Everyone Else is a Returnee - Chapter 57: I Carry – 5

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[You have earned 7,777,867 experience.]

[Superhuman Strength skill has become level 16.]

[Cooking skill has become level 21.]

When the Giant Thunder Bird lost its life in front of his eyes, Yu IlHan shouted hooray.

“It’s over!”

[Yes, it’s over. Now there are no boss monsters.](Lita)

Lita spoke in an amazingly affectionate tone. It took 3 hours in total for Yu IlHan to kill the 3 huge electric birds, or, giant thunder bird, that appeared when he killed the first one, so it could be seen how tired he would be from that.

The reason the fight was dragged out was simple. When he fought one, he was able to finish it quickly because he could start with a surprise attack, but as those three realized his presence in their appearance, not only could he not do a preemptive strike, they were even stronger than the thunder bird that he killed before, and as he had to fight three of them, which went berserk due to the previous one’s death, there was no way he could finish the battle quickly.

Through this battle, it was revealed that the fact that Yu IlHan made the bone atlatl was truly the correct thing to do. Close combat with three giant thunder birds with lightning around them was a foolish thing to do, so he ran around to the point that he was sweating from his soles, while shooting throwing spears and throwing grenades.

If he had not prepared long range weapons, then even if it was Yu IlHan, he would have had to escape from the dungeon, and with 3 angry birds attached to him too!

Of course, thanks to fighting while forgetting his pride as a dismantling meister, the thunder birds that Yu IlHan killed all had tattered and exploded skin. To find the usable parts, he would have to go through some suffering.

“I’m really about to die.”

[It’s been a while since you sounded so weak.](Erta)

[You’ve done well. Let’s go home and rest for today.](Lita)

The fact that he could endure while confronting three 3rd class monsters was thanks to his concealment, which could reduce the enemies’ accuracy even though they noticed his presence, and the bloodrink that reduced his fatigue.

He didn’t feel that good, since he had to drink 3 liters of bloodrink, but considering that he saved his life, it was a small price to pay.

Moreover, he now had a good fighting experience in battling monsters in something that’s not close combat, so there were a lot of things he had earned through this battle.



[It’s not your pet, sheesh…](Erta)

There was something that suffered as much as him during the fight, and it was none other than the pile bunker.

Just as when it was about to get its freedom after the death of the first thunder bird, it got caught up in a vortex caused by another thunderbird to spin around in the air, and unbelievably, it kept flying around in the air in the vortex until the moment the battle ended. He was proud that it didn’t get dismantled and kept its original form.

However, Yu IlHan’s expression as he was running towards the pile bunker which fell onto the ground, was not good at all. That was because it was still giving out sparks due to having been abandoned in lightning for such a long time.

Unlike the original, which he made of monster bones, this was metallic. If he knew this would have happened, then he would have made it with bones as well.

No, well, would it have been destroyed if he did that?

“I could have touched it if I had electric-proof gloves, so frustrating.”

[Please differentiate manga and reality.](Lita)

Soon the spark started dissipating. He hesitated since the silvery pile bunker had turned golden, but resolving himself firmly, he picked it up. Fortunately, other than some numbing feeling the moment he grabbed it, there weren’t any other problems.

However, just as he was about to be relieved, some text that made his heart fall, popped up.

[Frighteningly Destructive Metal Pile Bunker has transformed.]


[It’s not destroyed so calm down.](Erta)

[Transform? Umm, did it get better?](Lita)

Lita and Erta’s words made Yu IlHan hold on just as when he was about to faint. Barely coming to himself, he first checked the transformed pile bunker’s information as they said. Some lines appeared on his retina.

[Frighteningly Destructive Thunder Pile Bunker.]

[Rank – Legend]

[Attack Power –

1st level : 2,200

2nd level : 3,400

3rd level : 4,600

4th level : 6,200]

[Options –

Destructive power and penetrative power increases by 40%

A strong power of lightning will be imbued into the ammo, but maximum durability will decrease by 200 when loading to the 4th level.]

