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After Yu IlHan successfully enhanced the pile bunker and the ammo, he unhesitantly started following the man-woman duo.

Their moving speed was considerably fast, but it wasn’t comparable to Yu IlHan’s, and unlike the fact that Yu IlHan wouldn’t be attacked by monsters even if he stayed still, the two had to confront scorpions and trolls continuously so it was a short while before he caught up to them.

“He should have come over to us if I tempted him a little more.”

“You’re dreaming.

“Unless he has ED, there’s no choice but to come to us. Because I’m pretty!”

“Yeah, whatever.”

A little after he chased them, he could hear the two chatting. The woman’s high and mighty pride, the man’s uninterested replies. The conversation made Yu IlHan confused since he thought they were a couple.

“But it’s hard just with the two of uuuus. Wouldn’t he have helped us if we told them we’ll give everything to him other than the poison?”

“And if he says he wants that poison? Or if he asks us where we would use it? Moreover, the fact that we know of information about dungeons may sound unfair to others just by itself. We should always be careful with out mouths.”

Hearing Kang HaJin’s sharp counterarguments, Yu IlHan almost burst out in laughter. It was quite impressive that despite saying that he should be careful of what he was saying, he was saying stuff quite carelessly.

Yu IlHan continued following them. He could see Na YuNa grumbling while putting.

“We can just say that it’s the reward from Heaven’s quest. Moreover, no matter how I see it, he’s a good guuuuuy.”

“I really wonder how you grew up to that age that purely even with your appearance.”

“That’s because oppa and Mirae protected me!”

“No way.”

It seemed they had their own circumstances. Moreover, poison? Were they here for the scorpions and not the trolls in the first place? Yu IlHan looked towards Erta.

“If you honestly say what really happened, I will forgive you.”

[I didn’t know. I really didn’t. Didn’t I already say that I thought this was a dungeon where only trolls lived!? So please stop looking at me as if looking down. It’s making me frustrated.]

“I’m getting more suspicious. I even think there maybe another foreshadow to make me suffer, even though I’m moving while predicting them.”

[Please stop. I think the word foreshadow might bring out a Gestalt collapse.]

Even while conversing with Erta, Yu IlHan kept thinking.

If it’s poison, he got one after killing the giant sand scorpion. Didn’t they want that? A poison of a different type? Or a stronger type? Although it wasn’t a problem if they wanted another type, if they wanted a stronger one…

“Great, that’s definitely a 3rd class one.”

[I knew you would say that.]

Yu IlHan became excited. It really was a great choice to follow them! Although it was a little sneaky!

[I think a scorpion is about to ambush them.]

“Scorpions are mine.”

While saying a line like a cheetah looking for a floured cookie, Yu IlHan took out a weapon. The thing which was embedded between the gaps of the gauntlet were the Metal Heart skewers.

[Can I get angry now?]

“It’s only an experiment to confirm the strength and practicality of an item made with Metal Hearts.”

[Not an experiment to research how you can pose yourself in a cool position with metal skewers?]

“You know me too well…… Lita took several tens of years before she saw through me.”

(T/N: Do remember that for the first few decades, Lita didn’t stay with

him 24/7)

However, even though he was found out, he had no plans in stopping it! If it was such a weak resolve, he wouldn’t have done it in the first place.

With a useless resolution, Yu IlHan threw the four Metal Heart skewers in his gauntlet.

The power of max level shooting added with the surprise attack option attached on his armor, 4 Metal Heart skewers pierced through the air with unbelievable strength for being simple skewers, before embedding themselves on the sneakily moving scorpion’s head.

[You have earned 697,290 experience.]

“Ah, I need a specific value, but it was an instakill.”

[I won’t comment on that.]

As it was still a distance away from Na YuNa and company, the two didn’t notice the sand scorpion. Of course, they also didn’t know that Yu IlHan had recovered the Metal Heart skewers, and put the scorpion’s body into the Cross Bag.

“But why does the angel on them not notice us? Moreover, they even got ambushed last time, why did she leave that alone?”

[Angels cannot bring out their full power on earth. Moreover, didn’t I tell you last time? That there are not many things a guardian angel can do. Interfering the lives of humans too much goes against the rules of Heaven, so even if we know of an ambush, we cannot prevent it happening. Although, notifying isn’t a problem.]

“So, in other words, you are useless.”


They kept following Na YuNa’s back. While keeping a vague distance, and hunting the scorpions following them.

[You have earned 653,755 experience.]

“As expected, they don’t notice me well if I attack fast with a long ranged attack.”

[If you shoot machine guns in the same position, they would notice you. Skewer attacks are unexpected effective.]

Erta didn’t want to acknowledge that, but a concealed attack while in concealment sometimes maintained the concealment.

More specifically, there was a high chance of concealment being maintained if the enemy doesn’t now what it was attacked by until the moment they were attacked. Of course, it was a probability problem, so he couldn’t believe in it fully.

[I will get angry if you start throwing skewers at 3rd class monsters.]

“I won’t. I really won’t.”

And some time passed before the man and the woman noticed that something strange was happening.

“Why did the scorpions’ ambush decrease?”

“I don’t know. Maybe the terrain changed? We still see trolls sometimes.”

“It’ll be bad if even the massive scorpion disappears.”

“It’s not a massive scorpion, but the Giant Death Stalker.”

Yu IlHan’s expectations surged when he heard the frightening name, which sounded like it was definitely a 3rd class monster. However, the following conversation shattered his expectations.

