Everyone Else is a Returnee - Chapter 56: I Carry – 4

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There are largely 2 categories of monsters. The boss-tier leopard monsters that appeared in the initial stages of the Great Cataclysm and the mutates species in this dungeon were monsters that evolved from the original animals on Earth, and in contrast, those that occurred naturally from concentration of mana are the ones such as Metal Hearts and trolls.

The angels called the former ‘Originals’ and the latter, ‘Migrants’. Even though the only difference was that they were born after the Great Cataclysm, it was not known why the angels called them ‘Migrants’.

On the basis, the structure of the physical bodies of the two types weren’t that different. They were the same in the sense that they were monsters, some had magic stones, some had bones that were metallic, and some wielded the power of lightning. Regardless of their types, strong monsters were strong and weak ones were weak.

Just that, regarding their potential, the story changes entirely.

The natural-born monsters from the concentration of mana are strong at the beginning but their growth potential was not that big, and would need a long time to evolve to the next stage.

Once they were trapped in dungeons, they ate mana within it to slowly, very slowly grow and wait for challengers. Of course, there were always exceptions, so it was rumored that some insane monsters absorb their entire race’s record to evolve to a higher existence.

However, the monsters that evolved from animals originally on Earth, by acquiring mana, were different. They may be weak at first, but their growth potential was a variable; there maybe those who ended up as weak level monsters, and there maybe those that may evolve to acquire godly strength.

On top of that, Earth’s characteristics were added, and the starting levels of the animals that lived for one thousand years, were already damn high, and they mostly had high potentials as well. This meant that, on Earth, no one should be careless of a dungeon where ‘Originals’ resided in.

[Critical Hit!]

[You have earned 2,489,775 experience.]

[You have earned the record of Lv 98 Great Thunder Bear.]

[Superhuman Strength skill has become level 15. The aftereffects of the skill decreases.]

To Yu IlHan, who blew away the neck of a monster in a single strike, Erta shouted.

[Like I said, be careful a little!](Erta)

“That’s why I didn’t take off my armor. Oh, superhuman strength just levelled up.”

[Wow, level 15 already? That’s one of the rewards from Heaven’s Quest, right?](Lita)

[Isn’t he taking it lightly because you, Lita, are taking this lightly!](Erta)

Regardless of what the angels were chatting about, Yu IlHan concentrated on dismantling the electric bear’s body. No matter what, he couldn’t easily instakill a near level 100 monster. It could be said to be because of a critical hit on top of his superhuman strength.

Thanks to that, one of the titles’ effect activated, and perhaps due to the 20% increase inj probability, a magic stone with strong lightning powers popped out.

“With this, I gathered enough magic stones.”

[It’s good to sell weapons or armor, but don’t release magic stones easily. At the current point in time on Earth, 2nd class magic stones are a more dangerous currency than you think.](Erta)

“I get it already.”

He didn’t know why Erta was so nagging about that when he felt like the people on Earth would grow to hunt 2nd class monsters easily. Of course, that was just Yu IlHan’s hope.

Now, he didn’t want to catch attention like LA’s Dark Knight or Sungdaein Bolt. As he was one who had no memories of gathering any attention in his life, it was more painful for him.

With a bitter smile, he put the rest of the part of the bear, the large amount of meat, the bones, and the skin. He didn’t think about what materials he would use to create the robe to sell to Kang MiRae, but it seems it would be enough with the materials he gathered in this dungeon.

“Is this the third day?”

[About that much. It’s alright to think it over slowly. Compared to the Metal Heart dungeon, you’re going at a fast pace.](Erta)

[It kinda annoys me that you’re talking as if reminiscing a memory about just the two of you.](Lita)

[I don’t think you’re the one to talk when you’ve been sleeping this entire time.](Erta)

At Erta’s sharp call, Lita declared shamelessly.

[That’s because beauties are sleepyheads!]

[But not all sleepyheads become beauties. If it’s as you say, Sn*rl*x would have become a heroine long time ago.]

“He’s a male so he can’t become a heroine. Probably.”

Concluding the angels’ hopeless conversation, Yu IlHan stood up. Seeing him take out the pile bunker from his inventory, Erta flinched and asked.

