Everyone Else is a Returnee - Chapter 37 Overflow 5

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Overflow 5

[Heaven Quest 003, Executor Mission Complete!]

[All stats increased by 2.]

[You have completed the quest most successfully amongst the quest applicants. A special reward is given.]

Before he went into the airport, Yu IlHan went into an alley without anyone noticing. Although he had the confidence that no one would find him even if he just went back to the airport like that, he was frustrated to move according to his assurance.

As such, he took off the armor to shake the blood off before putting it in his Cross Bag, then he did the same with the spear. He also loaded the pile bunker to the 4th level as he used it in that battle.

As he didn’t know when the need to use it will arise again, loading the pile bunker to shoot at maximum output anytime was the basics.

While doing that, Erta thought about Yu IlHan’s request and sighed while speaking to him.

[It can’t be helped, give me the bag first.]

Yu IlHan obediently handed the Cross Bag over. Erta seemed to mutter something after being handed the bag and an angel’s ring appeared on top of her head.

When Yu IlHan saw that, he immediately knew what she was trying to do. Didn’t he learn that the angels’ rings are not just exothermic devices due to his previous quest?

As he had expected, soon, a few angels appeared.

[Oh, it’s the Executor.]

[This person made the Traps of Destruction of Earth.]

[Anyway Erta, why did you call us here?]

Somehow, Yu IlHan had the memory of seeing them before while he was doing his second quest, but to pick out their common points was that all of these angels had a good attitude towards Yu IlHan.

When Yu IlHan noticed and looked at Erta, she only shrugged her shoulders and acknowledged it.

[Don’t you think that the ones not biased towards you would help more?]

As it was the truth, Yu IlHan couldn’t say anything about it. Meanwhile, Erta explained to the other angels what she was about to do.

[The reason I called you is to grant the Executor, who accomplished Heaven Quest, his wish. I’m planning to upgrade the power of the reward we gave him previously, so I want your help.]

[I think I know what you want help with, looking at that Cross Bag.]

The angels gathered towards the Cross Bag. Looking at that, Yu IlHan realized subconsciously.

“Are you trying to do Mana Crafting?”

[Then what do you think we’ll do? Mana crafting isn’t only reserved for blacksmiths. In almost all processes of making artifacts, mana crafting is necessary.]

Erta smiled while replying and immediately started mana crafting with the other angels. The scene where all of them held each other’s hands and putting mana into the Cross Bag looked very beautiful. Thinking about the product of that process, it looked even more beautiful.

However, even if Yu IlHan used good magic stones and the same materials to do mana crafting, he wouldn’t be able to make something surpassing logic like the Cross bag.

This was a higher existence’s real power. As their levels were completely different, Yu IlHan treated the artifacts he was making and the Cross Bag differently. He now came to a realization.

How long did it pass since he was looking at that brilliant light? He thought that not even several tens of seconds had passed, but the angels had already let go of each other’s hands. The process had ended while Yu IlHan was appreciating the scene.

[Well then, you can control the weight as you want. There won’t be a case where the ground will shake when you take a single step anymore. You’ll be able to get on the plane without worries too.]


Yu IlHan received the Cross Bag and put it on. Meanwhile, the angels didn’t go back straight after they finished their work and stayed around Yu IlHan and Erta while chatting.

[I didn’t think much time has passed since I last saw you but you sure have changed a lot in such a short period of time.]

[So you obliterated the Metal Heart Dungeon. How did you know that there was an Overflow here?]

[Thanks to you, the Overflow ended cleanly. You’re an amazing human.]

“Even if you praise me like that, I won’t dance you know. Rather than praises, give me money. Then I’ll dance or whatever.”

Yu IlHan replied coolheadedly, but the angels were laughing with all their might. These angels were really weird. One of the angels spoke to him while laughing.

[In fact, I was watching your actions nearby. The ability user I’m helping also participated in today’s battle.]


Yu IlHan twitched when he heard that. Although he vaguely predicted that it wasn’t only him who would be in contact with angels, they blatantly acknowledged that they were ‘helping’ the humans?

Moreover, it was also slightly insulting that he didn’t realize that amidst the battle. He looked glared at Erta, and she sighed while nodding.

[Let’s say that there’s a rare and strong ability user. If an important fighting power of Earth just died like that, then the balance between monsters and humans will be no more, right? Some angels in charge of managing Earth act as guardian angels in order to prevent that.]

“That sounds like cheating, though.”

It felt very new to hear that the world was unfair from Erta. Well, there was Yu IlHan who was left behind alone for 1,000 years, so that wasn’t anything big in front of Yu IlHan.

[To provide comfort to only one entity goes against fairness. As such, it is only allowed after a strict discussion, and even if one was allowed, it is not like they can proactively interfere with the targe’s life and death, so what they can do is on a similar level as me.]

“So in other words, useless, eh.”

[No! I told you last time, I’m helping you quite a bit!]

The angels were looking at Yu IlHan and Erta’s conversation as if they were interested. At that time, the self-proclaimed guardian angel spoke again.

[The child I’m watching isn’t a bad child so please help if you meet her again.]

“Who is it?”

[She’s called Na YuNa. It seems you’re from the same country?]

“Oh, that couple.”

Couples die! (T/N: Riajuu’s explode!)(E/N: People die when they’re killed)

Oops, his true feelings leaked out carelessly. While Yu IlHan was taking deep breaths to control himself, her words continued.

[She’s a child who has a very rare ability on Earth. She’s a priestess who was blessed by the Goddess of Beauty. It wouldn’t be a bad idea for you to become close to her, I think?]

At the time that he thought that she spoke too much of private things, Erta seemed to have become wary of her, as she thinned her eyes and interrupted.