“Can we kill it by ourselves?”

“It’s a 2nd class monster in the end. Moreover, if we can’t do it, then we will just retreat. You have the scroll right?”

“It’ll be better for you to have it, oppa.”

“You want to get caught by another scorpion-like last time?”

“That should have been the prelude to the meeting with the Dark Knight!”

“Shut up.”

Giant Death Stalker was a 2nd class monster? Even though it has such a cool and long name, it’s a mere 2nd class!?

He felt like grabbing Kang HaJin and shouting at him to confirm if it really was a 2nd class monster, but he barely held it in. They had no sin, only, Yu IlHan had misunderstood all by himself.

Dejected, Yu IlHan muttered with a tired voice. His gaze was heading over the horizon.

“Then I’ll leave them that.”

[That’s? Oh, it appeared, eh?]

It was definite that the thing called Giant Death Stalker had a skill related to concealment. It was clear just with the fact that Yu IlHan had noticed it first, and Erta, a step late.

[Why don’t you become the God of Concealment later?]

“If you make me into one, I’ll make you exclusive to me and make you suffer all your life.”

[I, if you can do it, then why don’t you try……?]

Erta’s cheeks reddened. Since she was resenting herself for thinking that maybe not so bad, she had missed the spectacle of the Giant Death Stalker charging through the highlands with a high speed. Around that time, Kang HaJin and Na YuNa also noticed its presence.

“Kuhk, the reason trivial mobs didn’t appear is because there was a boss nearby!”

“Wow, so big.”

“It’s not the time to exclaim. Buff! Quick!”

“Yes! Make oppa stronger, yaaaapp!”

The incantation was as out of place as always! However, the effect of the chant was definite. The man holding a shield with an incomparable might from before was going towards the Giant DeathStalker!


Kang HaJin, charging towards the scorpion with a buff, was a grand spectacle, like Don Quixote to a windmill, and a warrior to a dragon.

Moreover, there was a feeble priestess behind him with both of her hand put together, believing in the man! Here was the main character of a fantasy.

Seeing up to that point, Yu IlHan became petty and turned his head away.

“Let’s go. I don’t even want to share anything with them if I lose to them.”

[We should. Listening to them, they seemed to have the means to escape even if they encounter danger. It doesn’t matter if you lose to them or not.]

It was the moment Yu IlHan turned his gaze away from the fight between the scorpion and the warrior-priestess duo.

He suddenly saw a truly huge shadow casting over them.


Yu IlHan asked.

“Do you think that troll is also a 2nd class?”

[Do you want my answer?]


Yu IlHan smiled while looking at the troll with a massive body enough to squish Na YuNa, Kang HaJin, and the Giant Death Stalker included at once.

“I’ll kill it so you don’t need to.”

And without a shred of hesitation, he took out the pile bunker from his Cross Bag,

[Mad Heaven’s deathblow pile bunker]

[Rank – Unique]

[Attack power –

5th stage : 6,200]

[Options – 50% increase in attack, 100% increase in penetrability, destroyed after use]

[Durability 1/1]

[A destructive weapon with all its might focused into a single attack. It has an unstable structure which would break down after one shot, but the attack of the self-destructing weapon will destroy its target as well.]

The mana crafting that he did was simple. He ignored the durability of the pile bunker and made it able to endure a 5th stage loading until a single shot was shot out. It was a truly daring action if he thought about the magic stones and the ingredients used in this weapon, but Yu IlHan didn’t want to meet the worst results just because he saved up on some materials.

As even the ammo went through an enhancement with the use of a 2nd class magic stone, this pile bunker was no different from the most expensive consumer item on Earth.

“Wow, my hands tremble just holding it.”

[Who told you to do such idiotic modifications?]

“But I don’t think I can kill that troll without this much. Isn’t that so?”

[That’s exactly why I’m so frustrated. It’s as if the things you created have all been created after you read the future coming at you!]

Yu IlHan only laughed at Erta’s not grumble like grumble.

However, the situation wasn’t that leisurely. Kang HaJin was already confronting the Giant Death Stalker, and the clumsy Na YuNa didn’t even notice that a giant troll was approaching them. In contrast, the giant troll had already swung up the metal club to smash them.

[Yu IlHan, I wish you success.]

“What are you talking about?”

On top of this, there was a final sauce that he had saved up until now. It was none other than the superhuman strength skill! Yu IlHan activated the skill right away. Without the use of mana, all the muscles in his body squirmed before starting to emit heat.

The meat that Yu IlHan had eaten to the point of being overboard, became the power source for the muscles and burned. Although there was not a lot of change on the surface, he knew. This skill was a jackpot!

[Superhuman Strength skill is activated. For 3 minutes, physical abilities increase by 30%, but after the duration, your muscular strength would decrease by 50% for 10 minutes.]

He lightly kicked off the ground. He was already used to testing his jumping ability.

Yu IlHan, who jumped with all his might, shot up courageously, like a space shuttle full of humanity’s will. In his two hands was the pile bunker, loaded to the 5th stage.

{Troll, hunts.}

Speaking something unbefitting of its size, the troll smashed down with the club,

“Huh? Ah, troll! Oppa, back! Come back!”

“What do you mean back! Whoa!”


While Na YuNa, Kang HaJin, and the Giant Death Stalker were screaming after they grasped the situation.

“This is a 100% success rate ambush!”

Yu IlHan, who jumped all the way to the top of the troll’s head, daringly smashed the pile bunker onto its head!

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