[Even I didn’t feel it… Did you feel a strong monster’s presence?](Erta)

“No, I’m preparing since I feel that something might pop out now I asked about the time and you girls were talking crap.”

[Please tell me the method to enjoy life like you do.](Erta)

“Prepare for life for about a thousand years. It can’t not be fun.”

Erta found Yu IlHan’s future prediction absurd, but what was more absurd was the strong aura that could be felt immediately after/

When Yu IlHan smirked at her wordlessly, Erta couldn’t hide her frustration.

[This dungeon was originally a level 70 restricted dungeon, wasn’t it? But how can there be a 3rd class monster appearing as if it were natural?](Erta)

[That’s true. No matter if they are Originals or not, this speed of growth is too abnormal.](Lita)

“Isn’t it because they grew up too fast after the initial level check? You too know that Earth isn’t ordinary. You might want to renew the dungeon information more frequently from now on.”

[Yeah, I’ll request for that.](Lita)

Just why was such an important issue not edited yet? That was because insane people like Yu IlHan, who enters dungeons with level requirements above 50 did not exist yet.

2nd class monsters appearing in a level 40 restricted dungeon, and a 3rd class appearing within a level 70 restricted dungeon were completely different in danger levels.

Speaking clearly, the only ones who encountered 3rd class monsters in a dungeon were Yu IlHan, Na YuNa and Kang HaJin. It was natural that there was no report to the angels.

Although it seemed plausible to ignore the level restrictions and enter dungeons since Yu IlHan did that, in fact, there weren’t that many people on Earth who enjoyed adventure. That was because most people were aware that they only had one life.

Before, Na YuNa and Kang HaJin stepped into a dungeon with the level restriction of 50 without any hesitation, but that was only because the materials they needed were within that dungeon.

If it wasn’t for Kang MiRae’s 2nd job advancement, and without Na YuNa’s absurd ability, they would never do such a thing.

There were unwritten iron rules in other worlds, and those were: to check if one’s own level was higher than the dungeon restriction level by 10 or more, to check if there were at least 5 members in the party, and to procure an escape route to escape at moment’s notice

All people of Earth that went to other worlds for 10 years had learnt those rules for survival, as much as they got to learn to use mana. Excluding Yu IlHan, that is.


The one that appeared was a giant bird. Its entire body was colored in gold, and every time it flapped its wings, a small streak of lightning would fall from its surroundings. It boasted of an overwhelming aura!

Yu IlHan could not guess what kind of animal it had been originally. He only predicted that it may have appeared by clashing with other monsters several times to evolve.

Looking at all the sparks that appeared due to the lightning attribute mana that gathered towards it, Yu IlHan muttered.

“It seems it will hurt a little if I get hit by that guy. It looks even stronger than the Highland Troll Boss.”

[I don’t think it will end with just ‘a little’.](Lita)

Yu IlHan pondered for a moment, but he decided. He wouldn’t die with that as the opponent anyway! If it hurt slightly much, then he would welcome it. Not because he was a pervert, but because he could train transcendent regeneration.

Thanks to levelling up to level 15, the duration of superhuman strength still had 2 minutes left. Moreover, he could reduce the penalty time using the bloodrink so there was no need to hesitate.

“Good, let’s kill it.”

Yu IlHan kicked off the ground. It was still emitting small streaks of lightning everywhere so he might be found before he attacked. To avoid that, he had no choice but to attack from a higher position!


200m away from the bird, Yu IlHan jumped high. Before, he had buildings where he could kick off in the air to go higher, but now, there was nothing.

However, Yu IlHan didn’t mind that. With pure leg strength, and the physical strength from the superhuman strength skill, along with the optimal leap technique which was engraved into him from the countless times of training, were supporting him!

[You have acquired the conditional skill, Leap. You can use it while deploying superhuman strength, and you can use it to jump high using the enhanced leg strength. You can jump quicker and higher the more the skill levels up.]

Yu IlHan’s body flew up several hundred meters in an instant. He even felt a little faint since the surrounding scenery was changing so fast, but he came to himself at the next moment and aimed at the target.

The giant electric bird, which seem to know that a human has entered the dungeon, but did not catch Yu IlHan’s presence, was under his foot!

His figure drawing a parabola, he dropped downwards. At that moment, the electric bird started moving its body suddenly.