[Durability – 1,293/1,955]

[A weapon that managed to evolve thanks to being exposed to lightning attribute mana continuously. However, its great strength require great compensation.]


To think that just being caught up in the lightning storm was enough to evolve the item to a new rank! While Yu IlHan was being speechless, Ertawagon, who realized that her time had come, opened her mouth.

[Growing by absorbing records is not limited to intelligent species and monsters. Artifacts, and especially those that master smiths like you make, has the possibility to grow due to external factors.](Erta)

“Even so, losing 200 maximum durability is a little…”

That would mean that he would only be able to shoot it 10 times even if he repaired it perfectly. Even though he had newly made this just a while ago, it now had a limited life!

[Acquiring weapons of a specific attribute is very hard. Although, if it’s you, it won’t be hard to make them.](Lita)

“You shouldn’t have said that last part.”

[Let’s say it’s fortunate that it didn’t get destroyed in that lightning storm.]

Despite Lita and Erta’s consolation, Yu IlHan shouted as he was not able to endure his rage.

“Fuck, I will separate their bones and flesh!”

[You can just say that you’re dismantling them…](Lita)

As he had declared, Yu IlHan completely separated the bones and flesh of the four boss monsters lying on the ground.

Other monsters also passed by from time to time on the plain where the huge battle had occurred, but they obediently ran away after feeling Yu IlHan’s aura. They felt like their bones and flesh would separate just by watching!

The probability of a magic stone appearing from a monster’s dead body was 20%. Although it’s said that that value would increase as it approaches higher monsters, it wasn’t that good of a probability.

However, perhaps Yu IlHan’s rage made the Heavens touched as he succeeded in acquiring two magic stones from the 4 thunder birds.

A magic stone full of a 3rd class monster, thunder bird’s lightning attribute mana! This was the moment where the magic stone that will be used to create Kang MiRae’s staff was decided.

With this, he had finished his business in this dungeon. He had more than enough materials, so now he had to go to the next destination.

However, rarely for Yu IlHan, who always actively moved, he didn’t feel like moving right now.

No matter how much strength he had, and received rest energy from bloodrink, fighting large scale monsters above level 120 consecutively was too tiring for him.

“I wanna go home and sleep.”

[Yes, shall we sleep together?](Lita)

[You really don’t get tired of it……](Erta)

[Erta, did you experience missing a fish that you’ve almost caught? If not, then don’t talk.](Lita)

[I never missed a fish I’ve aimed for, so I’m not so sure.](Erta)

Regardless of whether Lita and Erta had a small psychological war, Yu IlHan, who could not listen in on anything, left the dungeon and headed home immediately. he didn’t even want to move, so he took the express bus on the way back.

Excluding the fact that a young woman didn’t notice that he was there and tried to sit on top of him, nothing special happened on the return trip.

“Nothing happened in this dungeon so something must happen in China, right? I should get some more equipments.”

[Stop predicting the future!](Erta)

Meanwhile, since Yu IlHan didn’t go to China straight away and had a nice rest at home, the work in a dungeon on a hill in China was going smoothly.

A dungeon installed on Earth. It was a part of Earth, but independent, and at the same time, it was a space that was outside the angels’ surveillance. Using those characteristics, something secretive was happening within that dungeon.

That, was the direct connection with another world. With a human from Earth, who was connected to another world, as the medium, they had created a gate that directly connected the other world and Earth.

This wouldn’t be possible with just one human. It was a huge projects that required a 4th class mage, an army of mages, an enormous amount of money, and finally, the support of an angel, a higher existence.

[Starting now, I’m transferring an apple through the gate. ……Good, there’s no interference from an Abandoned World.]

“……It’s here. It’s done! The connection is successful!”


Holding an artifact that transferred voice over the dimensional wall, the 4th class mage and the man who was crazy for power(T/N: “power” here is more like authoritative power, not physical power), rejoiced in their own ways.

