him in one go!

‘Weight transfer.’

The moment he reached the maximum height from the leap, Yu IlHan muttered within his heart. At the moment the 40 tons of the Cross Bag’s weight was transferred to the pile bunker completely, he started dropping down like a flying arrow.

This was a combination that he had already used once against the huge electric bird, and at that time, he even failed in instakilling it. Despite that, Yu IlHan did not hesitate. Since this was the best attack that he could do as of now.

Moreover, this guy was different from the huge electric bird. The huge electric bird had a big body, had thick skin, and had hard bones. A case where its personal defensive power was overwhelmingly high.

However, this guy’s own defense was sigh-inducingly low. He seemed to have an enormous amount of mana, as he had quite a few layers of protective layers around him, but even so, if the pile bunker worked properly, then he would die instantly!

‘I will return the girls’ pains even if it’s 1/100 or even 1/1000.’

Yu IlHan calmly aimed the pile bunker’s ammo at him. The thing that the sharp point was aiming at was the middle aged man’s head. If he got swayed by the weight, then all would become naught.

‘Concentrate. I can kill him if I hit him properly once.’

Only when the 40 tons of weight was concentrated on the point of the ammo, did the weight transfer option see light.

And on Earth right now, the only one who could add that overwhelming weight onto a weapon, was Yu IlHan!


“If I achieve this record then even if it’s the Akashic Record”(T/N: This sentence has no period/full stop in it)


[Critical hit!]

The man, who was proudly boasting to the angel, lost his words all of a sudden.

Dropping down from the sky, Yu IlHan unhesitantly shot the ammo the moment the protective layer and the pile bunker came into contact, and as he had surmised, the ammo broke all of those protective layers and even destroyed the man’s cerebrum.

It was truly shocking that it did not destroy the man’s body despite that destructive power, but even so, humans would die if their brains were destroyed.

“A, o……?”

The man finally noticed that he was attacked by Yu IlHan, but from his mouth, only the words that will never be realized, came out. It seemed he had realized himself as he stuttered desperately while closing his mouth.

“Ho,w the ma…gic, fortress…….”

However, that was the end. The moment he tried to speak more, the ammo which embedded deeper into his body had completely crushed his face.

[You have earned 511,309,560 experience.]

[You have become level 64. 6 Strength, 5 Agility, 4 Health, 5 Magic increases.]

[You have earned the record of Lv 202 Dakié Von Illastra.]

[Absorbing the power of life of Dakié Von Illastra.]

[Death Collector has become level 9.]

“Wh, what the hell?”

The other man, who saw that a 4th class mage had died instantly, backed out in fright. To think an unknown guy who came into the dungeon at some random time killed a person that he himself couldn’t even touch in a single moment!

“What are you!”

Recovering the pile bunker, Yu IlHan lightly landed on the ground. The figure of him putting his hand into the Cross Bag and taking out a spear were very natural to the point that it looked beautiful.

“A dropout, fucker.”

Then he immediately swung the spear and slashed apart the man’s head. Truly a refreshing strike.

Author’s notes

1. The reason he acquired language skill now, was because only at the moment he comes into contact with a completely unknown language could it be recorded on the Akashic Record.

2. To feel chaos over killing a human, Yu IlHan’s life alone for a thousand years was too abnormal, so it doesn’t affect him much.

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