Clicking his tongue, Yu IlHan fixed his trajectory by flapping his legs in midair, but it seemed difficult to target the head. Clicking his tongue, he muttered.

“Damn, the skin will be ruined.”

[That’s your problem?](Erta)

At the moment when he was about to fall to the ground if he wasn’t careful, Yu IlHan activated the Cross Bag’s option. Weight Transfer! He transferred the weight of the Cross Bag onto the pile bunker.

As he had put all his spoils of war of 3 days into his Cross Bag, the weight was over tens of tons! Yu IlHan’s dropping speed increased.

The giant bird’s body zoomed in within Yu IlHan’s vision. I can’t run! – with a skeptical smile, Yu IlHan nailed the pile bunker onto it just like that!



The bone-shivering sound as the ammo pierced its body, and the electric bird’s screech of pain resounded out/

The pile bunker successfully shot the ammo into the electric bird’s body, but due to the strong rebound, it didn’t dig the bird’s body enough and stopped mid way!

The pile bunker, which instakilled many monsters until now, had failed to do so for the first time.

{kwak! Kuaaaaaaaak!}


It seemed to be in so much pain as it violently rampaged while emitting lightning from its entire body. However, the moment Yu IlHan realized that he failed to instakill the bird, let go of the pile bunker and jumped backwards.

At almost the same moment, its wings brought up a lightning vortex. Due to his quick judgement, Yu IlHan could escape the range of effect of the vortex, but the pile bunker he left behind got caught up and was spinning in midair.

It would be fortunate if it didn’t get ruined due to the lightning.

“I will not let you go if my dear bunker is injured.”

[…You’re gonna kill it anyway.](Erta)

Landing safely on the ground, Yu IlHan checked the duration of superhuman strength. It was around 1 minute 12 seconds. It would be good if he could kill it by charging at it with the spike spear, but from the looks of the clump of lightning it was releasing, he didn’t feel like doing so.

Moreover, after getting hit by a strong strike, the giant bird now knew of his position; and with the pile bunker ammo embedded on its body, it was charging right at him insanely with the lightning vortex around it as well. Even getting hit by a train(T/N: How about Truck-kun?) would be better than getting hit by that.

With a ‘heheh’ laugh, Yu IlHan ran backwards. He didn’t have the hobby to commit suicide.

[What happened to training transcendent regeneration?]

“No good, please try next time.”

Replying playfully to Erta’s joke, Yu IlHan took out the rough moonlight’s bone atlatl, the spear throwing device. Although it had a range increase option, in a situation where the counterpart was charging right at him, it didn’t fit in that much.

If there was a moon in the sky, then attack power and accuracy would have increased by 40% but it was unfortunate that there was no such thing.

“Actually, that’s a frag shot.”

Running to avoid the electric bird’s charge, Yu IlHan quietly muttered. Erta asked back.

[Then why is it not exploding?]

“I designed it so that it would only explode the moment it’s completely inside the enemy’s body, in fear of hurting myself.”

Just how did he make that? He really had some good skills.

However, even though Erta had only heard that much, she realized what Yu IlHan was intending to do.

[Are you trying to shoot the throwing spear onto that pile bunker ammo to drive it deeper?]


Yu IlHan violently grabbed the bone atlatl. He checked the distance between them, and the duration of superhuman strength.

29 seconds. No problem.


He leaped yet again. As the conditional skill leap was correcting his body’s movements, he could jump even higher.

An opportunity rose up. The opportunity for him to throw the spear in the same trajectory as last time, and at the same time, the opportunity for the bird to to attack Yu IlHan, who could not move freely in the air!


The giant bird spat out a lump of lightning from its beak. As he had resolved for that much, Yu IlHan received it with all his body, and stopped in mid air for a short moment due to the shock.


A golden electric current ran throughout Yu IlHan’s body. As it was not a 3rd class monster for nothing, it really did hurt a lot. Transcendent regeneration activated immediately, but even with that, he couldn’t recover completely.

However, if he lost the opportunity now, then he would receive an even bigger shock because of its charge. That thought made Yu IlHan endure.

He gritted his teeth and tensed his arms. The body that trembled due to the electric shock, was stopped by the mentality that had surpassed the human level.


At that moment, Yu IlHan violently swung his arm with the atlatl to shoot the throwing spear. That attack was one that was more lightning-like than actual lightning.