They shouldn’t be able to see each other’s faces, but their smirking faces looked exactly the same. They were both a twisted smirk that looked like it would be from a 2nd rate villain that appears briefly before getting owned, in the middle of an anime series!

In the central parts of the dungeon, a gate that looked big enough for a person to pass through had been generated through the use of magic power from the Trap of Destruction, and in front of the gate which looked like a blue vortex, an apple, that people from Earth would definitely not call an apple, was there.

[Fuu, to think you finally succeeded in something so simple, human standards are really good, alright.](Angel)

“Ha, if it’s such an easy job for you, then you should have at least tried to help.”

The verbal fight between the human and the angel was as always. However, as everyone was immersed in the joy of success, the friction wasn’t that big.

[This is just the start. We need to increase the number of gates, and transfer the army to Earth while avoiding the interference of other higher existences and even that damned God. You can do it successfully, right?]

“Of course.”

Confirming that the gate to another world was really successfully connected, the two men gripped their fists. Now, they felt like they would be able to take care of anything even if a dragon if it appeared.


“Realistically, it’s difficult for me to handle everything by myself. Please help…”

[Being weak right away, eh. Of course, I know the limits of your ability well. As such.]

The final weapon of the empire that even the existence was a secret, 4th class mage, Dakié von Illastra, declared while laughing confidently.

[I’m planning to go over myself.]

“Is that true!?”

The man shouted excitedly. However, unlike his delighted voice, his expression was one that was about to die. Although he did know that that mage, who was the core of power (T/N: Again, authoritative power), and had the strongest power, would eventually come over to Earth soon, to think that he was that impatient!

He had suffered so much to suck up to him in the other world, but now, it seemed that he was about to do it again. The man, who was in a delusion that he himself would command the army of mages that got through the gate, gritted his teeth secretly, afraid that he might get found out by the mage.

“It’s my honor. I’ll do my best to serve you.”

[Hm, yes. Prepare one or two nice women by tomorrow. If I go over myself, then the rule that I cannot harm Earthlings would not stop me anymore.]

“W, women? But as you know, I don’t have any power in……”

[I said prepare.]

“……I understand.”

Fucking horny dog! – The man muttered in his heart. Now that it had come to this, there was no other choice but to resort to kidnapping, despite the dangers.

China was wide and had many people anyway. It wouldn’t be a big deal if a few disappeared.

A normal person would not think like this even if they were ordered to, but this man was nonchalantly deciding to kidnap people.

[I will go over tomorrow. If you cannot carry out such simple orders, then your uses end there.]

“Please, be rest, assured. You will not be disappointed.”(T/N: I think that’s an intentional comma)

[Fuu, really, you’re no different from an idiot.](Angel)

The angel mocked them after listening in on their conversation, but did not realize that he himself was an idiot on the same level as them.

And the man who would ‘treat’ them all ‘fairly’, was having a nice sleep at home.

Author’s notes

1. Electric-proof gloves are a pair of electricity-nullifying artifacts that the main character, Red, of pokémon adventures, stole from Lt. Surge, one of the Elite Four….. Wait, it’s pokémon again!?

1.5. So It wasn’t Elite Four! I thought there was some Elite Four of Team Rocket, but my mistake…T^T

2. You want to come first? Uh… yeah, do what you want!

3. There was a lot of talk about falling speed in the last chapter. I give thanks to everyone who cared about it. I really learnt a lot! (T/N: Translator knows his own share of physics… go read the LCD on NU for my opinion on this matter)

Translator’s notes

Interesting fact, author never intended to push Liera(AKA Lita) as the main heroine in the beginning. Rather, he intended to make Kang MiRae the main heroine.(Author said this in chapter 205, and I wanted to tell you about it) Although… I’m not sure how that changed now. Well, at least you now know why MC acts so oblivious to her advances…It’s because of the author!

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