[Feyta, I understand that you buy Yu IlHan’s ability highly, but do not tell others of his ability or intentionally make others approach him. He has the right to have his personal information protected.]

[It’s rare that Erta gets so worried by a lower existence.]

[Erta, do you like that guy?]

[No, you will get killed by Lita.] (T/N: Rita will be renamed to Lita from now on.)

[The mana crafting is over so get back already!]

Erta chased all the angels away. Even while being chased away, the angel called Feyta didn’t forget to tell Yu IlHan to take good care of Na YuNa.

While thinking that she was very hardworking with her guardian angel job, Yu IlHan moved towards the airport.

[What will you do?]

“I am going to go to Arizona on the plane quietly as if no one is there.”

[But Feyta requested you to take care of that human woman.]

“I am going to go to Arizona on the plane quietly as if no one is there.”

[If you help her, then she might give you a reward.]

“I am going to go to Arizona on the plane qui……”

[Okay, I got it so receive the rest of the reward.]

To Yu IlHan, who climbed to the peak of a universal loner due to his innate talent and post-natal training, approaching others of his own accord was an impossible quest. He’d rather kill a dragon than proactively talking to a pretty girl.

[Not only you have killed the leader of the monsters, the Flame Lizard Wizard, you have killed 2 Elite Flame Lizards, and countless Flame Lizards and you have ranked an overwhelming 1st in this quest. Although you have proceeded an upgrade with an existing reward, even so, you still have a lot of remaining achievements. So, with the records you have acquired in the battle, we will process it with Heaven’s energy to provide you a useful skill.]

“Dad skill?” (T/N: Yu YongHan means useful.)(E/N: That’s the name of his dad)

[I’ll get angry.]

“Sorry, my bad.”

Although he himself had countless records, the records of the enemies he confronted were also inside him. In fact, the skill to hand to him was already made.

[Rejoice. It’s a skill that even you, who cannot use mana, can use.]

“Because of who can I not use mana?”

[I’m sorry, my bad.]

Is a peaceful conversation not possible between them? Yu IlHan could only receive the reward after they dealt a strike to each other.

[You have learned the skill [Superhuman Strength]. Upon activation, muscular strength would be temporarily enhanced, and you can exert a strength beyond your limits. However, the fatigue after the fight also increases. As the skill level increases, it becomes possible to enhance your muscles for a longer duration, for less fatigue, and more effectively.]

Although it wasn’t a warcry category skill that he wanted, no matter how he thought about it, it was a much better skill than that.

However, Yu IlHan could only cringe when he saw that.


Yu IlHan asked.

“This isn’t something that a human learns, is it?”

[That’s why I said it’s a record you’ve acquired. Heaven Quest rewards are originally like this. Moreover, you’ve learned all that a human could learn so you don’t even need one.]

Although he was quite uncomfortable that he acquired a skill that a monster might learn, as Erta said nothing wrong, he couldn’t retort properly. Moreover, as he had thought the first time he received this, wasn’t this skill exceptional in itself?

In the end, Yu IlHan obediently received the skill and moved his steps. Although there were countless people at the airport, there was no one who could catch him. It wasn’t anything new

“We really can’t see hiiiiim. Feyta said that that person would be on this plane.”

“I’m worried that you’re trusting that angel too much. Be quiet for a bit. There might be people who can speak Korean around here.”

At that moment, he thought that he heard a familiar voice and as he had expected, it was the two Korean couple. Yu IlHan instinctively shrunk away, but even if he didn’t worry, they could not see through his concealment.

“How would he look like under his armor? Would he look strong and courageous? He might be unexpectedly a fragile young boy!” (T/N: ‘Young boy’ here is the Korean equivalent of ‘bishounen’.)

“Is that important? Weren’t you going to recruit him as an ally as he was strong?”

“The jealous oppa is cool too!”

“I’m not jealous. In the first place, I…….”

While thinking that they were an unpleasant couple, Yu IlHan left the place. Please don’t let me meet them again!

However, the next moment, he was confident he would meet them again, somehow, and became depressed.

“Life is really tiring.”

[Your saying it really doesn’t sound like a joke.]

As the situation was completely cleaned up thanks to Yu IlHan’s actions, the plane headed to Arizona could also depart. As always, Yu IlHan secretly passes through the gate and got on board the plane, and sighed after finding and sitting in a safe place.

“I did all I could.”

[Take a rest, even though it might be a short time until we reach Arizona. You’ve worked hard.]

If it was in the past, she would never say something like that. No, there was no need to be touched by this. This would become the norm from now.

“Yeah, you’ve worked hard too.”

Yu IlHan replied while smiling.

“Although, there will be another Overflow later.”

[Ah really! That won’t happen!]

“It’s a joke.”

Although he wasn’t sure whether another Overflow will occur or not, as he had done his best, he had no regrets. So what if it happens again. Yu IlHan will have become stronger by that time, and sweep them out even easier!

Rather than that, the most important thing to him now were the trolls. Trolls! Yu IlHan became excited at the fact that he would kill trolls and lay down.

“Let’s go to the Grand Canyon when we arrive! The Grand Canyon!”

“Na YuNa, we’re not going there to play.”

The next moment, all his excitement died down, wonderfully.(E/N: Supposed to be ironic/sarcastic)

Yu IlHan called Erta with a voice like a zombie pierced by a harpoon.


[Their original destination is also Arizona so what can I do about it? Moreover, unlike you, they aren’t illegal stowaways.]

“Fucking law!”

[That’s quite a creative resentment.]

So like that, a plane, along with one stowaway and a couple of a handsome man and a pretty woman, headed to Arizona.

Yu IlHan decided to leave the airport faster than anyone as soon as he arrived in Arizona, but it was unknown if he could escape the Korean couple even if he did that.

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