The short spear which was shot out, pierced the lightning vortex that the monster kept around it since it first allowed a hit to land, like nothing, and it instead absorbed the orbs of lightning that it had shot out while charging forward.

Whether that was theoretically possible or not, Yu IlHan couldn’t care less. Since it was happening right in front of him.

The thrown short spear reached the pile bunker ammo’s end as if being sucked into it and hit it strongly. The ammo which received the short spear’s force in its entirety naturally dug into its body, and the next moment, it exploded within the body to spit out thousands and tens of thousands of fragments.


Watching the giant bird drop onto the ground with a screech, Yu IlHan landed on the ground and took out another short spear before loading it on the bone atlatl.

However, that was unnecessary. The lightning vortex around the bird’s body seemed to grow weaker before it dissipated completely, and the next moment, with an enormous monstrous shout, it fell on the ground. It had died completely!

[You have earned 6,965,384 experience.]

[You have earned the record of Lv 122 Giant Thunder Bird.]

[You have fulfilled one of the conditions to acquire the active skill, Counter. If you fulfill 3 more requirements, you are able to acquire Counter.]

[The duration of Superhuman Strength ends, and for 7 minutes 30 seconds, muscular strength decreases to 60%\

[Death Collector has become level 4.]

[You have become level 60. 1 Strength, 2 Agility, 1 Health, 1 Magic increases.]

With its death, powerlessness overcame Yu IlHan’s body, before it disappeared due to levelling up. However, Yu IlHan’s expression wasn’t that good even though he had barely overcame the situation.

[What is it, IlHan?](Lita)

“I’m wondering about why I levelled up at such a time.”


Yu IlHan gripped the atlatl tightly.

Coincidentally, at that time, the pile bunker, which was spinning in mid air due to the giant bird’s lightning vortex could be seen dropping towards the ground. And the next moment, a vortex that came out of nowhere raised it up again.

That meant one thing.



“Of course, there’s no way my bad intuition is wrong!”

[Don’t boast so proudly!](Erta)

And that was that he had to run around a little more for the battle to end.

Author’s notes

The quantity was too much so I looked back to see if there were unnecessary things, but as it was enjoyable, I decided to upload it as is.

Pokemon ref again.

There is no intentional increase in quantity in the story. I wrote it since it’s all necessary, and I put in effort to make it worth a single episode’s value by checking twice or three times. But when I see ‘you added unnecessary stuff’, or ‘I will drop if you split it into parts’, and such comments, I get drained of energy (T/N: This doesn’t apply to you English Readers… Korean readers are picky… Long chapters are good though, isn’t it? (For reading, not translating)).

As such, please refrain from putting comments that bring about a storm of lightning to the author’s brain and heart. The story that readers even pay money(T/N: Shit) is Everyone Else is a Returnee written by ‘Toika’ Right?^^

There’s a lot of talk about dropping speed. Honestly, this author wrote it without thinking and has decided to find materials, and as a result, I’ve found that when two items of the same surface area falls, the one with the bigger mass reaches terminal velocity faster.

In other words, it will fall faster!

There’s STILL talks about dropping speed… I searched for 2 hours before I got fed up. Just why do I need to find these things… If it doesn’t bother you to the point that you wake up in sleep because of this, can’t you just read it? If you cannot let it go even in death, then please put a link that objectively, and shortly(!!) explains this that can be seen at a glance. Perhaps due to my inability of searching, I can only arrive at the conclusion that dropping faster is normal.

Translator’s notes

People are wondering about angel’s ranks…

4th class is at level 200

5th class is at level 300, and from here, they would be considered higher existences.

Lita and Erta are both angels with the suffix ‘ta’, this means that they’re both 5th class angels.

The reason why I used the word ‘rank’ and not ‘class’ is because there are gaps even in the same 5th class beings. You can consider Lita as a higher level than Erta, and Lita is also in a higher position than her. Myuta was the chairman of the angel’s assembly last time, so he can be considered in a higher position than Lita as well, but he’s still someone who is still at 5th class.(Heck, there’s 100 level difference between 4th and 5th, there should be at least that amount of levels between 5th and 6th class, if not more)

I will not spoil about 6th class since even I don’t know what their levels are…

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